Monday, November 28, 2005

Who's what and where this week.

Greetings and seasonal sleatings,

Was a hectic weekend for the Unity massive with a wicked Unity (thanks to all who came and especially our performers), Point of Origin and Friends at Fidds was great fun on Friday and Saturday the POO crew were alongside Circus in Bogarts which was buzzing (thanks to James Chadwick for getting up and doing a few as well - and to Ian the sound man). Voodoo played Saturday too and had a great laugh and System Abuse had a rammed one in The Vibes Bar taking advantage of its new late license. Hope that everyone had fun wherever they were.

So the week ahead:


This week's Unity will be a unique one! The Jam will start us off funky and fun as always and we have the Unity debut from Chris Barrie who will be giving us an acoustic performance. We have the debut gig of new local band Flametree too - I have a sneaking suspicion you might recognise some of these peoples.....

And finally its gonna happen - after one false start we have the mighty Drum Extravaganza!!!! This is going to be two drum kits set up on stage with Thorin and Neil at the helm, along with another drum-head playing percussion with them. Bring your bongos and join in - this is a one chance to see event!

Was great to have more people turn up with bongos and get involved last week - keep it coming guys and gals.

As always entrance will be free before 9:15 and £3 after.

Other events this week


If you need a rush of dirt and adrenaline that Unity can't provide System Abuse and Speed of Sound are Klashing at the Met Lounge for a night of drum and bass mayhem. Doors from 9 and entrance will be £5.


If you fancy something metal this Friday the Fidds is hosting The More I See with Fires of Sedition. Gonna be a heavy one!

If you want something a little more laid back Moosejaw are playing at Bogarts on Friday too. If you missed them at Unity check them out this weekend.

If you are Sawtry way Richard's rock covers band Voodoo are playing at the Dell. Check it out.


The Fidds is hosting Unity favourites Wake (who are releasing their new CD) and rockers Soretooth. Gonna be a wicked night- these are two great bands. Door tax is £4 but advance tickets are only £3, you can get these from the Wake boys who will no doubt be at Unity on Thursday. Ask who they are if you don't know their faces.

If you miss Flametree this week at Unity there's another chance to see them at Bogarts on Saturday, with performance from acoustic wonder Astari as well.


There's another chance to see Voodoo on Sunday, who are playing in Genevas.

Also the wonderful Irene Rae is playing the Rutland Radio Xmas Roadshow in Stamford High St, gonna be cold fingers for your guitar Ren! Afterwards she will be performing in The Green Man, also in Stamford.

Grassroots Update

Needed to add another section to the mail for this one! Many of you will have heard and are involved as well but for those who haven't or aren't, a brief history:

Next summer there is going to be a small Festival in Rutland County, going by the name of The Grassroots Festival. It is being put on by a massive and ever-growing collection of various groups and individuals including:

Muddy Promotions (an organisation set-up by the Opaque boys as an umbrella group for the festy)
Muddy Arts (a local arts collective kick started by the festy coming together)
Unity (hmmmmmm..........who are these guys then?)
System Abuse (Peterborough's drum and bass specialists)
Drip-Dry Productions (Record label for electronic/acoustic music run by local artist Peddlebreaker)

Anyways, the first event organised by this unique hook-up is taking place on Saturday 17th December 2005 at the Crown, Lincoln Road, New England. The event is the Grassroots Action Day and the object of the day is to raise money for the victims of the South Asian Earthquake.

There is a massive line-up of bands, acoustic acts, electronic live PA's, and DJ's booked, these are just those confirmed already:

The Gangsters
Wake (full band unplugged set)
Point of Origin
John Doe

Acoustic acts
Irene Rae
Yo Yeti
James Chadwick

Electronic Live PA
Magic Lamp

Benny T b2b Shaggy (Drip-Dry Productions/Playskool)
Urb (System Abuse)

+more tbc

The room will be decorated to the nines by the Muddy Arts team with hangings and projections. Stage lighting is being kindly provided by Ian of Juzzt Engineering. There will be awareness raising performances to draw attention to the cause of the day, as well as lots of fundraising games and bits of silliness to get involved in.

Entrance will be on voluntary donation basis and the event will be a thirteen and a half hour marathon spanning 12:30 until 2am the next morning!

Don't miss this very special event!

......and goodbye

Whew, that was a marathone of a mail this week - hope you can still see straight after reading that lot.

As a final word the wonderful James Chadwick is on the task of filling up his email list at the moment - there's the chance of winning a copy of either his EP or Bod Dylan's Greatist Hits in exchange for joining the list. If you would like to join go to and click the "join mailing list" link on the right side of the screen.

As always if you have any friends who you think would like this mail send their email to us, and if you would like to unsubscribe please reply to this mail and ask and we'll remove you.

Thanks for your continued support of the local scene and local musicians all, until next time

Peace love and unity.

Our boys done good

If you haven't already noticed the voting for the Student band competition is now closed and the winners announced. We pleased to be able to tell you that our friends Ben, Dale, Drew and Ross who make up a Unity favourite "Wake",have won.

Here's the results:

WAKE 748
Little Alien 741
The Black Mountains 419
Second Hand Baby 213
New World Record 115
Warmed Up Cold 114
newborn theory 67
Colonel Bastard 60
1 Mile High 56
Bomb Factory 36

Total Votes: 2569

Well done.

More pics from the 24th November

Friday, November 25, 2005

Moosejaw at Unity 24th November 2005

For those who missed this gig. I bet you wish you'd have been here.

You know we at Unity think our audience/supporters/music fans are just as important as the musicians who play. Without them and that's you too. None of this could happen. Here's Denise.

Ian, Tasha and Shaggy.
The keyboard player who also plays a melodica.

It doesn't get much better than this. We'd like to thank Moosejaw for a great evenings entertainment. Credit to the bass player who was playing only his third gig with the band. Thanks also to Abi (below left) who played a great acoustic set.
We're doing some amazing things here. Let's keep it happening.
Leave a message in the comments box below.

Keep on rocking dudes.

Peace, love and doing it together. Unity.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thursday 24th November come on.

So......this week we have a nice full line-up again.

Our weekly dose of acoustic pleasure will come from Abi in a rare solo performance. We also have two bands making their Unity debut: Moosejaw and Truth Will Out.
Our end of the night DJ will be Piper (Point Of Origin/Unity) playing his usual eclectic mish-mash of funk, hip-hop, reggae, blues, jazz, rock and anything that comes to hand.The start of the night will of course be the Unity Jam, bring your instruments and get involved, this is all about getting everybody up playing with everybody else. Also, bring any bongos and bits and pieces that can make noise - lets expand the jam off the stage and fill the building with music! When the jams over we can put anything you don't want to carry around for the night in the DJ booth for safe keeping so there's no excuses. As always entry will be free before 9:15 and £3 after and kick out time will be 2am. See you there. Don't forget we're always looking for more acts to put on, there are no limits on style or format so if you are interested in playing email us.

Other events this week. This Friday Point of Origin are returning to Fidds for the monthly session of fun. Alongside POO's dub-funk-hip-hop sploosh and noise will be The Modal Monks, Gerth and Beesch (acoustic) and there's still one act waiting to be confirmed so turn up and have a nice surprise - hopefully.

Two of our city's artists are in the great metropolis that is London this week:

Irene Rae is playing at Underbelly, Hoxton Square on Saturday. It's an 8pm start so leave plenty of time to get there. And Opaque are playing at The Brixton Telegraph on Sunday afternoon. They're hitting the stage at 3:30. Tickets for the gig are £5 and the band are taking a minibus that you can get on for £10 return. If you're interested email

Saturday night in the boro it's the Indigo club night in Fidds, doors 9-2 and normal prices and drinks offers apply.

There's live music in Bogarts on Saturday too - Circus are playing and there's another band but I'm not gonna tell you who - you'll have to come a find out. Entry is free and live music will be from around 8 to around 11.

If you're after a more electronic flavour for your Saturday night System Abuse are in the Vibes Bar on Licoln Road with their usual dirty drum and bass, the new licence should have come into effect for it too, so it could go on as late (or early) as 7am! Doors open at 8pm and door tax is only £3.

And finally...

A couple of bits and bobs on the Wake tip. The guys from the band would greatly appreciate your taking a few seconds to visit
They are in a competition that is based on votes placed on this site. Also on a slightly different note Wake have been publicising at their recent gigs. Craig is an English guy from the local area who is currently serving a 48 year prison sentence in Brazil after a case of rather dubious justice.

Goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehn goodnight....
Hope to see you all in the ether soon,

Peace love and unity.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Opaque Gig

Our friends Opaque who played at Unity recently have advised us of an up and coming gig in London.

Sun 27th Nov - Opaque - The Brixton Telegraph, London.
£5 adv + £10 return minibus. On stage at 3.30pm.

If you're interested contact Moony

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Abi 20th October 2005 Posted by Picasa
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Point 7 pistol 20th October 2005 Posted by Picasa
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Moony, Opaque, 3rd November 2005 Posted by Picasa
Opaque 3rd November 2005 Posted by Picasa
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Rory from South Africa 3rd November 2005 Posted by Picasa
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Wake: 10th November 2005 Posted by Picasa
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John Doe 17th November 2005

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Our sound engineer for the night. Ian. 17th November 2005 Posted by Picasa
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Yep. It's a Fender Stratocaster. No prizes for guessing who was playing it. But you can put your guess in the comments section below. Bonus points for naming the band. Posted by Picasa
Sidearm 17th November 2005 Posted by Picasa