Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thorpe Hall Fund Raiser Night

When Thorpe hall Running Club approached Unity a few months ago asking if we'd host a fund raiser for Thorpe Hall, well, we were honoured to have that privilege. The nurses/runners proposed a class line up of acts to appear on stage. The first being Staceman whose repertoire has grown as has his ability to perform. It's interesting to note that to keep going the fund raisers at Thorpe Hall have to raise annually 1.2million pounds just to keep the place afloat. This is no mean feet. Especially when it has to be done year after year. Next up on stage The Ghears. What can I say you've got to witness the passion to believe it. Never have we seen such emotion put into a set as we had this night. Outstanding.
Our good friend Dan Donovan on stage next as his altar Ego king kool variously described as Swamp Rock, garage Rock, Grunge Rock, Bombastic guitar, whatever you call it, it's powerful. hardly surprising when he let me into the secret which I hope he doesn't mind me sharing with you. Drop down E string to D then put the guitar through two amps. Yes boys and girls count them, two amps, one guitar amp, then a bass amp to get that massive bassy grunge sound. So now you know. Oh yeah the other secret is you've got to be as good as King Kool. Rock on Danny boy.
The final act of the night the gloriously talented and funkadelic Groove Cartel, who never fail to entertain. Groove Cartel carried on the party atmosphere that had developed throughout the night.
We're proud to announce that we raised over £200 on the night for Thorpe Hall Hospice, and had a lot of fun doing it. It's such a worthy cause.

So next week is Shaggys birthday party at Unity. To celebrate we have local legends Opaque on stage. Those crazy guys Columbian Necktie. Pip and Phils Magic Penny
and finally all the way from Norwich winners of Bands Of East Anglia 2006 so they've got to be good, Rigo Jancsi. They've also got a new single out so it'll be your chance to hear it live. So wew want you there. It's Shaggys Birthday for Chrissakes come and celebrate with him. Thank him for all the hard work he's put in to bring you amazing live music every week. Lets Partay.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thursday 19th July 2007

Welcome to another edition of "wassyourgame sonny". Firing off the night with all guns blazing Richard hall and little sis Mel performing selections from Richards new long player Horizons. Available at all good record shops and the Glass Onion. Then to further confuse people reading the programme of events we had the impossibly tall John Litchfield and the impossibly talented Sir James Chadwick on stage to do a couple of songs. Just as you think it's safe to go to the bar Disposable man take the stage complete with backing tracks and a choir of angels on hard drive. You aint seen nothing yet. Not until you've witnessed Disposable Man. Political like Billy Bragg, poetic like John Cooper Clark, angry like all of us. Yet spitting it out to the brilliant guitar work of Steve Satori. If you'd like to receive more words of wisdom from the motormouth that is Richard verbal I've a sneaky feeling you needn't look any further than the Palmerston Arms on Oundle Road.
Double Handsome Dragons rising from the ashes of what was Sidearm. They got their name from a Japanese film about a marshal arts soccer team. Well they exploded onto the stage and never let up the energy. No vocals just pure enthusiastic playing, visually very exciting and for your listening pleasure? Well would you expect anything less than brilliance from those Sidearm boys? Check out how handsome those Dragons are.
Next week for your entertainment pleasure. Unity is hosting a fund raiser for Thorpe hall Hospice. Those lovely nurses at Thorpe Hall are organising the event and we'll be hosting it. So we'll have on stage Groove Cartel, The Ghears, King Kool and Staceman. It's a cracking line up and all for only £4. It's a good cause so get down here next Thursday 26th July.

Peace Love and Unity

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thursday 12th July 2007

We couldn't have been more excited about tonights gig, seeing the return to the stage of the legendary Angry Man, after a long absence. Steve and Scot managed to pull a fantastic performance out of the bag to rapturous applause. It's great to have them back on the scene. John Quinn and friends as Alpha Red, rocked the place.
Finally a triumphant return to the Unity stage The Brackets who in a very short period of time managed to make their first ever live performance at unity and then follow that up with winning Unitys Band of 2007 competition against very stiff competition. But todays star performer award has to go to Mr Cameron, The Brackets drummer. He performed a masterclass on how it's supposed to be done, his brilliance shone throughout the set.
...and here's some of you enjoying the evening....

Don't forget next week we present live on stage: Disposable Man, Double handsome Dragons and Richard Hall.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What's on this week

Greetings summery folk!
Time for a return of the Muddy update - I'm hoping that this can become a weekly mail again now as I suddenly find myself with a little more time on my hands. Hooray!
Hope the summer (what summer?! lol) has been treating you all okay. We've had some lovely times already within our community and many more are on the way.
Newfoundland Festival tickets are now on sale at the Glass Onion for only £25(!!!!!!) and there's only 100 of them selling there so snap them up double quick before they go. The festival will be 7-9 September in central Wales, and Muddy Promotions are privileged to be running a stage at what will be a very special event showcasing live and electronic music, literature and visual arts. Like Grassroots last year there will only be 500 people on site including artists and crew, so you are guaranteed a lovely intimate community vibe for the weekend. What more perfect finish to the summer could you have?
Something lovely is growing locally from within our community for the 1-2 September as well. Gary and co have been working like crazy people to put together the first Exhibit:U event, to be held in Central Park, Peterborough. This two day event will be free and will be focused on two large temporary art galleries showcasing work by local artists, as well as a small stage showcasing local musicians too! This will be a free event - please support it or come and get involved with it and maybe it can become a yearly event.
More immediately you will find the Muddy geo-dome set up at Secret Garden festival (nr Huntingdon 27-29 July) presenting workshops and and open mic stage. If you are at the festival come and say hello.
Anyhow - onto the happenings of this week:
Unity at Spirit & Soul (24 Lincoln Road) have a particularly special line-up on the go this Thursday (and it's still free to get in). Alpha Red is local legend John Quinn's new incarnation - and has been receiving a wonderful response everywhere they have played. The city is also very glad to see the return of Angry Man to the stage after a long break since the untimely death of their drummer - Mark Randall (keep your eyes open for details of the Randall Rootz events, in honour of Mark.... mid-August). Completing this quality treble bill are Unity band of 2007 winners The Brackets - who always make for a great show. Doors are 8pm till 1am.
The city's most successful acoustic night/open mic is still running at the Muddy's home the Glass Onion (Burghley Road) every Friday night and always has a lovely vibe and great music. And it's still free too. Music from 8pm. And for later bizzle:
Contact returns to Spirit & Soul on Friday night for another outing electronical wizardry. The boys are very excited to be hosting special guest Phase - a London based techno-producer who has released through Lost/Cosmic records, Inogma and Inceptive Records. Alogside him in the techno-themed main room will be Contact regulars such as Sys-Ex *LIVE* (Inceptive Records), Static Noise, MJ Dubs and Techno 303. There are two more rooms on offer as well. Peddlebreaker is hosting a room showcasing breaks and dub, and Revolution-Arry is hosting a housey/techy room (including a debut hour of wrongness by the imaginatively named F*ck). Doors are open 10pm till 4am and entrance will cost you just £4 before 12 and £5 after.
Get up nice and early on Saturday morning and make your way down to Farcet Fen, where you will find the Muddy geo-dome set-up with workshops and a live performance from the band Opaque. The event is running from 12 till 4 and is free.
Later in the day there's a fantastic four band line-up at The Silver Jubilee (North Bretton). Point of Origin are hosting the event and have invited some amazing acts along in support. Many of you will already know Mr Zed - of you don't, why not? They are dubadelic space rock pioneers based in Cambridge and always put on an amzaing and energetic line-up. Free Will & the Bad Influences are also from Cambridge and play a funky kind of blues rock that harkens back to a bit of seventies sleaziness with a modern flavour. Completing the four band billing is Free Peace, who's new demo is sounding lovely by the way - well done guys. Entrance is free, there's a beer garden you can smoke in, and live music starts around 19:30 so get there nice and early!
If you're looking for an all night electronic dance affair check out Bish Bash Bosh at Spirit & Soul - who have established themselves firmly in the city's calendar with their diverse mix of hard dance, hardcore, drum & bass and breaks and more. They start at 10pm and finish at 5am. Entrance is £5.
Sunday nights are film night at the Glass Onion, with big screen showings diverse flicks. Entrance is free and showings start around 8pm.
Until next time - peace love unity and respect.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thursday 5th July 2007

Charlie Alexander one of the lads lads. He ducks and he dives, he's up for fun. But beneath that rebellious exterior is a thoughtful character full of emotion and depth. His songs reflect this, the lyrics full of colourful imagery and the music the same. Charlie has a unique style developed from when he first started playing guitar never having been taught. Not knowing the chords he played around until he found sounds he liked, chancing on chords and chord progressions not normally considered. He's since learnt all the chords and music theory but his unusual style luckily stayed with him. He plays with passion, it's not very often you see a solo acoustic artist break into sweat playing a love song. He plays with such intensity he told me "There's no point unless you give it 100%." and that's what you get with Charlie, on stage, off stage, he's 100%, living life to the full, and playing as if his life depended on it. Midwezt, the creation of a partnership between Charlie Armitage and the local legend that is Mick Davison. I've never heard them play so well as at Unity this night. Every song a well crafted classic that could easily be heard on any radio show. You know they're good. The intensive rehearsals shine through in their faultless tight performance.They certainly won a few extra fans tonight.
The Hendo-San project. Jay the bassist called me answering a plea for a band to step in at the last minute due to Intwined pulling out through illness (Don't worry we'll rebook them later)"we've been playing together for 12 years" he said. "You're booked" we said. They turned up "It's our first gig." Jay says. "What the f***?" "Don't worry we're good." Whenever you see the word "Project" in the name of a band, you know it's going to be experimental. Well true to their word and the theory they were experimental but were good, turning out a set so intense even the audience were sweating.

Now then we're really excited about next weeks Unity. We've have The Brackets, winners of this years band of 2007, Alpha Red and the band with a rapidly growing cult following Angry man. This is the "must see" event of the year. You really need to be there.

Rock on dudes

Peace Love and Unity

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Playlist

OK here's the summer term playlist for all those studenty types. Just to let you know what those clever little buggers have been listening to whilst swanning around at university, and presumably what they're listening to over the summer hols. I can see them now packing their little bags ready to dash off to Kirrin Island armed with lashings of ginger beer, eggs and bacon. Oh and don't forget Timmy the dog. And as they investigate strange goings on at the old manor house and the curious behaiviour of old man Jacobs they'll have their iPods crammed full to the gunnells with Snow Patrol, The Fratellis, Editors, and Andy Williams. Oh to be a student again... interrailing around Europe, sleeping on trains and on the beach, getting arrested and mugged, visiting far off distant lands, and, ignoring the cry of "Don't drink the water", getting dysentry. So what will you be listening to this summer?

1. White Stripes - Icky Thump
2. Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm
3. Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder
4. Editors - Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
5. Funeral For A Friend - Into Oblivion
6. Maximo Park - Books From Boxes
7. Snow Patrol - Signal Fire
8. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Hump De Hump
9. Arcade Fire - Intervention
10. The Fratellis - Ole 'Black 'N' Blue Eyes
11. Manic Street Preachers - Your Love Is Not Enough
12. Chemical Brothers - Do It Again
13. Biffy Clyro - Living Is A Problem (Because Everything Dies)
14. Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry
15. Gossip - Listen Up
16. Queens Of The Stoneage - 3's & 7's
17. Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr the Mmrs
18. Groove Armada - Get Down
19. Mutya Mueno - Stop Me
20. CSS - Let Make Love
21. Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running
22. The Twang - Either Way
23. Bloc Party - I Still Remember
24. Jamie T - Sheila
25. Kings Of Leon - On Call
26. Mutya Bueno - Real Girl
27. The Wombats - Kill the Director
28. Hello Goodbye - Here In Your Arms
29. Maximo Park - Our Velocity
30. The Killers - For Reasons Unknown