Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thursday 5th July 2007

Charlie Alexander one of the lads lads. He ducks and he dives, he's up for fun. But beneath that rebellious exterior is a thoughtful character full of emotion and depth. His songs reflect this, the lyrics full of colourful imagery and the music the same. Charlie has a unique style developed from when he first started playing guitar never having been taught. Not knowing the chords he played around until he found sounds he liked, chancing on chords and chord progressions not normally considered. He's since learnt all the chords and music theory but his unusual style luckily stayed with him. He plays with passion, it's not very often you see a solo acoustic artist break into sweat playing a love song. He plays with such intensity he told me "There's no point unless you give it 100%." and that's what you get with Charlie, on stage, off stage, he's 100%, living life to the full, and playing as if his life depended on it. Midwezt, the creation of a partnership between Charlie Armitage and the local legend that is Mick Davison. I've never heard them play so well as at Unity this night. Every song a well crafted classic that could easily be heard on any radio show. You know they're good. The intensive rehearsals shine through in their faultless tight performance.They certainly won a few extra fans tonight.
The Hendo-San project. Jay the bassist called me answering a plea for a band to step in at the last minute due to Intwined pulling out through illness (Don't worry we'll rebook them later)"we've been playing together for 12 years" he said. "You're booked" we said. They turned up "It's our first gig." Jay says. "What the f***?" "Don't worry we're good." Whenever you see the word "Project" in the name of a band, you know it's going to be experimental. Well true to their word and the theory they were experimental but were good, turning out a set so intense even the audience were sweating.

Now then we're really excited about next weeks Unity. We've have The Brackets, winners of this years band of 2007, Alpha Red and the band with a rapidly growing cult following Angry man. This is the "must see" event of the year. You really need to be there.

Rock on dudes

Peace Love and Unity

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