Monday, April 30, 2007

Myspace of the week

This weeks myspace of the week isn't a band or a musician. It's something much more important. We'd like to draw your attention to JOMAP Just A Minute Of Peace. This is an organisation promoting peace in this world. Take a few minutes to have a listen to Dan Akroyd saying a few words and sign the declaration. If enough of us do that it could make a difference. You know it's the right thing to do, for yourself, your children and everyone else on this planet.

Go take a look make friends

You know it makes sense.

Peace be with you
(We thought we'd get this in before Cornelius does)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday 26th April 2007

First on stage the very talented and enthusiastic Jack Brown and The Dead mans Orchestra, playing selections from his latest and very succesful show on myspaceNow you don't get many girl drummers, but when you do they are usually pretty good. When you get Sarah leanne Palmer on drums as well as being the lead vocalist and song writer you know you're in for a treat. Here she is with her band.
All the way from London, but you'd be forgiven if you thought she was a local, because she plays here regularly, Tallulah Rendall. This time pared right down to a solo performance having left her band behind in the smoke. Note we don't miss any opportunity to have her posing with Peterboroughs very latest arts magazine "Art & Soul" Check it out at your nearest venue, Spirit & Soul, The Glass Onion, The Office, and many other places. It's jam packed with reviews, features, photos, of all your favourite local artists and much more.
Fabonacci rounded off the night. Rounding off a brilliant nights entertainment.

Don't forget next week we have Opaque, James Chadwick, The Beautiful Sleezy, Runners up of the band of 2007 competition,and mad rockers Sidearm who can never be accused of lacking enthusiasm. So it's going to be a memorable night.
We're off to Great Stukely now for the BMF music festival at the Four Horseshoes. Where you can see such great acts as Point of Origin, Opaque, The brackets, AOB, Circus and Richard Hall amongst a whole bunch of other acts on stage. So if we don't see you there we'll be back at Unity next Thursday. Until then ...Rock on dudes.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Thursday 19th April 2007

Here's simian Hybrid. You may remember the Staceman as a drummer. He is now back with a new ego to try on for size as ace singer songwriter who happens to now have a band as well. Fingersmith. What again? You may be asking yourself. You may not. You may not have been paying attention to what's going on. But if you did ask yourself the question all we can say is shame on you. We keep asking these guys back because they're brilliant. An if you'd paid attention and if you'd seen them before you would know what I'm talking about and you would never have even thought of asking the question. You'd have just said "Hoorah! they're back again." AND they come all the way from suffolk to play for you.
Cripes it's the Contrast. When questioned by some idiot "What's The Contrast like?", Fozzy feigned total ignorance. "Never heard of 'em" he said climbing on stage to sit behind the drum set.

...and here's some of you enjoying the evening.
Until next time ... rock on mes enfants.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Unity News Roundup

Britney Spears stole my virginity. World exclusive. "I am the baby's father". World Famous Peterborough Photographer in shock paternity scandal. Mike Harris AKA Mike Da Hat is reported to be "over the moon" with suggestions that he is the father of Charlotte Churchs love child. Meanwhile closer to home local playboy, Richard Hall, is vehemently denying any suggestion that he is the mastermind behind a plot to overthrow Robert Mugabe in strife torn Zimbabwe when questioned about it Richard (34) said "Robert who..?" Conclusive proof that he is covering up more than he's letting on. Following in Madonnas footsteps world famous magazine editor and journalist Mel Elliott, Art & Soul Magazine, is planning a trip to drought ridden Malawi to adopt a goat. "I've always wanted a goat and doing this gives me the chance to save one and give it a better future." The goats parents were unavailable for comment at time of going to press. Madonna declined to comment.
Following kate Middletons departure from the Royal Fold it has been reported that Moony is considering taking her place in the media circus. "..purely for publicity purposes...Prince William and I are just good mates....although being the wife of the heir to the throne wouldn't do Opaque any harm at all." Sources close to the palace suggest the prince actually has his eye on Tasha. Excited bookmakers have put odds on Tasha as the next queen to 150,000 to 1.
Reports are coming in that Andrew Gates, AKA Shaggy, has had a windfall. Unbeknown to Andrew he was the secret love child of one Bill Gates Multibillionaire and philanthropist. The Nouveau Riche shagster said the money would not change his life at all. Speaking from his yacht off the french Riviera The Shagster said "it's the begging letters that get me, they never stop. I've even received one from myself that I wrote before I got rich."

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thursday 12th April 2007

Johnny Funghi and his unique brand of acoustic talent. Great lyrics. Very entertaining.All the way from oop north in Barnsley Gaia turned up to amaze everyone. We were so impressed. Their style blends a lot from early Hawkwind with their driving base lines and Uriah Heep with a touch of Dave Gilmore (pink floyd) style electric slide guitar thrown in for good measure. This with luck wont be your last chance to see them. We're hoping they're going to come back and entertain us all over again at the summer festy. Meanwhile if you can't wait check them out on their myspace site
Point of origin need no introduction no write up. Brilliant as usual.
And here's a few of you enjoying the music and atmosphere at Unity.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday 5th April 2007

First of all Unity would like to wish Tasha a Happy Birthday. Those of you who know Tasha will know she's been helping out Unity since the beginning, for which we are extremely grateful. She's usually first on the dance floor and full of enthusiasm. We all love her. Happy Birthday Tasha from all of us.Free love and the Good Plant. What an excellent band. Very different from the usual and I think that's what made them so interesting. Many varied styles of music all married together along with a varied pace. Excellent stuff.
Whoopee! It's Opaque again. What can you say that hasn't already been said? Entertaining as usual.
Here you all are in all your glory.
Don't forget next week we have the wonderful Gaia, with Unity Favourites Point of Origin and what night wouldn't be complete without Johnny Funghi. It'll be a blast. You know you want to be there. Until then.....

Rock on mes enfants.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Myspace of the week

Blimey why haven't we nominated this band before? We've known about them for ages ever since our good friends at Muddy promotions gave us the nod. And it's nothing to do with the fact that they're coming to play at Unity on 10th May and we want you all to come and share the joy with us. No sirreee Bob! It's down to the fact that they are very very good. There's a bit of Nick Cave stylee in there, there's classic riffs, there's a grandeur, there's subtlety, it's kind to your ears. I gotta say we've been listening in the office and we've enjoyed it. So who's our myspace of the week this week?
Yes of course it's The Winterkings

Go on have a listen, you'll love them. Not only that if you love them as much as we do here in the office you've got two chances to check them out live. Unity on the 10th May and The Glass Onion on the 18th May. Go one give your ears a treat you know you want to: