Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's on this summer

Greetings long lost friends and distant cousins!

It's now a long time since this weekly mailout ceased to be a weekly mailout, and I think we may as well accept that with a busy summer approaching it is likely to remain that way. So I figure its worth us having a quick run-down of events that you should be aware of over the next few months.

Don't forget you can always keep yourself updated of events at the Glass Onion by picking up the bi-monthly programme from the Centre. And keep checking on the Muddy myspace which is regularly updated and on the main muddy site ( ) which will be relaunched very soon after much hard work from our volunteer web designer.

So update time:-

The Glass Onion

The Onion is going from strength to strength thanks to the support of all of you and of course the dedicated team of volunteers. Please don't forget that they always need more help though - a little time from a lot of people goes a long way :)

Events at the Onion include the regular acoustic/open mic session every Friday night from 7pm, which has hosted some wonderful acts in the last 8 months and will no doubt continue to do so.

The Saturday night summer sound sessions, taking place most Saturdays over the summer, are also proving to be a magnificent success - with lots of wonderful bands playing and wonderful people turning up.

Sunday night is still film night and is still free to get in.

Keep an eye out for one-off events too - there have already been some great drama, comedy, cabaret, debate, educational, and healing events at the Onion and these will continue to keep rolling into the building for your pleasure.

The Drip-Dry records studio, based at the Onion is now functioning, and the first recordings are rolling off its presses. If you would like to make use of the facilities talk to Benny T.

The Art room and Rehearsal rooms are also ready to use. Ask at the bar.


Unity is still running every Thursday night at Spirit & Soul (formerly known as Lisboa), 24 Lincoln Road, Peterborough. There have been some fantastic acts playing on the Unity stage in the last few months - though support from local music lovers can be a bit hit and miss (possibly due to the sudden range of events on offer in the city). The Unity team would love to see your smiley faces back in the building - and since its FREE entrance all night every Thursday there aren't many excuses left open to you :)

Here's the line-ups for the next few weeks:-

31st May - Pink 'n Ruby (acoustic set & electronic live d&b set - from London)
Tres Cojones (flamenco/gypsy jazz)

7th June - Barrelass (experimental metal)
Sever the wicked (metal)
The Darren Macer Poetry Experience (experimental metal)
A Thousand Fires (progressive metal)

14th June - The Gangsters (ska & rocksteady)
Irene Rae (acoustic)

there will be many more quality line-ups like these on the way. Keep up to date at and check for pics of the events afterwards at

Strawberry Fair (Sat 2nd June - Cambridge)

Strawberry Fair is one of the largest free & unsponsored festivals in Europe, and its right on our doorstep. At this year's Strawberry Fair you'll find the Muddy geo-dome with DJ, drum, and arts workshops for your participation. You'll also find many acts close to our heart on the other stages of the festival. Point of Origin, Mr Zed, Talullah Rendall and Flipron are all playing on the Theatrikals Tent. Opaque and Free Love & the Good Plant are playing on the East Stage. Keltrix and Ed Cox are also playing (unsure of which stage). And of course the heavy heavy dub tent will still be rattling and shaking as always :) The fair opens at midday and music stops at about 10pm.

If you are looking for something to do on your return to the boro we would suggest you check out Wrong Way Up at Spirit & Soul, one of the most refreshing new promotions to pop up in our city in the last few months. Their music is an interesting mix of prog/tech-house with a bit of minimal techno and deep, glitched out pounding straight beat grooves. Doors are 10pm till 5am and door tax is £5.

Psychedelic Breakdown (Sat 16th June)

The bods behind Psychedelic Breakdown are most chuffed to be bringing a very special event to the city for their last party before a summer break.

The party is taking place at Spirit & Soul, 24 Lincoln Road, Peterborough on Saturday 16th June from 10pm till 6am, and will take place over three rooms (psy-trance & psy-breaks / electronica & dubs / house & breaks) with a line-up boasting producers, DJ's and live acts from 8 different record labels - including Shakta (Dragonfly records), Digitalis (Sinister records/Point Red Records), Soundhacker (Amp Bit Go records), Stylus Rex (Punk Funk records), Steve Broca (Cactus Island records) and Hibernation (Aleph Zero/Interchill records). For full line-up details please check

The team are most chuffed to have the Woef and Bex from the Indigo Children crew coming back to the city to decorate, and Mr Zed and the newly fixed Lukus providing visuals.

Exhibit:U Festival - Central Park Peterborough (August Bank Holiday weekend)

Peterborough sees a very special new two day event taking place in Central Park over the Saturday and Sunday of August Bank Holiday weekend this year. Exhibit:U is growing from within the Muddy community and promises to be something very unique. With two marquee art galleries and a stage for drama, spoken word and music this promises to be one of the most exciting arts events to take place in our city to date (and it will be free).

We'll keep you updated with info on this one and things progress.

Newfoundland Festival (7-9 September)

With Grassroots sadly missing from the Muddy calendar this year, you will be relieved to know that Newfoundland Festival will bring you a breath of similar air.

The festival is taking place in mid-Wales on 7-9 September. It will be run on a Temporary Events Notice just like Grassroots last year, meaning this is underground with only 400 tickets for sale, but is guaranteed to have a lovely vibe with a diverse and creative crowd.

Two stages will be on offer - one run by Indigo Children and Atlantis presenting psy-trance through the night and spoken word poetry/literature panels with best-selling authors during the daytime. The second stage will be run by Muddy and will present acoustic acts, bands and electronic DJ's and live acts of a myriad of styles. There will also be an art gallery. Local arts organisations have been involved and the local community engaged positively.

This will be beautiful!

Tickets are on sale from the Glass Onion for face value of £25 including camping. Alternatively you can buy them with a plastic card over the internet from

There are only 100 tickets on sale through the Onion, and the one's through Access All Areas are subject to a booking charge, so get your's quickly. The tickets are going to run out pretty early on!

More info to follow.

....and finally.....

Keep your eyes peeled guys - there is still alot of wonderful stuff continuing and growing anew within our city, our society and our world. Don't miss out.

Peace love unity and respect.

PS The Glass Onion now has a drum workshop on saturday Afternoons. Get yourself down there and get some rythm.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Unity is FREE

We had a bit of a rest this week. No bands as such just a good old marathon jam session. It seems audiences are dwindling, despite the fact we work our butts off to bring you the best of live entertainment every week at Spirit & Soul. So why is this? Well there might be some confusion about the door tax. Well we gotta tell you this. There aint no door tax. Unity is FREE. We do it for the love of it. We know you love the music, so why don't you come down and enjoy it? It aint gonna cost you a penny. Not a dime. The shekels in your pocket will not be affected. It's like the life of Brian, you come in with nothing, you go out with nothing, except you had a great time in between.
So we'll be back next week as normal when we have the massively entertaining Pink n Ruby who went down a storm last time at the equinox party. What's more, did we tell you, it's FREE to get in.
.. and just to show you life goes on here's Jeremy the Robin. he's been living in our back garden for a while looking after his chicks. Here he is posing on our fence with a gob full of grubs.
Meanwhile rock on dudes.....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thursday 17th May 2007

Back on stage at Unity Free Will and the Bad influences with their bluesy Led Zepellinesque rock. Even will himself sports the Roger Daltry hair style. Wow! Acer rocking it up.
Jimmy and the boys in Point 7 Pistol.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thursday 10th May 2007

Andy Whittle a firm favourite at Unity and an old friend kicked off tonights show, accompanied harmonies by Rebecca Dawson. That's him standing in the pouring rain outside Spirit & Soul after his set.Well we've been waiting for ages for this next band to grace our stage. The Winterkings. They didn't disappoint. Excellent. Love the way they could just change the pace they played hard rock rock then gentle melody seemlessly. A joy to listen to.
Not content with having two great acts on stage we get a third great act with "Blind io" all the way from Manchester. We spoil ourselves. Here at Unity we're rapidly getting used to regularly seeing great bands play our stage. Blind io is another great band.
By this time we're almost beside ourselves with excitement, three great acts and then Unity favourite "Wake" this time they've toned down the heavy rock and gone all Acoustic for us. Which is always nice just for a change.

Oh my God! Next week. Don't miss it. We've got Acer, if that deosn't make you pee your pants in excitement Jimmy Kidnap and the boys of Point 7 Pistol will be rocking it up, not only that Band of 2007 runners up "Free Will and the bad influences" where does it all stop because we have Julian Stone making an appearence as well. So if that lot don't float yer boat we don't know what will. See you there...

meanwhile ... er.... rock on mes enfants

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Myspace of the week

There are those that push and there are those that need pushing. This weeks myspace of the week goes to a guy who falls into the latter category. Chopper. Quiet and unassuming. I guess there must be people who have seen a different side of him. He doesn't blow his own trumpet and is very modest about his achievements. What's more on his myspace there's only one song. But what a song. It's fantastic. "Mind sounds". Jody plays flute and there's a mean piano too. Chopper himself plays virtually everything else, showing just how versatile he is as a musician. I for one can't wait to hear some more, once someone pushes him into the recording studio and loses the key until he's finished.

NOw I know you're desperate to have a listen to his amazing Mind Sounds so you can click right here.
oh and see if you can hear the camel right at the end It's there. Honest it is. Now there's a reason to listen to all of it if nothing else.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thursday 3rd May 2007

John Litchfield steps in at a moments notice to take on the world armed only with a borrowed electric guitar. Here he is doing his Colonel Kurtz impression. The Horror The Horror!James Chadwick taking over the mantle of folk rock God. Does this mean he's not so evil anymore?
The unstoppable Sidearm who's famous drum changeover routine went so smoothly.
Opaque. As if you didn't know. Well perhaps you didn't recognise Moony now he's had a haircut and shaved off the famous moustache.