Friday, May 25, 2007

Unity is FREE

We had a bit of a rest this week. No bands as such just a good old marathon jam session. It seems audiences are dwindling, despite the fact we work our butts off to bring you the best of live entertainment every week at Spirit & Soul. So why is this? Well there might be some confusion about the door tax. Well we gotta tell you this. There aint no door tax. Unity is FREE. We do it for the love of it. We know you love the music, so why don't you come down and enjoy it? It aint gonna cost you a penny. Not a dime. The shekels in your pocket will not be affected. It's like the life of Brian, you come in with nothing, you go out with nothing, except you had a great time in between.
So we'll be back next week as normal when we have the massively entertaining Pink n Ruby who went down a storm last time at the equinox party. What's more, did we tell you, it's FREE to get in.
.. and just to show you life goes on here's Jeremy the Robin. he's been living in our back garden for a while looking after his chicks. Here he is posing on our fence with a gob full of grubs.
Meanwhile rock on dudes.....

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