Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Myspace of the week

There are those that push and there are those that need pushing. This weeks myspace of the week goes to a guy who falls into the latter category. Chopper. Quiet and unassuming. I guess there must be people who have seen a different side of him. He doesn't blow his own trumpet and is very modest about his achievements. What's more on his myspace there's only one song. But what a song. It's fantastic. "Mind sounds". Jody plays flute and there's a mean piano too. Chopper himself plays virtually everything else, showing just how versatile he is as a musician. I for one can't wait to hear some more, once someone pushes him into the recording studio and loses the key until he's finished.

NOw I know you're desperate to have a listen to his amazing Mind Sounds so you can click right here.
oh and see if you can hear the camel right at the end It's there. Honest it is. Now there's a reason to listen to all of it if nothing else.

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