Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thursday 10th May 2007

Andy Whittle a firm favourite at Unity and an old friend kicked off tonights show, accompanied harmonies by Rebecca Dawson. That's him standing in the pouring rain outside Spirit & Soul after his set.Well we've been waiting for ages for this next band to grace our stage. The Winterkings. They didn't disappoint. Excellent. Love the way they could just change the pace they played hard rock rock then gentle melody seemlessly. A joy to listen to.
Not content with having two great acts on stage we get a third great act with "Blind io" all the way from Manchester. We spoil ourselves. Here at Unity we're rapidly getting used to regularly seeing great bands play our stage. Blind io is another great band.
By this time we're almost beside ourselves with excitement, three great acts and then Unity favourite "Wake" this time they've toned down the heavy rock and gone all Acoustic for us. Which is always nice just for a change.

Oh my God! Next week. Don't miss it. We've got Acer, if that deosn't make you pee your pants in excitement Jimmy Kidnap and the boys of Point 7 Pistol will be rocking it up, not only that Band of 2007 runners up "Free Will and the bad influences" where does it all stop because we have Julian Stone making an appearence as well. So if that lot don't float yer boat we don't know what will. See you there...

meanwhile ... er.... rock on mes enfants

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