Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unity 2 @ Goodbarns Yard

Unity Too at Goodbarns Yard is an attempt to get back to our roots. Something I know Richard is very keen on. This week we had Filthy Wandering Hands who are Tim, Piper and Jimmy D. They played a set of covers but brilliantly. Tims distinctive vocal talents giving the songs a gravelly edge. Piper playing his Melodica made it different enough to be very different but enjoyable. Vince later played some excellent stuff. Next week we've got an open mic session. This is where you play and we give you free beer. It's devastatingly brilliant in it's simplicity. Come on down have a play have a jam or just listen. It's at Goodbarns Yard, St Johns Street, Peterborough. Kick off about 8:30 PA system supplied. Admission Free.

Meanwhile the proper Unity that you all know and love continues this Thursday with a stonking line up. Double Handsome Dragons and the Hendo San Project. Gonna be good.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thursday 20th September 2007

New band from St Ives Strawbear brilliant original sound aided by Ian Rays remarkable vocal range. Short catchy songs, with the set ending in two anthemic blockbusting songs. We're sure to be booking them again if you missed them first time round.Don't we just love Charlie here at the Unity Office. That's Charlie in the pic with the colourful hair, singing, She also co-wrote all the songs with her partner in crime, the legend, Mr Mick Davison. They aint a country and western band they are alternative acoustic rock with very memorable and beautiful songs to play. This week they played an acoustic set and were aided by the very talented Kat Moore on fiddle.

Next week we have the start of Unity 2 which is at Goodbarns Yard Pub st Johns Street Peterborough. This week we're featuring "Filthy Wandering hands" you may not have heard of the band but you certainly know the guys. They are Piper from point of Origin Busker Tim and Jimmy D. So that promises to be great. BTW We're having open mic before and after if anyone wants to play. 8:30pm start.

The Thursday Unity, at Spirit & Soul as Usual, features the fabulous "Double Handsome Dragons" who are an experimental instrumental band, but play with so much energy you'll be left breathless. Along with DHDs we are pleased, no proud, no pleased and proud to present the fabulous "Animation".

Fozzys Drum Spectacular

The poor old drummer always stuck at the back providing the engine for any band, never seen, never gets in the photographs hidden behind a stack of drums cymbals and other percussion bits and bobs. Tonight Fozzy brought together Peterboroughs premier drummers to shine in their own right. Fozzy himself arguably Peterboroughs finest drummer gave a fifteen minute master class on how it's done, including almost every trick in the book. Even the up and coming youngsters had a go, proving that bands in the future have got talent on the way.

Unity 2 @ Goodbarns Yard

We're trying a change of scene for Unity on Mondays. We'll be relocating to Goodbarns Yard (next door to the BP garage behind the Cathedral) where this week we have the musical stylings of Filthy Wandering hands. You may not have heard of the band but you all know the guys involved. So come along, it's gonna be very informal, open mic before and afterwards if anyone is interested.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Glass Onion 1st September 2007

Well life continues at Planet Onion this week with The Brackets in full force. It was also Mels birthday, Mel being the editor of that magazine you all love so much Art & Soul. I'd have posted a few pics of her drunk but she threatened me with untold violence and misery if any of the pics saw the light of day. So you'll just have to imagine. Meanwhile dontcha just love The Brackets? Oh me oh my it's those girlies from Creche Collective hammering out a set full of Altered Images lots of screaming and enthusiasm, not to mention rolling about the floor in spilt beer. This is what we want, anarchy at it's best.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thursday 30th August 2007

We all have our favourite people, people we love and admire, well imagine a day when loads of people you love and admire all come to the same place at the same time. That's Unity. We've loved Heather McVey for years, I think she loves us because she keeps coming back for more. Here she is playing her little heart out with Claire Cordeaux supporting on Bass.Yeah yeah yeah get in the queue, line up all of you for your declarations of love for Unitys first daughter Abi. Here's Abi and the boys in their incarnation as Fre3peace. They are actually pretty damned good. Their style is coming together and building. At first it was good but maybe a bit experimental, now they've settled into the routine like wearing in of a pair of shoes, it all fits nicely now especially with the addition of their new bass player.
We Love The Neumes, they come all the way from North Yorkshire to play for us. They never fail to entertain. There's always new songs. God knows how many songs a week Charlotte writes. In between writing concertos for Piano and saxophone. This is the third time they've come to Unity, and hopefully not the last.

Unfortunately our other headline band Keltrix had to pull out due to illness. They send their apologies. Hopefully we'll be able to reschedule another night for them.

Meanwhile next week we have for your enjoyment The Underdogs, Blue Mary Jane and Shane Poole.
Underdogs are a Preston based band, combining ‘indie with attitude’ and an exuberant onstage energy. Strong, dynamic lyrics and original guitars come together to produce a positive, distinctive sound not far from their influences, which include Oasis, The Smiths, The Sex Pistols, The Stone Roses and The Beatles.
Blue Mary Jane: fast & furious and a lot of fun. Blues rock with leanings toward Rolling Stones Chuck Berry and the Ramones.
Shane Poole: check out his myspace site, there's some great songs on there.

then on the 13th September we have Fozzys drum extravaganza. Two drum kits loads of drummers and bassists. if you want to be part of it speak to Fozzy at Live Music Lincoln Road Peterborough and while you're at it buy some new kit.

Rock on dudes until next time

PS We're going to see the Brackets at the Glass Onion Saturday night. Any one else coming?