Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thursday 20th September 2007

New band from St Ives Strawbear brilliant original sound aided by Ian Rays remarkable vocal range. Short catchy songs, with the set ending in two anthemic blockbusting songs. We're sure to be booking them again if you missed them first time round.Don't we just love Charlie here at the Unity Office. That's Charlie in the pic with the colourful hair, singing, She also co-wrote all the songs with her partner in crime, the legend, Mr Mick Davison. They aint a country and western band they are alternative acoustic rock with very memorable and beautiful songs to play. This week they played an acoustic set and were aided by the very talented Kat Moore on fiddle.

Next week we have the start of Unity 2 which is at Goodbarns Yard Pub st Johns Street Peterborough. This week we're featuring "Filthy Wandering hands" you may not have heard of the band but you certainly know the guys. They are Piper from point of Origin Busker Tim and Jimmy D. So that promises to be great. BTW We're having open mic before and after if anyone wants to play. 8:30pm start.

The Thursday Unity, at Spirit & Soul as Usual, features the fabulous "Double Handsome Dragons" who are an experimental instrumental band, but play with so much energy you'll be left breathless. Along with DHDs we are pleased, no proud, no pleased and proud to present the fabulous "Animation".

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