Friday, December 30, 2005

Just to remind you

... if you click on any of the photos they get bigger. If you then click on them again you they get even bigger. They are hee-owge. Just thought you needed to know this.

Rock on dudes

Mike Da hat (Unity Photographer)

Thursday 29th December 2005

For those that braved the -3C temperatures tonight, it was another great night at Unity. Special thanks to Richard for stepping in at the last minute to play a set. Ably assisted by Abi on backing Vocals, Stacey on Congas, and Gav on shaky rattly things.

All the way from Blackpool on the left Mela, Richard, and Jane all the way from Germany just to be with us tonight. Tonight we had a special featured band who haven’t played in a long time whilst they looked for a new vocalist…
…the brilliant "Juzzt" featuring...

...on bass Ty...

..on drums, Valentino or Valli...

...Chris on guitar...

...and the oh so fabulous BB on Vocals. This was her first gig with the band in the new line up. Did she look nervous? I don't think so. You want more? Here's some more pics...

...and then of course there's you guys who make it all worth while...

...and you...

...our man all the way from Bristol, Gav...

...and not forgetting Sharon with friend. She selflessly makes it her business to relieve all you late comers of £3. So do yourselves a favour, get here early, don't miss out on the fun and deny her the pleasure of taking your money, because £3 is equivalent to a pint and shrapnel. 9:14pm is good, 8:30pm better, 9:16pm is bad.
Don't forget tonight (Friday 30th) at Fidds is a big one. Mike Da Hat apologises he can't be there so if anyone would like to take photos in his stead they can send them to his link on the right hand side of this site. The best will get published.

In the meantime we at Unity wish you a very Happy New Year.
We look forward to bringing you the best in live music in 2006. Keep making it happen.

Peace love and Unity in the community.

God Bless.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thursday update

Greetings our seasonally feasted-out and festived-up comm-unity!

We hope you've had lots of fun and festivities this week. Let the party continue!!!


This week is a busy one for the Unity Comm-unity. The regular Thursday session is hosting a wonderful up and coming ska/funk act known as Juzzt. This is their first gig with their new singer and you'll no doubt be seeing these boys and girls about quite a bit now, good vibes and smiley grooves.

There will also be ska and dub from Mad Man Manton to finish the night.

The rest of the line-up has been lost from immediate memory in a post-Xmas haze but there will be more on the night.

As always entrance is free before 9:15 and £3 after, and don't forget to bring your bongos and instruments for the jam session!

Other events

The Unity Community's Nearly New Years Eve Bash is on Friday (30th Dec) at Fidds. It's a huge line-up:

James Chadwick
Point of Origin
The Redguards
DJ Urb

Entrance is only £2 if you get there before 9:30 and will only cost you £4 if you come after as well.

.....which means it won't cost you an arm and a leg to come along after you watch Wake and Point Seven Pistols, who are supporting Dirty Little Faces at the Met Lounge on the same night. Tickets can be bought direct from Wake for the wonderfully cheap price of £2, whereas they'll be £4 otherwise. You can contact them on their website to arrange your ticket purchases.

Which leads us to New Years Eve:

I'm not aware of a lot going on for New Years Eve itself. The Fidds is hosting Indigo's New Years special - ask at Fidds or visit for ticket info.

A fair few of us are off to London. There is a very small and personal bash (500 people) at a Community Centre run by The Synergy Project - a very inspirational bunch of people current;y operating in Camberwell. Tickets can be purchased at and if you would like to know more about the Synergy Project and their work check them out on the web at

Wherever you end up for your New Year celebrations have alot of fun and smiles.

Thanks to everybody for your support that has helped so many good things begin in Peterborough in 2005 and may you all find much inner peace and universal love in the New Year.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Thursday 22nd December 2005

Charlie Alexander

Rebecca Clamp playing her last gig in this country for what could be a long time as she is moving to Finland. We were honoured she played for us tonight. Thanks Rebecca.
Accompanying Rebecca was Lucy on violin.
Rebecca Clamp

Point of Origin

And being as it’s Christmas here’s something for the boys (and girls)
Some Serious pussy action.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from everyone at Unity

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thursday 22nd December 2005

Greetings homo sapien fledgelings!

Happy solstice everybody - we begin the homerun to longer days, more sunshine and a festy filled summer as of today!

It's a very late mailout this week - was offline for quite a few days after the (massively successful) Grassroots charity event on Saturday. Big big thanks and respect to everybody who made it such a success - I think everybody's is feeling the inspiration flowing after that one. You can see pics taken by Mike da Hat at the unity blogspot he kindly keeps for us all at By the way, £426.07 was raised for Muslim Aid to help the victims of the South Asian Earthquake. If you would still like to make a donation you can do so at Unity this week and bring the total even higher.

So, this week:


Gonna be a special one for the Unity Community this week:Unity Jam (of course - bring your instruments and your bongos)Charlie Alexander (acoustic)Rebecca Clamp (acoustic)Piper da Sniper (solo keys set)Point of Origin (in full glory and with new stuff to play)Magic Lamp (boshing out live techno trance)....and the ever popular DJ tbc to finishA very full line-up and very diverse too! As always this will be free before 9:15 and £3 after and we won't tell you to go home till 2am. Other events
Friday is another night of live music in Fidds, everyone's favourite drummer Thorin is back with his band The Contrast. Support is coming from Portman and one other band (not sure of the name.....oops). Should be a good one.

Saturday is the Indigo club night Christmas Eve special too. Should be a fun night if you like that sort of thing.

I'm not aware of anything else going on over this Christmas weekend (so you'd best make the most of it and come to Unity!!!!) but there is stuff on the bank holidays after Christmas:

On the 27th (Tuesday) Throwdown is at the Met Lounge. This is Peterborough's biggest hip-hop event and should be a wicked night. Doors are 8 will 1am and door tax is £5 before 9:30 and £7 after. For a full line-up and flyer check this link

Also on the 27th The Park is hosting a two floor event with drum and bass crews Speed of Sound and Bass Camp are joining forces downstairs and Hard Dance specialists Atomic upstairs. Doors are 9:30 till 2am. Downstairs will cost you £3.50 before 10:30 and more after, and upstairs will cost you a fiver.

I don't know of anything else just yet, but next week we have the Juzzt at Unity (live ska/funk - yay!) and also on the 30th is the Unity Community's Nearly New Year's Eve Party - Opaque, James Chadwick, Point of Origin, Istari and DJ Urb blasting the ska and eclecticism. A good place to meet your friends and family before everyone scatters for their various New Years Eve Parties the day after.

Peace love and unity.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The people who made it happen- YOU!

Here's some more pictures from the incredible day that was Muddy Promotions Grass Roots Action Day. And they are all of you... You guys who made it all work. Muddy promotions and Unity thank you all for supporting this good cause. £416.07 was raised by your generosity. Check out Wednesdays Evening Telegraph. They are running a feature on your good work. The money will be sent in aid of the Pakistan Earthquake appeal. Keeping people warm and fed and ALIVE. Thanks to you.

Mariam and Paul Errington

I want to buy you a lot of pretty things and shyly offer them to you one at a time

Kayleigh and Barbi

Rob and Nuala
Richard and Mel
Clare without an i and daughter Hazel.

Abid and Gemma

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Muddy Promotions Grass Roots Action Day

These are the pictures from the Muddy Promotions grass roots action day event held at The Crown Lincoln Road Peterporough. Thanks to Dean for letting us use the facilities. Thanks to everyone who turned up to support the cause. The event was organised by Muddy Promotions with help from Unity. Mucho Dinero was raised. The total to be announced at a later date. But it's a shit load.So thanks to everyone. By the way click on any of the photos and they become hee-owge.

It's all about bringing people together under the one banner.We're all in this together. We are one people on this planet so we should work as one, with no discrimination or favour. I apologise for not being there early enough to bring you the fabulous Paul Errington, but I was racing down the A1 at the time from Lincoln. I didn't make it. Paul has forgiven me on condition that I shoot him at Unity. You know what I mean Photographs. He'll be appearing soon. Meanwhile this is John Litchfield the impossibly tall guitarist and singer.
Next up we had "John Doe": Featuring on guitar Neil, on bass, Tom and on drums, Joe.

Istari: OK we affectionately know them as Abi and Richard.
How many people can you fit on one acoustic stage? Abi and Richard joined by moony shaking an egg thing, John on congas and Jody on Flute.

Silverspace. After a bit of discussion we couldn't pigeon hole them. A little bit reggae, a little bit rock, Hawkwind influence., What the hell they were great.

On lead guitar and electronic wizardry, Rion Zion. What's going on is this a competition for the daftest name?

...Michael on drums...

...and the lovely Bex on keyboard.

..finally Ben on Bass.

Yo Yeti: I got into deep trouble for not posting a picture of Beesh last week. It was an oversight. I'm sorry. OK? I prostrate myself on the ground and beg forgiveness. So here he is.Rapper extraordinaire. The streets had better watch out.

Yo Yeti.

You can easily run out of superlatives to describe bands. You all know them, you love them. This is "Wake".

The undeniable talent that is Charlie Alexander. Straight from work to the gig in less than twenty minutes. And he's still wearing his Waitrose work shirt. This is the dedication he has. Just to bring to you his original songs.

Help it's "circus"...

Irene Rae. Fabulous.

"Point of Origin" or "POO" for short. Had you all up and dancing.

Featuring Mr Cool himself Stacey on guitar and vocals.


...Jody on flute and Abid on Bass...

...Piper on keyboards...

...Abi on guest vocals...

If you missed this guy, may your soul be tormented in Hell for the rest of eternity. For this is the one, the only, James Chadwick. He is the reason I have given up playing guitar. After twenty years playing live on stage I am still crap. This boy has more talent in his little finger than I could attain practicing every day for a hundred years. God! I hope he doesn't take up photography. I might as well slit my wrists and dig my own grave.Breath taking.

You couldn't wish to meet a nicer bunch of guys than "The Gangsters" despite their name.

...and they are: Antonio Gangster on lead guitar. Is this a conspiracy? Does everyone have to have a made up name. I'm not for one moment believing this one.

...Gerry Brown on drums.

...Jo Jimbo on Bass. You guys are taking the piss now.

...Sterret Hall on lead vocals and sax. I give up.

Mucho thanks to Ian who despite drinking with Ian at the Fidds the night before until the early hours managed to keep it together all day and all night.

Finally Mike Da Hat for once the other side of the camera. Unityrocks site designer, musician, writer, photographer and all round genius, with Dee.

Rock on dudes and may your God be with you.