Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thursday update

Greetings our seasonally feasted-out and festived-up comm-unity!

We hope you've had lots of fun and festivities this week. Let the party continue!!!


This week is a busy one for the Unity Comm-unity. The regular Thursday session is hosting a wonderful up and coming ska/funk act known as Juzzt. This is their first gig with their new singer and you'll no doubt be seeing these boys and girls about quite a bit now, good vibes and smiley grooves.

There will also be ska and dub from Mad Man Manton to finish the night.

The rest of the line-up has been lost from immediate memory in a post-Xmas haze but there will be more on the night.

As always entrance is free before 9:15 and £3 after, and don't forget to bring your bongos and instruments for the jam session!

Other events

The Unity Community's Nearly New Years Eve Bash is on Friday (30th Dec) at Fidds. It's a huge line-up:

James Chadwick
Point of Origin
The Redguards
DJ Urb

Entrance is only £2 if you get there before 9:30 and will only cost you £4 if you come after as well.

.....which means it won't cost you an arm and a leg to come along after you watch Wake and Point Seven Pistols, who are supporting Dirty Little Faces at the Met Lounge on the same night. Tickets can be bought direct from Wake for the wonderfully cheap price of £2, whereas they'll be £4 otherwise. You can contact them on their website to arrange your ticket purchases.

Which leads us to New Years Eve:

I'm not aware of a lot going on for New Years Eve itself. The Fidds is hosting Indigo's New Years special - ask at Fidds or visit for ticket info.

A fair few of us are off to London. There is a very small and personal bash (500 people) at a Community Centre run by The Synergy Project - a very inspirational bunch of people current;y operating in Camberwell. Tickets can be purchased at and if you would like to know more about the Synergy Project and their work check them out on the web at

Wherever you end up for your New Year celebrations have alot of fun and smiles.

Thanks to everybody for your support that has helped so many good things begin in Peterborough in 2005 and may you all find much inner peace and universal love in the New Year.


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