Friday, December 02, 2005

The Drum Extravaganza 01/12/2005

Tonights Unity gig featured a drum extravaganza with Neil and Fozzy on drums accompanied at various times by walk on extras, here’s Abi, Stacy and Tasha.

As always the audience is as important as the musicians tonight Melodie brought along her dad.

This is Stacey Edwards on bass guitar.

This is Carlos who hails from Argentina, recently he's played with Blue fuse and more recently with Jules Holland. In Argentina he was used to playing percussion at major stadium gigs.

Tom O'Brien and Simon Belham on dual lead guitar.

Oh wow! Are we honoured tonight? This is Amanda. Significant in the fact she was the first person to sign our guest book. She beat the lot of you to it. Not only that she was the first to leave a comment as well. Double whammy.

..or Clare without an "i". Who until tonight hadn't heard of Unity until our good friend Ed Murphy tipped her off. She'll be back.

You couldn't hold back our man Carlos. Here he's with Fozzy sharing the drum kit.

Ian on the mixing desk all night.

Neil. I could say a lot about this shot but I wont. You can say it for me in the comments box below.

Fozzy. Go on comment us up.

Chris Barrie. Solo acoustic set. Try following an incredible one and a half hour drum extravaganza. He did. Was he worried? I don't think so.

Here's Chris again someone this good deserves two pictures.

Thanks to everyone who turned up tonight. It was incredible. We may do the drum extravaganza again one day. Let us know what you think. It's that little thing below that says comments. Click on it and have your say. Your thoughts and ideas are important to us. You can also click on the Guestbook at the side. Follow Amandas lead, leave your mark. You know you want to.

May your God be with you.

Peace and love


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