Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Doing A Poo at The Silver Jubilee

Local leg ends Point Of Origin (POO) returned to the stage at the Silver Jubilee last Saturday.

And here's a few of who turned up to enjoy the night

Don't forget Heat 5 of Band of 2007 Thursday night 9:00pm kick off doors open 8:00pm and it's free entry as well. Bands appearing, contrary to popular belief and what's been advertised, this week are Sacred Heart, The Beautiful Sleazy and Sever the Wicked. All trying for a place in the semi finals.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Band of 2007 Heat 4

It doesn't get much tighter than this. Yet another nail biting finish to a heat with three bands all equally matched in talent and ability fighting it out for a place in the semis. First on stage after drawing the straws was Revenue. I gotta tell you all the clever money was on these guys to win. Brilliant.

Next on stage were last minute stand ins for St Elmos Fire who couldn't make it, Intwined with their unique blend of folk rock and harmonies. They seemed to capture the audiences attention despite having several technical difficulties with sound.

Finally Loose Baby Charlotte taking the last slot. A faultless performance.

But there could only be one winner and tonights surprise winner, fooling all the clever money, was INtiwned who go on to the next round and also guaranteee themselves a slot at This years Muddy festival on the Unity Stage. OK you've really been waiting to see your selves in the pics so here you are.

Don't forget "Point of Origin" Saturday night Silver Jubilee North Bretton.
Until next time

Rock on dudes

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Band Of 2007 Heat 3

Welcome to Heat 3 of Unitys Band Of 2007 and what a great night we all had. We in the Unity Management team recognise that you are all self publicising fame freaks so with that in mind here you all are.After the straw drawing fate decreed Tauracine go on first. They set the benchmark for others to follow. And what a bench mark. A lot of other bands would shake and shiver "How do you follow that?" Tight playing brilliant harmonies and a good solid performance.

Drawn second the ever popular The Brackets, who despite a shaky start managed to rally themselves and play a blistering set to the delight of their fans.
The third band on stage hadn't even entered the competition. But stood in for "Wolves At My Childhood" who couldn't make it on the night. "John Doe" their first outing since rejigging their lineup with a new guitarist played beautifully despite apologising to the crowd for lack of rehearsals before the night.
It was a tough call for the judges but the audience portion of the vote tipped the balance in favour of The Brackets who go on to the next round and are confirmed a slot in this years Grass Roots Festival in July.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Richards Launch Party

Wwlcome to the Glass Onion mission control of Muddy promotions where Richard Hall launched his new Extended player called Horizons. Here's a whole bunch of pics from the night.Parties don't come much better than this with a host of talented musicians on stage for your enjoyment. Nick Thomson, Charlie Alexander, John Litchfield, Jules Morgan, Moony, Skin, Chopper, Alison, Kev (ex Within) and of course Richard himself.
Richard is off to Spain at the end of the month and rumour has it Vince is going along for the ride to look after our boy. Although who will be looking after who is debateable. We wish them well.

Finally we'd like to introduce to you a new member of the Unity Team, who is taking over from Richard, Craig Lyons. That's him bottom pic second row second from right. Craig has recently moved to Peterborough from St Neots. He's a musician, but then aren't you all, and will be taking on the role of publicity. Say hello to him he's a great guy.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Myspace of the Week

Ah Ha! I changed it to Myspace of the week, which is a little more accurate than myspace of the day, although to be truly accurate it should be myspace of the day I can be arsed to do something, which is a bit of a mouthful. Anyway this weeks myspace is truly wonderful, anarchic and totally bizzarre. It's The Kazoo Funk Orchestra there's a bit of Goldie Looking Chain in there, there's a lot of Kazoos a bit of everything but mostly there's fun. The band members sporting such names as Big Beard, Little beard,jim 'n' tonic which reminds me of that Gong spin off band that toured festivals years ago "Here & Now". Anyway you don't want to be going on reading this stuff you want to be zipping off to myspace land where you'll find

The Kazoo Funk Orchestra

Friday, January 12, 2007

Band Of 2007 - Heat 2

Judging heat 2 of Unitys Band of 2007 competition proved to be a challenge with three excellent bands competeing for a place in the next round.
First on stage the wonderfully named "Free Will and the bad influences"Next up The Fake Exterior, competently rocking the venue.
Finally "End of the Day".
I've got to say it was a very close call. But "End of the day" claimed the victory on the night. But either of the other two bands could easily go through as well as best runner up. We'll let you know.

Meanwhile news just in Bar Lisboa is changing it's name. Same management same venue but new name and soon new look. The new name is "Spirit & Soul".

See you all next week for Heat 3 when The Brackets, Tauracine and Wolves ate my childhood all compete for a place in the semis. Wicked.

Rock on dudes

Friday, January 05, 2007

Band Of 2007 Heat 1

This was the first heat of Band of 2007. First on stage by drawing of lots was "The Librarians"Here's death metal mayhem from Switch Theory.
Finally, and this weeks winners, were "Pattern of Sin"
The two that didn't win because we're not being negative and saying losers have a chance of still getting through to the next round if they are one of the highest scoring runners up.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Unity 28th December 2006

OMG we're late this time with the pics of last week. I blame it all on the horizontal lubricant that we've been forced to imbibe and all the parties we've been forced to attend. So here's the pics from Unitys post Christmas laid back folksy type night. Kicking off for us were Cruel Folk singing incredibly cruel songs about cruel people doing cruel things to each other. Surprisingly Cruel Folk are not at all Cruel in real life and are infact very nice. But you know the quiet ones are the worst.The leg end that is Terry Emm. He's another very quiet guy who is unassuming in character, but what a performer. We can't think of anyone who weren't totally blown away by this guys talent.
Finally before the DJs we were treated to Intwined, who despite lacking their usual drummer, played a beautiful set full of great riffs and lovely harmonies.