Saturday, January 20, 2007

Band Of 2007 Heat 3

Welcome to Heat 3 of Unitys Band Of 2007 and what a great night we all had. We in the Unity Management team recognise that you are all self publicising fame freaks so with that in mind here you all are.After the straw drawing fate decreed Tauracine go on first. They set the benchmark for others to follow. And what a bench mark. A lot of other bands would shake and shiver "How do you follow that?" Tight playing brilliant harmonies and a good solid performance.

Drawn second the ever popular The Brackets, who despite a shaky start managed to rally themselves and play a blistering set to the delight of their fans.
The third band on stage hadn't even entered the competition. But stood in for "Wolves At My Childhood" who couldn't make it on the night. "John Doe" their first outing since rejigging their lineup with a new guitarist played beautifully despite apologising to the crowd for lack of rehearsals before the night.
It was a tough call for the judges but the audience portion of the vote tipped the balance in favour of The Brackets who go on to the next round and are confirmed a slot in this years Grass Roots Festival in July.

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