Monday, July 31, 2006

What's on this week

Greetings sand monsters and sea snakes!

An early mail out this week as I'm off to Scotland for a few days...... yippee!

The Muddy crew are gearing up towards a busy few weeks preparing for the official grand opening of the Glass Onion, which will take place on the 16th and 17th of September. There's going to be a chance to get a sneak preview of the venue when the doors open next weekend (11/12/13 August).

Friday the 11th will be an open mic session, welcoming music to Muddy's happy home for the first time, while the Saturday will host a very special one-off event, with a performance of "Growing up with Martin" an original domestic comedy play stopping at the boro for a night before heading to Edinburgh.

More details will follow next week so keep your eyes peeled and tell the whole world!

We'd also like to take this oppotunity to thank everybody who made the Cancer/Leo Party such a lovely event last weekend - much fun was had by all and the profits from the event will assist us greatly in making the Glass Onion ready for opening.

So what's on in the boro?


Tuesday night's is open mic night at the Comet - Garton End Road, Dogsthorpe. Entrance is free and a diverse collection of characters gather each week to play together.


The Pixie Folke are coming to Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road, next to Curry Masters) on Wednesday night for acoustic jamming and open mic bizzle from 8pm onwards. Entrance is free.

By the way, I'm told that the open mic night at Xoo Bar has finished so I'm afraid you'll be disappointed if you turn up there looking for music.

Further afield, Opaque are playing at The Man in the Moon in Cambridge. For more info check out


This week Unity (at Lisboa) has the prvilege of presenting a rare acoustic performance from Quarto And (former winners of Fidds Band of theYear) as well as up and coming new band The Fun Machines. Entrance is free and doors open for the Unity Jam session at 8pm.

Over the road at the Park it's time for another of the Ptown Showcase nights - brought to you by Diesel City Promotions and Vortex. This time around there are three bands on offer - the wonderful Sidearm (who are coming to Unity next week btw), State of Freedom, and young rock chicks The Playful Rays. Entrance will cost you £3, unless you have a flyer in which case it will cost you £2.50.


If drum and bass mentalism is your Friday flavour be sure to check out System Abuse - newly relocated to Lisboa in the wake of the Limit's shutdown. The SA regulars will serve up a guaranteed selection of the filthiest basslines and hardest beats. Advance tickets (see are £4 and it will be more on the door.

Round the corner at the Brewery Tap Dj Ollie will be serving up "Soul Grooves" from the decks for your listening and dancing pleasure.


Also relocating from Limit to Lisboa this weekend are Safe and Sound - a local deep house crew. Doors are 9pm till 5am.

Voodoo are also playing in the Brewery Tap on Saturday - they are one of the finest rock covers bands in the boro so if you haven't seen them yet don't miss out.


The acoustic sessions formerly taking place on Sundays at the Solstice (run by Rich - Unity) have also made the move to Lisboa - joining forces with the Deep Roots bods to offer a free entrance weekly event of chilled out grooves and acoustic performances from the cream of the crop of local talent. Doors open 7pm with a barbeque running in Lisboa's garden.

....and Finally

Last week I gave a big build up to the very funny and informative new music video from Corneilius - only to neglect to put up the link for it......oops. You can find the video here

Also, our friends at Carbon Logic records (home to Tammy Garcia) have set up a web space for musicians to share and promote their music. They would love to see musicians and bands making use of this service and it will also become a great place to find new music so check it out. If you wish to upload while the site is still in its infancy you will need to use a special passcode I've been given permission to give out, please reply to this mail if you would like to be given the code. You can check the site out at

Anyhoo, till next time:

Peace love unity and respect.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pirates Of The Boro

The New film "Pirates Of the Boro" out soon. Starring Chopper Depp, Richard Bloom and Kiera Twicenightly.

"Momentous film!" - The Kingston Gleener
"It had me in tears" - Coarse Fishing magazine
"Pity they didn't do their own stunts. It might have saved me the bother of seeing the film." - The Times
"The Muppets of the Boro would have been a better film." - Esquire magazine
"Twicenightly set me on fire, it's the last time I ask her for a light." - Barry Norman
"Wichard Blooms Wascally wobber was wotten." - Jonathon Woss

Friday, July 28, 2006

Unity 27th July 2006

What a night first off we had the wonderful Groove Cartel funking it up. We've seen them before but they're always welcome on our stage.
A band never before seen in Peterborough. All the from Yorkshire to play for us. The Neumes.In case you're interested the name "Neumes" comes from an Early system of musical notation. A neume being an inflective mark on a musical score. You probably wont find it in most dictionaries so you'll have to take my word for it. Anyway they were brilliant. You can't pigeon hole them into Folk or Jazz or Rock or anything because they play just about everything from laid back slow jazz to uptight and fast ska. Brilliant and judging by the crowds reaction I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see them back in the boro pretty soon. Here they are....

I hope you can see these pictures. It seems the ISP is having problems right now.

Rock on dudes

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The big Apology

It seems I have overstepped the mark and I find I am forced to make a full and unequivocal retraction of everything I have said about The Evil One, sorry, James Chadwick. It's not that I am scared of the repercussions involving the boiled blood of virgins. It's just that I don't want my throat ripped out. So I apologise unreservedly. James Chadwick is a Saint. He is the salt of the earth. Move over Mother Theresa. This boy is coming through. There seems to be a ground swell of opinion. I don't know how many people he's paid off but I've been getting some very odd mail lately. Threatening mail. Mail that leaves no doubt in the mind that if I continue with this vendetta against him, I wont be your official photographer for much longer. I'll be pushing up daisies. So I hereby declare my gullt in this. I was maliscious and vindictive. I was jealous of his natural talent and was hell bent on destroying his character. For this I apologise. It was all lies. James Chadwick is a saint. He is good to his mother. If anyone is evil, it's me, for daring to suggest that such a paragon of virtue has any part in evil doings. So please, for my sake, refrain from chanting "The Evil One" when he gets up on stage. Don't cower in his presence. He wont turn you to stone as I suggested. He has willpower. He has everything. It's just my own feeling of inadequacy that made me do it. And to prove what a saint he is here's a photo taken by a pilot friend of mine.
Mind you I'm worried about that Mark Roberts. He doesn't have a halo. I'm sure he's Evil. Look don't take any chances. Treat him like normal, like the excellent guy you always thought he was. You'll be pretty safe. It's the quiet ones who are the worst.

Just to cheer up Corneilius. Bob Geldof had to cancel two gigs in Italy because only 45 people turned up for a 12,000 capacity gig. Oh how the mighty fall!

Rock on dudes

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Unity Acoustic

Things are happening at the Solstice. We don't know what. But it's not good. For this reason Richards Acoustic night has moved back home to Bar Lisboa on Sundays. We're calling it "Unity Acoustic" to distinguish it from "Unity (Rocks)". It's the same team an' everyfing. Except we do things acoustically on Sundays and Rock it up on Thursdays.
You may have noticed we announced Unityrocks is fully booked until October. Not so Unity Acoustic, we still have slots available if anyone wants to play.
Also we'd like to thank the Sunday Lisboa guys for letting us share their night. I think it worked out quite nicely. and here's the proof....
Here we have playing tonight in between Skins marvellous toons. The talented Chris Barrie. Followed by our good friends Andy Whittle and Rebecca.

Meanwhile many apologies for the lack of pictures. It seems the trouble started when I posted the picture of The Evil One in Demon mode. Threats were made and the drinking of boiled virgins blood was mentioned. I am convinced that The Evil One cursed the site and made everything go tits up. But after a long struggle I think it's fixed. Well I can see the pics now. Now then where's me garlic and me 'oly water?

The Week Ahead

Greetings penguins and carrots!

Big thanks to all of you who made the Cancer/Leo Party such a lovely (if a little warm) event this Saturday.

There's a lot of change going on in our city's nightlife at the moment - with Radius no longer hosting local live music (within six weeks of opening!), Limit closing as of this Saturday, Richard's Unity acoustic sessions relocating to Lisboa as of this Sunday, Brewery Tap capaigning against demolition and changes in management all over the place the city is in a great deal of flux.

In amongst all of this chaos lets have a look what's on this week to tickle your fancy while the world changes around your ears:

(as always if you would lilke to unsubscribe to this list please reply "unsubscibe")


Tuesday night's is time for open mic night at the Comet (Garton End Road, Dogsthorpe). Entrance is free so turn up with your ears and instruments for a great night.


In the second instalment of open mic sessions for the week, James Chadwick is hosting Music Jam at Xoo Bar (downstairs from City & County Club, Priestgate). Entrance is free and doors open at 8pm.

Meanwhile (and afterwards) the Pixie Folke are gathered at Lisboa from 9pm for acoustic jamming and friendly frolics. Entrance is free here too.


Unity at Lisboa has a very special line-up this week. The Neumes are a five piece folk and jazz based band travelling all they way from Yorkshire to entertain the comm-unity here in the boro ( ). Also on the bill are the wonderful Groove Cartel ( ) who brought this year's Grassroots Festival to such a great close a few weeks back.

The electric jam is returning to Unity this week as well so get there early (open 8pm). Entrance is free (for the last time, from next week there will be a small charge to be decided).

When Unity finishes DJ Urb will take over to bring us through to the early hours of Friday morning.

Down the road in Cambridge The Portland Arms is home to a Syd Barrett tribute night following Syd's sudden death. The line-up consists of music and videos by and inspired by Syd - including Mr Zed ( ), Skellington Stef, Brock & Opaque ( ). Door tax is £3 (proceeds to Cancer Research).


Point of Origin ( ) are returning to Bogarts this Friday night - with live music starting at 9pm. Entrance and the funk are free, and the skanking will be smiley.

Over the road in Lisboa Contact are up for another session of experimental electronic music and techno. The line-up this time around includes BrokenShields ( ) Sys-ex ( ) Peddlebreaker ( ) Staticnoise ( Loki 23 & DJ Horse. Doors are open 9pm till 5am.

The Brewery Tap are hosting another session of "All Funked Up" with Dj Matt, entrance is free.


Peterborough's Punk Club, residents at the Triangle for many years, are holding their first night at Lisboa on Saturday, with a three band line-up of punk ska and oi! including The Black Maria's. Door times are 9pm till 5am.

The Brewery Tap is hosting "Cookin", with Dj Ottis providing the beats and grooves.

The FuNktional boys are in town and outside under canvas @ The Old Still down Westgate Arcade. The night will run from 7 till 2, starting with some funky laid back grooves to chill in the basking Sun to some full on funked up vocal house!! Funktional residents J Stanford, Murray the Man and Garry Keiller will be joined by Steve Andrews (Miss Moneypennys) & Jon Solo (Manumission). Door tax is £3 all night with entries up until 12am. Dress to dance!


Richard's Acoustic Sunday (normally held at Solstice) is joining up with Deep Roots at Lisboa this Sunday. Entrance is free and as well as quality acoustic performances the Deep Roots crew will be playing a diverse selection of grooves from hip-hop to blues to ambient. Doors are 6pm till late.

.....and Finally

Check out this link - it's a satirical video based around a song written and performed by Corneilius, who some of you may have had the pleasure of listening to at Unity a few months back or at the Grassroots Festival. The video is highlighting some conflicts of interest within the music/politics fusion led by figureheads Bob Geldof and Bono - enlightening, thought provoking and more than capable of raising a smile.

Till next time - peace love unity and respect.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Muddy Promotions Cancer Leo Party

Things keep on happening. This time we have the first of the Muddy Promotions Zodiac Parties. Moony tells me it's going to be a monthly event. Someone asked me "is this Unity or is it Muddy promotions?" Hmmmm I can see why there's confusion. Muddy promotions, Unity, Playskool and Pixyskin overlap quite considerably. So it's only natural that we here at Unity promote Muddy and vice versa. We're all batting on the same team. IN view of the fact that this event was to celebrate peoples birthdays I've concentrated on the people rather than the acts this time. After all it's your birthday we're celebrating. So here you are, those with birthdays and those with unbirthdays. Here's some more of you having a great time.
OK some of the bands who came to entertain you. First row: Columbian Necktie. Second Row: Irene Rae. Third Row: Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. I got there late (ish) so you've missed out on pics of Circus, Elgin, Julian Stone, but see if you can spot them in the crowd montages having fun. Tallulah Rendall and her new band. Believe it or not they only had one rehearsal and this was their first gig together. Awesome. Here's pics of Carrie Tree. Although if you look carefully she's featured already in the papparrazzi montages. Beautiful girl, beautiful playing, beautiful voice. Just after she'd played a song that I could barely hear above the hurricane, that was the industrial fan I'd sensibly positioned myself next to, she said "..and that was one of my louder songs..." Next time I'll stand next to the speakers.

You know I haven't really paid a lot of attention to the DJs. I haven't given them the credit they deserve. I confess I thought they just stuck on a cd played it then stuck on another. But recently I've been impressed by their knowledge of music and their great taste. It's been a steep learning curve for me. The likes of Simon and Dom (OK Skin and DJ URb) have turned me on to all sorts of music I've never considered before. So get yourselves down to the Bar Lisboa and get some music into your souls.

Now here's an opportunity for you guys to get involved. In August 90% of the Unity and Muddy team are off on their UK tour leaving approximately just me to run things. Unity will carry on but it would be a great help if we could have a few volounteers to help keep things going. Get in contact with Richard or Shaggy if you're interested. See contact links top right.

Ok we're republishing all the pictures so maybe this time you can see them.
That's it for now.

Peace Love and Unity

The Evil One

Some say he's a Saint. Some say he's a paragon of virtue. There are even those who claim he is the son of God. His initials are no coincedence. There are even those who hold him up on a pedestal proclaiming him to be the epitomy of everything that is clean pure and wholesome. There are those that say the camera doesn't lie. I caught "The Evil One" off guard. This shot was taken moments before he lunged at me trying to rip out my throat. I barely managed to escape with my life. Luckily he confused my bottle of Volvic with holy water and backed off. Be warned.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Unity 20th July 2006

It must be the heat that made it a poor turn out tonight. But those of you that made it in this savage weather (some of us love it) were treated to a performance that made the hairs stand out on the back of your neck, courtesy Andy Whittle, with the lovely Rebecca singing support vocals. Sometimes it's hard to believe what talent we have on our own doorstep. Playing the main slot, Buckle St. That's Buckle Street not Buckle Stuh. What a great band they are. Tight efficient and they deliver.
Don't forget Muddy Promotions Zodiac party this Saturday at Bar Lisboa. Live music from 5:00pm until midnight. Door open at 4:00. Featuring such great talents as "Circus", "Columbian Necktie", "Tallulah Rendall" (she's a bad girl- on radio too????) and "Sympathy for Mr Vengeance" amongst others. Sunday: Richards laid back acoustic night at The Solstice and next Thursday the incredible "Groove Cartel" and "The Neumes". You 'd be crazy to miss this one no matter how hot it gets.

Unity is now fully booked up until October. A full listing of future events should be available soon.Meanwhile Rock on mes enfants. Don't fight the heat, just go with the flow. You know it makes sense.

Peace love and Unity

The Unity Team

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Myspace of the day

"Myspace of the day" is a bit of a misnomer as we don't have one everyday just when we feel like it. We feel like it right now, because todays myspace is UNITY itself.

Yes friends Unity has finally got it's own myspace due to the massive perserverence, blood sweat and tears of our wonderful team of organisers, helpers and hangers on. Without whose help this would have been possible.

check it out make us YOUR friends.

Thank you. I'd also like to thank my Mother, my agent, my ex wife for agreeing to the divorce and setting me free, I'd like to thank Mr Whippy, Shaggy, Mr Soft, Richard, Mr Muscle, Piper, Miss Right, Abi, Mr Big, Mooney, Demister by Autocare, the Pied Piper, The guitar man, but most of all I'd like to thank YOU.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The week ahead

Greetings sunburnt people of the flatlands!

Are you all recovered from the heat of the weekend? A good chunk of the muddy tribe were to be found at the Glade Festival this weekend - waking up tents in 30 degree heat and generally staggering about reddened and charred - except those of us who remembered to dose up with the factor 50 that is... Was a great weekend though, hope that wherever you were was just as much fun.

This is a period of many new things developing for Muddy Promotions, with the Glass Onion Centre getting ever closer to throwing its doors officially open, and the Muddy Promotions Zodiac Parties about to commence with the Cancer/Leo Party this Saturday (see below).

From October the Zodiac Parties will run monthly, bringing you the diverse and eclectic range of bands, acoustic acts, Dj's and electronic live PA's along with impressive visuals, artwork from the Muddy artists and the friendly atmosphere you have come to expect from any event with the Muddy name on it.

Before embarking on our run through what's on this week we'd just like to take this opportunity to update you with things regarding the Glass Onion - the disused pub on Burghley Road that will soon be officially opened as our Community Arts and Music Centre, as well as being Muddy's full time home.

Glass Onion update

The Glass Onion Community Arts and Music Centre will be holding it's official grand opening weekend in September of this year (there may be some one-off events there prior to this - keep your eyes peeled).

Once fully operational the centre will be able to provide:

Rehearsal rooms/recording studios for bands, musicians, DJ's and producers.
Art studios for arists utilising 3D and 2D media.
A digital arts suite.
A wood/metalwork area.
Workshops in lots of disciplines and activities - from animation through graphic design through Tai Chi.... and onwards.
A friendly licenced bar offering a comfortable, relaxed and homely place for you to spend your free time.

.....and so much more.

We hope that the Glass Onion centre will provide you all with a place where you can relax, chat, learn, network, create, imagine and play - slowly transforming the disused pub into a oasis of free thinking and creative energy in the cultural desert that is Peterborough.

This is a community centre - and the community it is designed to serve is YOU! So if you have anything you would really like to see there, please feel free to make suggestions, or even better - make it happen.

At present the centre is not open to the public, since we are still waiting on the relevant licences and insurances that we need to operate safely and legally - but if you are a member of Muddy Promotions please feel free to stop by to the Butterfly Bar downstairs at the Onion and sample the Fair Trade goods on offer there and be a start of the core community that the centre will gather once we can open fully.

If you are still missing any possessions (other than your marbles) that you may have lost at the Grassroots Festival you may find them in the lost and found box there.

Also, if anyone needs any wardrobes or offcuts of wood we need to dispose of some from the centre, pop down for a chat if you are interested.

If you are green fingered you may be inspired by the ever-changing garden to the rear of the building - of you would like to claim a patch of it as your own to grow produce or plants ask the friendly bods working at the centre.

The Glass Onion is staffed completely by unpaid volunteers between the hours of 10am to 10pm on weekdays and 11am to 10pm on weekends. Please feel free to pop in and say "hi".


onto the week ahead of us:


Music Jam at Xoo Bar (downstairs from City and County club, Priestgate), hosted by James Chadwick, brings a very relaxed open mic session for you to enjoy and/or participate in. Doors open at 8pm and entrance is free.

Meanwhile in Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road) the Pixie Folke will be taking up residence for open folk jamming and late night drinking. Entrance is free here also.


Unity at Lisboa this week has great pleasure in welcoming back Andy Whittle, a fantastically talented young acoustic artists currently releasing through Folkwit Records. You can check out Andy's music at . Also on the bill are local indie three piece Buckle St, who present a chunky and interesting sound that will put a smile on your face . Completing the line-up this week will be Niqqi, the singer in funky breakbeat live act Darpht Phunk - here in acoustic guise. Entrance to Unity is free and doors open to the open jam session at 8pm.

When Unity's live music finishes DJ Urb (System Abuse/Playskool/Muddy Promotions) takes over - mashing up an eclectic mix of anything from classic rock'n'roll to dancehall reggae to drum and bass.


Once again I'm unaware of anything going on on Friday........there seems to be a drought of quality Friday night events in the boro at the moment - anyone got any suggestions?


It's time for the Muddy Team to party together again for the first time since the Grassroots Festival!

Lisboa is the place to be for Muddy Promotions' Cancer/Leo Party - an event celebrating all of those born under the signs of Cancer and Leo, and also raising funds for the Glass Onion Community Music and Arts Centre.

This is a long event, similar in make-up to the Grassroots Equinox Party and the Grassroots Action Day held in December 2005 and March 2006. Doors will open at 4pm and the event won't kick you out until 5am the next morning!

Within this long time span you will be treated to a diverse and eclectic line-up:

Tallulah Rendall
Columbian Necktie
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance

Carrie Tree (Small World)
Irene Rae
Elgin (from the Round Corners)
Julian Stone

Monkey Pilot (DJ) - from London's legendary Whirligig
Magic Lamp (Live)
Shaggy (DJ) - Playskool
Kendo (DJ) - Playskool

Entrance to this very special event will cost you a mere £5, or only £4 if you have your Muddy Promotions membership card with you.

If you can't make it to the Cancer/Leo Party you might want to pop your head in the Brewery Tap just round the corner where Abi (Point of Origin/Istari) is hosting an acoustic session featuring Point Seven Pistol and Wake in an acoustic setting. Entrance is free and music will begin at 9:30pm.


Acoustic Sundays at Solstice are swiftly becoming a regular instalment of peaceful content each week - with quality acoustic music from the finest artists in the area to soothe you towards your Monday morning. Music starts at 9pm and entrance is free. If you haven't popped down to one of these events yet don't keep missing out.

Meanwhile in Lisboa Deep Roots will be settling the dust after the chaos of the night before - with chilled out eclecticism to take you into the early hours. Entrance to Deep Roots is free and music starts around 6pm.

Looking ahead. Next week at Unity (27th July)

We have Groove Cartel and all the way from Yorkshire, a Unity first. "The Neumes" a five piece band fronted by three sisters Emily, Charlotte and Eleanor.
You are going to regret it if you miss this one. Think the Corrs get rid of the Irish connection and add a light Jazz feel, yep you've got The Neumes.

Looking further ahead 24th August we have an exciting new band playing for us Kasper Velts Check them out. Supporting them the brilliant "Superpenetraitors" tongue in cheek heavy metal band.
So loads to look forward to.

and finally.....

The redevelopment of the Westgate area, planned by the City Council, is due to change the look of our nightlife some time in the future - with both the Brewery Tap and Bar Lisboa due for demolition. Plans for the redevelopment are now on display in Queensgate where you can see the Brewery Tap site set to become part of a large department store.

Planning permission for this work has not yet been granted so the Brewery Tap have asked for as much support as possible in the form of completed comment forms, produced by the Council and available both in Queensgate and at the Brewery Tap itself. Please spare your time to show your support of these venues.

Until next time - keep it positive.

Peace love unity and respect to you all.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Richards Acoustic Night

Richards Sunday Acoustic at the Solstice continues with it's end of the week laid back relaxing feel. This week Julian Stone took the stage accompanied by Richard Groom who then went on to play a set of his own. Martin accompanied by his sons Stacey and Kerry entertained us with a wide variety of tunes, Irish, classical, and even gulp dare I say it "Teddy bears Picnic". Actually that went down very well which just goes to show what big kids we are underneath. Finally Richard rounded off the night with a few songs. Disturbing news has reached the ears of Unity Towers. It seems The Solstice has seen fit to close down their new venue Radius and sell off all the sound equipment. That does sound a little far fetched to be honest especially as it's only been open for six weeks and so much money had been spent on renovating the place. There must be a good explanation. For instance they sold the sound equipment because it was so complicated no one knew how to work it. Look it's an idea OK?

Myspace of the day.
Myspace of the day returns because I think you ought to check out this band.
Upbeat songs with a nod toward the new style rock of The Arctic Monkeys.
We're in negotiations to have them play at Unity one week. So watch this space meanwhile....

Peace Love Unity

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Unity 13th July 2006

'twas a quiet night at Unity tonight. Shaggy et al were at the Glade Festival. So numbers were down. But we had opening on stage Tom O'brien after the Unity Jam. Our main act of the night. The Librarians.

Don't forget to make a note in your diaries to come to see The Neumes on the 27th. A five piece band with three sisters fronting it a la "Corrs". On August 12th Tereena has secured the services of the wonderful Heather Mcvey again who is turning up to support Tracy Harpham. More details as we get closer.
Closer than those make a note to get to Bar Lisboa for Muddy Promotions Cancer/Leo party on Saturday 22nd July. Featuring the very exciting band "Eyelash", any one who has seen their act will know you are in for a treat, they are very energetic and very visual, also "Tallulah Rendall" who has, in a very short space of time, become a gold standard Unity Favourite. "Circus". What can I say? You love them. "Columbian Necktie" and "Sympathy For Mr Vengeance". Acoustic acts on the day are Carrie Tree, Irene Rae, Elgin and Julian Stone. DJ's on the night are Monkey Pilot, Magic Lamp, Shaggy and Kendo. Kick off 4pm kick out 5am.

Peace, Love and Unity

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Guess I'm gonna be a star

"I wanna be famous, a star of the screen, but you can do something in between, baby you can..." ...write some lyrics perhaps.

Another new competition for aspiring songwriters - though this one has more of an urban feel to it, so rappers can count themselves in too. Supported by MTV Base and Galaxy FM, the Rhyme4Respect competition is inviting songwriters to write an original song that, and I quote, "encourages self respect and respect for others on the theme of relationships and sex".

Entries will be posted on a special website where the public will be able to vote for their favourites during the last week in August. That will create a shortlist from which a judging panel will pick the overall winners - of which there will be five.

Four of the winners will get to see their track recorded by either Estelle, Kano, Terri Walker or Rhymefest, while the winning singer/songwriter will go into the studio with a leading producer to record their track themselves. The music created will be promoted by the two media partners and, most likely, via a limited edition CD.

For more info on all this visit: the closing date for entries is 20 Aug. Press info from

Or if you want to be the star of the screen yourself look no further than this invite from "The Automatic"

The Automatic want their fans to be in their next video. A shoot is taking place this week in another one of those 'central London locations'. So if you're a fan, or know any fans of The Automatic (I doubt they want people who are haters), here's the gen: anyone free for the day on Friday and able to be in the capital should send an email with their name and mobile number, attaching an all important photo (that's no doubt how they work out that you're a genuine fan) to

"Baby you can drive my car, guess I'm gonna be a star, baby you can drive my car and maybe I'll love you.... doo doo doo doo yeah"

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The week ahead

Greetings beams of sunshine!

It's time for Glade festival this weekend! Looking foward to another weekend of diverse electronic beats and grooves (hopefully) in the sunshine. But life doesn't stop for those still in the boro - lets have a look what's on.

It's also nearly time for Muddy Promotions to host their first indoor party since the madness that was the GrassRoots festival. This special event is to celebrate those born under Cancer and Leo, and will host a wide variety of live bands, acoustic acts and electronic musics from 4pm till 5am. It will take place at Lisboa on Saturday 22nd June and entrance is cheaper with a Muddy membership card so it's time to dust the festival grass off of it and put it safe in your wallet. Full details will follow in next week's mailout.


Tuesday night is open mic night at the Comet, Garton End Road, Dogsthorpe. Entrance is free and an unusual bunch of musical backgrounds will be gathered to jam and chuckle.
Mike Da Hats Music club as usual is at Goodbarns Yard St Johns St. It's not open mic there's not even a mic. Just a bunch of mates playing guitar as and when they feel like it. Kick off 9:00pm until chucking out time.


Music Jam is continuing at Xoo Bar - hosted by James Chadwick . Doors open at 8pm for an open mic session so bring your instruments and get involved. Entrance is free.

Meanwhile at Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road, Peterborough) the Pixie Folke Jam is happening. Entrance is free and doors are 9pm till late.


This week's Unity at Lisboa brings an acoustic performance from The Librarians a swiftly up and coming young band with a very skilled guitarist. Also on the bill is acoustic artist Tom O'Brien, and there will also be some surprises along the way. Doors open at 8pm with the jam session, and when Unity finishes Dj Urb assumes position at the decks to take us through to the early hours.


Audio Collective are in Lisboa on Friday night with a mixture of drum & bass, breaks, house and hard dance. Entrance is free and doors are 9pm till 3am.


System Abuse ( ) have hooked up with the Polish community to bring a special one-off event to the city on Saturday night, being held at Limit. DJ Alien, a famous Polish house music producer, is visiting the town and will be grooving through the night alongside System Abuse regular Urb and Polish DJ Pawel. Doors are 10pm will 4am and entrance is £3 before 11pm or more after.

Down the road in Lisboa Dizzy Funk are conrinuing their residency of "fumpin fat house music" - this time around with specail guests from DubDup alongisde the Dizzy Funk regulars. Door times are 9pm till 5am and entrance is free before 11pm, or £5 after.


Deep Roots are in Lisboa for their Sunday session of funk, soul, and generally chilled out vibes from 6pm on Sunday. Entrance is free.

From 9pm it's time for Acoustic Sunday at Solstice, hosted by Rich (Unity). On offer every week are some of the finest acoustic artists in the area. Entrance is free and the atmosphere is easy.

Finally we have to acknowledge another tragic loss to Music. This Time it's Syd Barrett one of the original members of Pink Floyd who died a couple of days ago. Sid left the band in 1968 when drugs had profound effects on his mental health. He lived as a virtual recluse in Cambridge ever since. Recently he was persuaded to start playing again albeit in a small way. Roger Waters' words for Shine On You Crazy Diamond on the 1975 album "Wish You Were Here" were inspired by his former bandmate: "Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky."
Maybe he didn't set the world alight. But he was certainly the one who struck the match in the first place inspiring thousands to follow in his footsteps.

Peace, Love and unity


Monday, July 10, 2006

Richards Solstice Night

So it's sunday morning I'm going for a walk to shake off the effects of punishing a bottle of Jack Daniels. Me and Jack are best friends, but we're weekend buddies, you know what I'm saying, he leads me astray at weekends, and it don't do to let the devil take you when you've got to work. I stagger into the cemetary: guaranteed peace of mind, only to be confronted by the two loveliest girls in the graveyard, Irene Rae and Jules Morgan. I'm having flashbacks, my mind is gone I'm hallucinating what the fcuk are these girls doing in my graveyard? Jack and I are going to fall out big style. All I need to see now is a eight foot white rabbit but I see as the mists cleared it's an eight foot white gazebo under which there's an Irish folk band playing. I go back to bed. I wake up in time to see the world cup final and wander down to the Solstice where Richard runs his laid back acoustic nights every sunday. This week Jules Morgan in her second gig of the day followed by Abi and Stacey with Kerry on conga. Rich and Shaggy joined in at the end. We have nearly the whole of Point of Origin on site but it isn't a Point of Origin set, the mood set by Stacy playing in a spanish style.
I walk home cars and vans tear past me horns blaring and people leant out screaming "Viva Italia". It's a good life.


Today we're going to start off with you lovely people. You are why we do this.There is no point being an artist if you don't have an audience.OK we can get into some existential arguments over this point. But the fact remains without an audience, and that's you, we would have no reason to be. So applaud yourselves.Here's Moony and Benny T doing some Opaque stuff.

Oh Gee whizz and cor blimey it's my "daughter" Abi, with Richard making "Istari", now imcreased to a three piece with the addition of Tereena on tin whistle.
Rapidly becoming a Unity favourite and best friend, Tallulah Rendall.

Our main act of the night. The very wonderful "Big Hand" a Ska band from Scotland. They had you rocking. But the bizarre thing is you were rocking so much we were scared the roof/floor was going to collapse. Now some of you may have thought Tereena was over reacting when she told you all to calm down. But I went downstairs with Moony and saw the ceiling bowing visibly. You were all having a great time. But we had to resort to safety first mode. It was a precaution
Pixyskin is a victim of it's own success. We've never had so many people having such a great time as this night.

Rock on mes enfants.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Grass Roots Festival- The final cut

We're on the final leg of this marathon journey that is the Grass Roots Picturethon. Here's Buckle St.Meanwhile over in the Acoustic tent those weird and wonderful eccentrics Karmadillo.
Tammy Garcia made legions of fans when she played Bar Lisboa, so we were all thrilled when she agreed to play the festival.
Here's a montage of various acoustic acts that appeared. There's Moony of course and Sam Beer on the right, no doubt the Evil One will let me know the centre two guys are.
More crowd pictures, don't you guys just love it.
Point of Origin.
Final act of the weekend on the main stage. Groove Cartel.

We're nearly there only another 250 photos to work through. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Unity 6th July 2006

Unity was really rocking tonight. My car is in dry dock, I had to walk, so I could have a beer or five. We had the pleasure of the company of Miss Peterborough 2006 Ayeesha (forgive my spelling if I've got it wrong). She sanga a song for us accapello which went down a storm, more of that later. Kizzy is leaving us tomorrow to go to Wales. How she managed to stay in her top I don't know. She will be missed. Also it was Moony's birthday. Photos of his Birthday gig to follow.
And here is the beautiful Melissa, who promised to take me to bed if I gave her an individual photo and didn't relegate her to a montage shot, or ignore her completely. What can I say? I'm a gentleman. I do what I'm told. If that's what she wants that's what she gets. She may play the sweet innocent but underneath she's .....
Oh dear! Jodie. Here's a tip for you guys. Learn foot massage. My sister did a course on massage and taught me each week what she'd learnt. I've got to tell you guys, master this and you've got it made. It took me by surprise, the power of a good foot massage. The girls love it.
Anyway back to the show and we were honoured tonight to join us Miss Peterborough, who as it happens is a pretty good singer too, here she's singing Sandi Thoms "I wish I was a Punk Rocker".
So now we have the birthday boy himself sporting a gypsy cum gay biker motif today. Yes and that was iced water Gav (Chopper) tipped over his head.
Here's Ryan from Silverspace with a couple of mates with some pretty awesome improvised music. I was going to say they were jamming, but creating improvised music sound a lot more classy.

These Young Lives. Oh look there's John on bass from Dr A's blues consortium and The Hinge amongst others.
Finally Niqqi did some vocals in the Unity Jam and went on to perform a few songs toward the end.
So it's been a very full night which isn't bad considering bands had pulled out at the last minute.
Rock on dudes
Peace, Love, Unity

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Grass Roots Festival Day 3

Kicking off on Sunday Heros in the Park.I just love this girl. She is one of the nicest people I know. The first time I met her was at the Grass roots party at the Crown Lincoln Road and fell in love with her instantly. This is Jules Morgan.
The impossibly tall John Litchfield. Playing despite not having slept for 36 hours.
Hello there's Kerry playing with a band that's not Point Of Origin. In fact it's Jamblin.
Two of my dearest friends Richard and Abi playing as Istari. What a crowd pleaser.
Meanwhile on the main stage Wake. Fabulous.
Of course there's got to be more crowd pictures and here they are.
Stay tuned. There's not much further to go. I'm going to finish this if it kills me.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Grass Roots Festival Day 2 cntd

This is the final part of Day 2 at the Grass roots Festival and of course you all want to see more of yourselves. so here you all are.
Then we had the Gangsters. What a feel good band they are. They just love playing their stuff you can tell.
Tarantism. Don't get me started on them.
Finally in the acoustic tent ... help who are these guys I'm losing track of who is who.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Week Ahead

Greetings people of the beat, tune and harmony!

Post-Grassroots pack down and recovery made us miss a week out of our regular mailout schedule last week, so I'm glad to be able to resume normal service keeping you informed of what's on in the boro.

The festival was a definite success, we all hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and we'd also like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everybody who gave their time and positive energy to make the whole thing happen. We're all looking forward to next year already!

So what's on this week?


Tuesday nights is open mic/jam night at the Comet on Garton End Road, Dogsthorpe. Entrance is free and the people are friendly so if you've not been yet pop along and play or listen.


Wednesday brings us back to the XOO Bar, downstairs from City and County club on Priestgate. This is another friendly open mic session, this one hosted by James Chadwick. Entrance is free. Doors open 8pm.

Down the road at Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road, Peterborough) Pixie Folke Club is in session, with folk jamming and pixie like activities. Entrance is free and doors are 9pm till late.


Unity at Lisboa this week brings a large line-up featuring acoustic music from Joe Watkin ( ) and Moony (from Opaque). Bands on the night are Chatteris based Loop ( ) and These Young Lives ( ). An acoustic jam will start proceedings at 8pm. Entrance is free and when the live music finishes DJ Urb continues with his weekly session to take you through to the early hours.

Vortex and Diesel City Promotions are continuing their Ptown Showcase nights this Thursday, with a line-up of three bands: The Escaped, Breakfall and Sever The Wicked. Doors open at 8:30 pm and entrance will cost you £3, or £2.50 with a flyer.

The Brewery Tap is hosting Soul Grooves on Friday night - a mix-up of soul to dance to till the early hours on offer. Entrance is free.


Saturday sees the return of Pixie Sin to Lisboa. This time around the Pixie Skin crew are hosting The Big Hand ( ), a ska four-piece coming all the way from Edinburgh! Tallulah Rendall ( ) is also visiting the city for the event. Other acts on the bill include Istari with guest whistle from Terena, The Singing Monk, and DJ's Urb, Shaggy, The Okinawa Kid and the members of The Big Hand. Doors are 8pm till 5am and entrance is £3.

Also on Saturday Bish Bash Bosh are returning to Limit (POSH ground, London Road) for another outing of eclectic and hard electronic dance musics - hardcore, hard dance and breaks are on the bill this time around.


Sunday nights is time for another of Rich's (Unity) Acoustic Sundays at Solstice. Music runs 9 till 11pm and the nights continue to showcase the cream of our city's acoustic talent. Entrance is free.

Meanwhile Deep Roots will be keeping things mellow in Lisboa - entrance is free and doors are open from 6pm till late.

....and Finally

Till next time - keep it happy.

Peace love unity and respect.


The Peterborough Festival

Amid the savage heat of the afternoon we find ourselves at the Peterborough Festival. Andy Laithwaite of the ET was on call so these photos will NOT be in the ET this week, His will. He's got a bigger one than I have. You should see his lens. And what a nice guy. Any old how first one stage, as far as we are concerned, The Evil One. I dare not even utter his name for fear of being turned to stone I am not worthy. Oh yes and there's Moony too. Totally irrelevent I know but ... such a hero. Lets go back in time a couple of days and here's Mike Da Hat, Simon and Tereena jamming Friday night in the Muddy tent. That is until we were told to shut the fcuk up, by the Shakespeare appreciation society next door. OK it was Michel Sans Chapeau that night. It's not welded to my head you know. I do take the hat off occasionally. Back to present day and Tereena scored a big one by persuading the powers that be, to let Benny T and Simon hit the decks with some techno mixing. It's a first. I think it went down well with everyone except the old folk were a bit bemused by it all. Dom begged me not to publish this photo, but I insisted that it would be great for his image. I've virtually destroyed James Chadwick (God I mentioned his name I'm dead) so why not destroy Dom as well. He's too nice for his own good anyway. I took an hour off to have a pint or five and found Melody and this grafitti. Those circus boys get around a bit. On bikes apparently.
Point of Origin were on straight after the Evil One. The crowd went wild. I got to share the stage with the guys. OK I was just the photographer but even so. Piper was going wild on the keyboards. Jodie saw fit to dash around the stage at the end. And Princess Abi? What can I say? Judging by the shouts from the crowd, she was very popular. I can't wait for Abid to come on stage with his new trumpet or trombone whatever he's been practicing on. He seems to be quite happy in the background but we want to see more of him. He's a difficult guy to photograph.
So after going home for a snack and a beer it's onto Richards acoustic night at the Solstice. John Litchfield, Nick Thompson, George, Richard, Shaggy and Irene Rae, provided a very entertaining and laid back ending to the weekend. There's Amber who claims to have suggested the little finger game way back when, so she reprised it tonight for us. Well it does it for me.
It's all been very hectic recently and I've had to do loads of work but I promise I'll be back on the Festival pics as soon as. Meanwhile those great guys "Sever The Wicked" pointed out to me that I got the groups round the wrong way so who the fcuk was the band that hasn't a title. let me know. That's Saturday in case you're wondering. So if that was you Email me quick so I can save my reputation.

Rock on mes enfants

Mike Da Hat