Monday, July 10, 2006

Richards Solstice Night

So it's sunday morning I'm going for a walk to shake off the effects of punishing a bottle of Jack Daniels. Me and Jack are best friends, but we're weekend buddies, you know what I'm saying, he leads me astray at weekends, and it don't do to let the devil take you when you've got to work. I stagger into the cemetary: guaranteed peace of mind, only to be confronted by the two loveliest girls in the graveyard, Irene Rae and Jules Morgan. I'm having flashbacks, my mind is gone I'm hallucinating what the fcuk are these girls doing in my graveyard? Jack and I are going to fall out big style. All I need to see now is a eight foot white rabbit but I see as the mists cleared it's an eight foot white gazebo under which there's an Irish folk band playing. I go back to bed. I wake up in time to see the world cup final and wander down to the Solstice where Richard runs his laid back acoustic nights every sunday. This week Jules Morgan in her second gig of the day followed by Abi and Stacey with Kerry on conga. Rich and Shaggy joined in at the end. We have nearly the whole of Point of Origin on site but it isn't a Point of Origin set, the mood set by Stacy playing in a spanish style.
I walk home cars and vans tear past me horns blaring and people leant out screaming "Viva Italia". It's a good life.

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