Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The week ahead

Greetings sunburnt people of the flatlands!

Are you all recovered from the heat of the weekend? A good chunk of the muddy tribe were to be found at the Glade Festival this weekend - waking up tents in 30 degree heat and generally staggering about reddened and charred - except those of us who remembered to dose up with the factor 50 that is... Was a great weekend though, hope that wherever you were was just as much fun.

This is a period of many new things developing for Muddy Promotions, with the Glass Onion Centre getting ever closer to throwing its doors officially open, and the Muddy Promotions Zodiac Parties about to commence with the Cancer/Leo Party this Saturday (see below).

From October the Zodiac Parties will run monthly, bringing you the diverse and eclectic range of bands, acoustic acts, Dj's and electronic live PA's along with impressive visuals, artwork from the Muddy artists and the friendly atmosphere you have come to expect from any event with the Muddy name on it.

Before embarking on our run through what's on this week we'd just like to take this opportunity to update you with things regarding the Glass Onion - the disused pub on Burghley Road that will soon be officially opened as our Community Arts and Music Centre, as well as being Muddy's full time home.

Glass Onion update

The Glass Onion Community Arts and Music Centre will be holding it's official grand opening weekend in September of this year (there may be some one-off events there prior to this - keep your eyes peeled).

Once fully operational the centre will be able to provide:

Rehearsal rooms/recording studios for bands, musicians, DJ's and producers.
Art studios for arists utilising 3D and 2D media.
A digital arts suite.
A wood/metalwork area.
Workshops in lots of disciplines and activities - from animation through graphic design through Tai Chi.... and onwards.
A friendly licenced bar offering a comfortable, relaxed and homely place for you to spend your free time.

.....and so much more.

We hope that the Glass Onion centre will provide you all with a place where you can relax, chat, learn, network, create, imagine and play - slowly transforming the disused pub into a oasis of free thinking and creative energy in the cultural desert that is Peterborough.

This is a community centre - and the community it is designed to serve is YOU! So if you have anything you would really like to see there, please feel free to make suggestions, or even better - make it happen.

At present the centre is not open to the public, since we are still waiting on the relevant licences and insurances that we need to operate safely and legally - but if you are a member of Muddy Promotions please feel free to stop by to the Butterfly Bar downstairs at the Onion and sample the Fair Trade goods on offer there and be a start of the core community that the centre will gather once we can open fully.

If you are still missing any possessions (other than your marbles) that you may have lost at the Grassroots Festival you may find them in the lost and found box there.

Also, if anyone needs any wardrobes or offcuts of wood we need to dispose of some from the centre, pop down for a chat if you are interested.

If you are green fingered you may be inspired by the ever-changing garden to the rear of the building - of you would like to claim a patch of it as your own to grow produce or plants ask the friendly bods working at the centre.

The Glass Onion is staffed completely by unpaid volunteers between the hours of 10am to 10pm on weekdays and 11am to 10pm on weekends. Please feel free to pop in and say "hi".


onto the week ahead of us:


Music Jam at Xoo Bar (downstairs from City and County club, Priestgate), hosted by James Chadwick, brings a very relaxed open mic session for you to enjoy and/or participate in. Doors open at 8pm and entrance is free.

Meanwhile in Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road) the Pixie Folke will be taking up residence for open folk jamming and late night drinking. Entrance is free here also.


Unity at Lisboa this week has great pleasure in welcoming back Andy Whittle, a fantastically talented young acoustic artists currently releasing through Folkwit Records. You can check out Andy's music at . Also on the bill are local indie three piece Buckle St, who present a chunky and interesting sound that will put a smile on your face . Completing the line-up this week will be Niqqi, the singer in funky breakbeat live act Darpht Phunk - here in acoustic guise. Entrance to Unity is free and doors open to the open jam session at 8pm.

When Unity's live music finishes DJ Urb (System Abuse/Playskool/Muddy Promotions) takes over - mashing up an eclectic mix of anything from classic rock'n'roll to dancehall reggae to drum and bass.


Once again I'm unaware of anything going on on Friday........there seems to be a drought of quality Friday night events in the boro at the moment - anyone got any suggestions?


It's time for the Muddy Team to party together again for the first time since the Grassroots Festival!

Lisboa is the place to be for Muddy Promotions' Cancer/Leo Party - an event celebrating all of those born under the signs of Cancer and Leo, and also raising funds for the Glass Onion Community Music and Arts Centre.

This is a long event, similar in make-up to the Grassroots Equinox Party and the Grassroots Action Day held in December 2005 and March 2006. Doors will open at 4pm and the event won't kick you out until 5am the next morning!

Within this long time span you will be treated to a diverse and eclectic line-up:

Tallulah Rendall
Columbian Necktie
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance

Carrie Tree (Small World)
Irene Rae
Elgin (from the Round Corners)
Julian Stone

Monkey Pilot (DJ) - from London's legendary Whirligig
Magic Lamp (Live)
Shaggy (DJ) - Playskool
Kendo (DJ) - Playskool

Entrance to this very special event will cost you a mere £5, or only £4 if you have your Muddy Promotions membership card with you.

If you can't make it to the Cancer/Leo Party you might want to pop your head in the Brewery Tap just round the corner where Abi (Point of Origin/Istari) is hosting an acoustic session featuring Point Seven Pistol and Wake in an acoustic setting. Entrance is free and music will begin at 9:30pm.


Acoustic Sundays at Solstice are swiftly becoming a regular instalment of peaceful content each week - with quality acoustic music from the finest artists in the area to soothe you towards your Monday morning. Music starts at 9pm and entrance is free. If you haven't popped down to one of these events yet don't keep missing out.

Meanwhile in Lisboa Deep Roots will be settling the dust after the chaos of the night before - with chilled out eclecticism to take you into the early hours. Entrance to Deep Roots is free and music starts around 6pm.

Looking ahead. Next week at Unity (27th July)

We have Groove Cartel and all the way from Yorkshire, a Unity first. "The Neumes" a five piece band fronted by three sisters Emily, Charlotte and Eleanor.
You are going to regret it if you miss this one. Think the Corrs get rid of the Irish connection and add a light Jazz feel, yep you've got The Neumes.

Looking further ahead 24th August we have an exciting new band playing for us Kasper Velts Check them out. Supporting them the brilliant "Superpenetraitors" tongue in cheek heavy metal band.
So loads to look forward to.

and finally.....

The redevelopment of the Westgate area, planned by the City Council, is due to change the look of our nightlife some time in the future - with both the Brewery Tap and Bar Lisboa due for demolition. Plans for the redevelopment are now on display in Queensgate where you can see the Brewery Tap site set to become part of a large department store.

Planning permission for this work has not yet been granted so the Brewery Tap have asked for as much support as possible in the form of completed comment forms, produced by the Council and available both in Queensgate and at the Brewery Tap itself. Please spare your time to show your support of these venues.

Until next time - keep it positive.

Peace love unity and respect to you all.

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