Monday, July 03, 2006

The Peterborough Festival

Amid the savage heat of the afternoon we find ourselves at the Peterborough Festival. Andy Laithwaite of the ET was on call so these photos will NOT be in the ET this week, His will. He's got a bigger one than I have. You should see his lens. And what a nice guy. Any old how first one stage, as far as we are concerned, The Evil One. I dare not even utter his name for fear of being turned to stone I am not worthy. Oh yes and there's Moony too. Totally irrelevent I know but ... such a hero. Lets go back in time a couple of days and here's Mike Da Hat, Simon and Tereena jamming Friday night in the Muddy tent. That is until we were told to shut the fcuk up, by the Shakespeare appreciation society next door. OK it was Michel Sans Chapeau that night. It's not welded to my head you know. I do take the hat off occasionally. Back to present day and Tereena scored a big one by persuading the powers that be, to let Benny T and Simon hit the decks with some techno mixing. It's a first. I think it went down well with everyone except the old folk were a bit bemused by it all. Dom begged me not to publish this photo, but I insisted that it would be great for his image. I've virtually destroyed James Chadwick (God I mentioned his name I'm dead) so why not destroy Dom as well. He's too nice for his own good anyway. I took an hour off to have a pint or five and found Melody and this grafitti. Those circus boys get around a bit. On bikes apparently.
Point of Origin were on straight after the Evil One. The crowd went wild. I got to share the stage with the guys. OK I was just the photographer but even so. Piper was going wild on the keyboards. Jodie saw fit to dash around the stage at the end. And Princess Abi? What can I say? Judging by the shouts from the crowd, she was very popular. I can't wait for Abid to come on stage with his new trumpet or trombone whatever he's been practicing on. He seems to be quite happy in the background but we want to see more of him. He's a difficult guy to photograph.
So after going home for a snack and a beer it's onto Richards acoustic night at the Solstice. John Litchfield, Nick Thompson, George, Richard, Shaggy and Irene Rae, provided a very entertaining and laid back ending to the weekend. There's Amber who claims to have suggested the little finger game way back when, so she reprised it tonight for us. Well it does it for me.
It's all been very hectic recently and I've had to do loads of work but I promise I'll be back on the Festival pics as soon as. Meanwhile those great guys "Sever The Wicked" pointed out to me that I got the groups round the wrong way so who the fcuk was the band that hasn't a title. let me know. That's Saturday in case you're wondering. So if that was you Email me quick so I can save my reputation.

Rock on mes enfants

Mike Da Hat

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