Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Unity Acoustic

Things are happening at the Solstice. We don't know what. But it's not good. For this reason Richards Acoustic night has moved back home to Bar Lisboa on Sundays. We're calling it "Unity Acoustic" to distinguish it from "Unity (Rocks)". It's the same team an' everyfing. Except we do things acoustically on Sundays and Rock it up on Thursdays.
You may have noticed we announced Unityrocks is fully booked until October. Not so Unity Acoustic, we still have slots available if anyone wants to play.
Also we'd like to thank the Sunday Lisboa guys for letting us share their night. I think it worked out quite nicely. and here's the proof....
Here we have playing tonight in between Skins marvellous toons. The talented Chris Barrie. Followed by our good friends Andy Whittle and Rebecca.

Meanwhile many apologies for the lack of pictures. It seems the trouble started when I posted the picture of The Evil One in Demon mode. Threats were made and the drinking of boiled virgins blood was mentioned. I am convinced that The Evil One cursed the site and made everything go tits up. But after a long struggle I think it's fixed. Well I can see the pics now. Now then where's me garlic and me 'oly water?

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