Monday, July 10, 2006


Today we're going to start off with you lovely people. You are why we do this.There is no point being an artist if you don't have an audience.OK we can get into some existential arguments over this point. But the fact remains without an audience, and that's you, we would have no reason to be. So applaud yourselves.Here's Moony and Benny T doing some Opaque stuff.

Oh Gee whizz and cor blimey it's my "daughter" Abi, with Richard making "Istari", now imcreased to a three piece with the addition of Tereena on tin whistle.
Rapidly becoming a Unity favourite and best friend, Tallulah Rendall.

Our main act of the night. The very wonderful "Big Hand" a Ska band from Scotland. They had you rocking. But the bizarre thing is you were rocking so much we were scared the roof/floor was going to collapse. Now some of you may have thought Tereena was over reacting when she told you all to calm down. But I went downstairs with Moony and saw the ceiling bowing visibly. You were all having a great time. But we had to resort to safety first mode. It was a precaution
Pixyskin is a victim of it's own success. We've never had so many people having such a great time as this night.

Rock on mes enfants.

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