Friday, July 07, 2006

Unity 6th July 2006

Unity was really rocking tonight. My car is in dry dock, I had to walk, so I could have a beer or five. We had the pleasure of the company of Miss Peterborough 2006 Ayeesha (forgive my spelling if I've got it wrong). She sanga a song for us accapello which went down a storm, more of that later. Kizzy is leaving us tomorrow to go to Wales. How she managed to stay in her top I don't know. She will be missed. Also it was Moony's birthday. Photos of his Birthday gig to follow.
And here is the beautiful Melissa, who promised to take me to bed if I gave her an individual photo and didn't relegate her to a montage shot, or ignore her completely. What can I say? I'm a gentleman. I do what I'm told. If that's what she wants that's what she gets. She may play the sweet innocent but underneath she's .....
Oh dear! Jodie. Here's a tip for you guys. Learn foot massage. My sister did a course on massage and taught me each week what she'd learnt. I've got to tell you guys, master this and you've got it made. It took me by surprise, the power of a good foot massage. The girls love it.
Anyway back to the show and we were honoured tonight to join us Miss Peterborough, who as it happens is a pretty good singer too, here she's singing Sandi Thoms "I wish I was a Punk Rocker".
So now we have the birthday boy himself sporting a gypsy cum gay biker motif today. Yes and that was iced water Gav (Chopper) tipped over his head.
Here's Ryan from Silverspace with a couple of mates with some pretty awesome improvised music. I was going to say they were jamming, but creating improvised music sound a lot more classy.

These Young Lives. Oh look there's John on bass from Dr A's blues consortium and The Hinge amongst others.
Finally Niqqi did some vocals in the Unity Jam and went on to perform a few songs toward the end.
So it's been a very full night which isn't bad considering bands had pulled out at the last minute.
Rock on dudes
Peace, Love, Unity

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