Monday, July 17, 2006

Richards Acoustic Night

Richards Sunday Acoustic at the Solstice continues with it's end of the week laid back relaxing feel. This week Julian Stone took the stage accompanied by Richard Groom who then went on to play a set of his own. Martin accompanied by his sons Stacey and Kerry entertained us with a wide variety of tunes, Irish, classical, and even gulp dare I say it "Teddy bears Picnic". Actually that went down very well which just goes to show what big kids we are underneath. Finally Richard rounded off the night with a few songs. Disturbing news has reached the ears of Unity Towers. It seems The Solstice has seen fit to close down their new venue Radius and sell off all the sound equipment. That does sound a little far fetched to be honest especially as it's only been open for six weeks and so much money had been spent on renovating the place. There must be a good explanation. For instance they sold the sound equipment because it was so complicated no one knew how to work it. Look it's an idea OK?

Myspace of the day.
Myspace of the day returns because I think you ought to check out this band.
Upbeat songs with a nod toward the new style rock of The Arctic Monkeys.
We're in negotiations to have them play at Unity one week. So watch this space meanwhile....

Peace Love Unity

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