Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursday 28th June 2007

Only two acts on tonight. First in our regular acoustic slot Graham who some of you wil remember was a key member of Opaque in another incarnation. Here he is again gone solo and getting better with each gig. Our headline band tonight from Cambridge GODFATHER. We'e having a Mario Puzo moment here. They tell me their name was conjured up not to say they had any mafia affiliations but to reflect their no nonsense, focussed dedication and get the job done attitude to music. They certainly get the job done with their unique blend of 70s funk and rap with a tincy bit of disco thrown in for good humour. Actually if you listen to the words there's a load more humour in there as well. Any way they're in the middle of recording their new long player and hope it's gonna be out towards the end of summer so watch out for it. It's gonna be brill. We know that because we got to hear, live, a load of tracks from the new CD. How lucky are we? So here's the pics...
Next week at Unity we have the on stage for your entertainment folk rock wizzos INTWINED doing an acoustic set plus new alternative country (they hate that "We are NOT a country band") rock band Midwezt featuring the lovely Charlie on lead vocals and the legend that is Mick Davison on geeetar. Midwezt have just recently won a place to play at the beer festival this year. They beat Intwined by just one point.But despite that the two bands are best mates. Oh and did you catch INTWINED on the Steve Titman show the other Thursday? (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire thursday 6- 7pm) Brilliant.

The on the 12th July we have a massive line up of talent new boys Alpha Red, well worth a listen, The Brackets up and coming indie rock band and finally Angry Man who's reputation is akin to cult status. People whisper in hushed tones claiming to know them personally or have met someone who once saw them play live. If ever there was a band that deserved a cult following it's this band. if you haven't caught them before now, here is your chance and there hasn't been that many chances recently. I was honoured to be present during the photoshoot where this next pic was taken. No amps no effects just Steve and Scot playing acoustically, it was a moving experience.
Rock on dudes

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Myspace of the week

We're having a bit of a change this week. Normally myspace of the week goes to a band or a musician. This week I want to introduce to you cultural officionados, the up and coming Artist, Ruth Joyce. Ruth is 20 years old and currently studying Medieval History in London. She's your typical do- my- own-thing rebel who refuses to paint pretty flowers and landscapes, instead opting to paint rock bands and extreme sports (which she's passionate about), she's also a cool cartoonist. The illustration is of two of her creations the radical cats, Wuss'n'Boots.
So go and check her out. She's cool. You'll love her art. I don't think she plays guitar but who cares when you're that good with a paint brush.

Check her out here
Say hello make friends. Do what young people do.
Go on it's only polite.

Don't forget this week at Unity we have the brilliant Godfather on stage supported by Graham (ex Opaque) giving us an acoustic set.

Monday, June 25, 2007

FR3PEACE @ The Brewery tap

So Abi has been on the blower for the last week asking me to come and see her at the Brewery Tap, because her and the boys have worked out a new sound. So I went, what else am I gonna do? So the new sound? It's a little like Paul Simons Gracelands, with that African rythm vibe going on. Well I gotta say it's pretty good and the audience thought so as well. So here's Abi and the boys in glorious colour.We've got Godafther playing this week @ Unity. Shaggy says they're the dogs bollards but I could have misheard him. Anyway get down to Unity and check 'em out.

Rock on dudes

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday 21st June 2007

Finally we persuade Chopper to do a solo set of his own material. And what material it is. Virtuoso finger picking accompanying some great songs often humerous and the whole set interspersed with Choppers impersonation of a sicilian mafia Don il capo di capos. He's the Man. You may recognise these next guys as "Rigollo". They played at our band of 2007 competition earlier in the year but they've been reborn, harder faster moodier and better and now called The Galaxy.
How can you put these guys down? The awesome Revenue who many think should have won Band of 2007 but fate snatched victory from their grasp and gave it to the Brackets. But in many eyes there was nothing in it. Either band was worthy of being the winner. For shear energy and enthusiasm alone they would have certainly won.
Meanwhile across the Road and down Geneva Street In Faith, those guys from The Glass Onion are at it again. Here they are again showing just how caring and compassionate they can be. This time they've organised through a group called lava Lamp a fun DJ dance night for people with learning disabilities. Well they may have learning disabilities but just like the rest of us they know how to have a good time. As always The Glass Onion is struggling for funding for events like this. So if you have the ear of someone who can say yes, bend it now. Tell them that to continue doing all this very valuable work that is a BENEFIT to the community they need the money. GIVE THEM THE MONEY!!! I feel like Bob Geldoff now "Give us your money". No don't give it to me give it to those people who very modestly and anonymously call themselves "The Volounteers". They don't get paid. Most of them don't even have jobs, but they give up their time to help the community. They do it because they care. And people criticise the younger generation? Per-leeeese. Have a look at what they achieve and be amazed. I was honoured to be asked to take the photographs for this event. Here's a few...

Myspace of the week

Oh I am such a fan of this band now. I heard them last night on BBC Radio cambridge on the Steve Titman show and immediately resolved to find out more. This band is a must see band. Well you must see the myspace site which has the obligatory four tracks loads of endorsements and the best off all three glorious videos, each one worth watching for bizarre humour, a Fritz the Cat Sorry I meant Felix the Cat type cartoon full of good versus evil whackiness, and finally an old time musical vaudevillean extravaganza featuring music on mandolin and various other instruments. It's priceless.
I mentioned them to Shaggy. "D'ya fink we cun book'em for Unity?"
Watch this space. Meanwhile watch this myspace

The band it's Flipron. They're fabulous.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thursday 14th June 2007

There are no words to describe the deep lurve we have for Irene Rae. Her heroism is an inspiration to us all. From being sold into slavery as a child and subsequently brought up in the slum tenements of Stamford, weaving persian rugs for the rich and famous for tuppence a day. She has risen above all that and grown into the consumate artist she is today. She is in demand all over, for her original songs and her vast repertoire of covers. She's even found time to record songs for a CD, the profits going to Cervical cancer research. So go and buy it. Not only will you get a chance to help a worthy cause but have the opportunity to listen to some beautiful music...and so onto The Gangsters. It's Sterrets birthday bash. He's ahem years old. The gangsters, led by Sterrets passion, are famous for their Funk ska sound. It's a big sound from a big band starring a big man and an even bigger drummer. Man! he's tall.

We've got some great acts on the way check out the Unity Calendar to see who we've got coming to entertain you. Meanwhile here at Unity towers we've been working hard and things are afoot to make Unity bigger and better. So watch this space we'll tell you more in due course. Don't forget to tell your friends what they';re missing. It's a lot of fun and still FREE!!!

Rock on dudes until next time

Peace love and Unity

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BBC Spring Watch

The BBC Springwatch event at Central park Peterborough. Here's Richard Hall and Claire Cordeaux with special guest appearence of Melissa Hall.A pared down Hamfatter.
AOB (Any Other Business)
Opaque of course
Waht day wouldn't be complete without Point Of Origin

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thursday 7th June 2007

It's a heavy metal night tonight. First onstage rather confusingly renamed The Darren Macer Poetry Experience. Well that'll be our old friends Pattern of sin then without their former band mate er... Darren Macer, who presumably has become a poetry buff. waxing lyrical on such stuff as clouds wild flowrs and lurve. Not that we at Unity Towers knows anything about that.Moving on. This is "Sever the Wicked". I don't know why they use that name because they're not at all wicked and what they intend to "Sever" I don't know. Any old ways they are obviously getting rather popular as this is the last gig in the boro for ages maybe this year as they are fully booked up to play places that aren't Peterborough.
Now then 1000 Fires. One of their first gigs if not the first. Well we were impressed the relentless tribal drums acompanied by ferocious guitar playing that was so tight you wouldn't have got a rizla between them. Fantastic. and there's more to come.
The headline act of the night Barrellass. They came on stage like a horror film version of The Village People, the Doctor covered in blood, the monk, the evil leprechaun (I'm assuming here) the Bavarian Superhero Drummer, Che Guevara and not forgetting Kid Kendo the all in wrestler on lead vocals. Actually he's not really an all in wrestler his mates bought him the mask just recently, but he does a good impression. Not since The Super Penetraitors has Unity seen such madness on stage. We love it.
The world marches on and next week we have the fabulous "Gangsters" supported by that lovely lovely Irene Rae. So don't miss it.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Thursday 31st May 2007

Pink & Ruby on stage at Unity. We didn't care they were late. WE didn't care they got lost in Northborough. Because they were brilliant. Gob smackingly beautiful songs, couldn't understand a word, but who cares, the songs were a triumph of subtle harmonies and delicate finger picking guitar. Hardly a surprise when they recieved the biggest ovation heard at Unity in a long time. Tres Cojones. No vocals here just flamenco gypsy jazz guitar with percussion thrown in. I've got to say we've been watching young James career from his very first public performance at Unity about 18 months ago to now. Gone are the nerves and instead we have a guitarist with the confidence of a matador and skill to match. All in all this band have the Cajones to continue and be very sucessful.

Well we're all off to Strawberry fair now. See you there.

Ciao bambinos

Friday, June 01, 2007

Life beyond Unity

Just to show there's life outside Unity and your bedroom, here's Untamed at Goodbarns Yard with their full on heavy metal assault on the senses. Untamed used to be a heavy Metal covers band but now concentrate on their original songs.Meanwhile the same night King Kool AKA Dan Donovan, appeared at The Glass Onion. Wouldn't it be nice if a band that was supposed to be on stage at 9pm were on stage at 9pm and not 11:30pm. Mind you we can't talk, at Unity sometimes we run late too. Last night for instance. Pink and Ruby got lost. In Northborough. So much for Sat Nav.