Friday, June 22, 2007

Myspace of the week

Oh I am such a fan of this band now. I heard them last night on BBC Radio cambridge on the Steve Titman show and immediately resolved to find out more. This band is a must see band. Well you must see the myspace site which has the obligatory four tracks loads of endorsements and the best off all three glorious videos, each one worth watching for bizarre humour, a Fritz the Cat Sorry I meant Felix the Cat type cartoon full of good versus evil whackiness, and finally an old time musical vaudevillean extravaganza featuring music on mandolin and various other instruments. It's priceless.
I mentioned them to Shaggy. "D'ya fink we cun book'em for Unity?"
Watch this space. Meanwhile watch this myspace

The band it's Flipron. They're fabulous.

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