Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thursday 7th June 2007

It's a heavy metal night tonight. First onstage rather confusingly renamed The Darren Macer Poetry Experience. Well that'll be our old friends Pattern of sin then without their former band mate er... Darren Macer, who presumably has become a poetry buff. waxing lyrical on such stuff as clouds wild flowrs and lurve. Not that we at Unity Towers knows anything about that.Moving on. This is "Sever the Wicked". I don't know why they use that name because they're not at all wicked and what they intend to "Sever" I don't know. Any old ways they are obviously getting rather popular as this is the last gig in the boro for ages maybe this year as they are fully booked up to play places that aren't Peterborough.
Now then 1000 Fires. One of their first gigs if not the first. Well we were impressed the relentless tribal drums acompanied by ferocious guitar playing that was so tight you wouldn't have got a rizla between them. Fantastic. and there's more to come.
The headline act of the night Barrellass. They came on stage like a horror film version of The Village People, the Doctor covered in blood, the monk, the evil leprechaun (I'm assuming here) the Bavarian Superhero Drummer, Che Guevara and not forgetting Kid Kendo the all in wrestler on lead vocals. Actually he's not really an all in wrestler his mates bought him the mask just recently, but he does a good impression. Not since The Super Penetraitors has Unity seen such madness on stage. We love it.
The world marches on and next week we have the fabulous "Gangsters" supported by that lovely lovely Irene Rae. So don't miss it.

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