Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's on this week

Greetings crystalline entities!

I hope you all had a good weekend - it seemed unusually quiet for a bank holiday weekend in Peterborough.

A very wet and rainy Saturday morning saw the Muddy camp constructing the first proto-type geodesic dome in the garden at The Glass Onion. Geodesic domes are one of the greatest structures there are - they are energy efficient, extremely strong and very quick to put up! .......and they look well funky too. Just wait till we get the big dome put together!

Grassroots Festival tickets are still available and can be purchased from the Glass Onion any time between 10am and 10pm 7 days a week (ring the doorbells at the back door), or from the stall at Unity every week. They can also be purchased at the stall at Contact this Friday, the Xoo Bar acoustic session this Wednesday, the acoustic session at Solstice on Sunday and from Deep Roots at Lisboa on Sunday. There are only 500 tickets for this very special event and there are going to be disappointed people when they've all sold out - don't be one of them, snatch them up quick!

Let's have a look at this week:


Tuesday nights is time for the open mic/jam session at The Comet on Garton End Road, Dogsthorpe. Entrance is free, just bring your instruments and your ears for a lovely evening.


Music Jam at Xoo Bar is holding a Muddy Promotions special this week - featuring amongst others Opaque in acoustic guise. Doors open from 8pm and entrance is free. As well as a few booked acts this event is an open mic session so come ready to play.
Pixie Folk Club, from the organisation behind the Pixie Skin events, has taken up weekly residence every Wednesday in Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road). Traditional folk jams and open mic madness will abound. Entrance is free.


Unity is settling in nicely to their new home at Lisboa, and have a very full line-up of quality acts for your entertainment this week. Corneilius is an acoustic artist based in London and works with Small World, who run an acoustic stage in the Greenfields at Glastonbury and work closely with the Synergy Project parties in London - unity is honoured to have him on board for the week. We also have busy bees Opaque returning to the Unity stage this week, along with tongue-in-cheek metal gods The Superpenetraitors. Completing the large Unity line-up are Hibachi Dealers, a Cambridge based rock band playing unusual and eclectic music with a strong touch of weirdness. The Unity Jam will start the night at 8pm and entrance is free.

When Unity finishes in Lisboa DJ Urb takes over, mixing up a diverse mixture of beats and grooves to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Urb will play through into the early hours.


The Contact nights caused quite a stir in their short time at Fidds, pushing the boundaries with experimental electronic music and digital arts made quite an impression on the people of Peterborough and has attracted a lot of attention from experimental artists and producers from up and down the UK. This Friday Planet Contact lands in Lisboa for the first time, with a special event reuniting some of the people who used to run the Diagnostics parties in Winners some years ago. On the bill this time around are Lee Ashton (Inceptive), Kenny Small (Diagnostics), Static Noise & Odin (Drip-Dry), Peddlebreaker (Drip-Dry), Chopper (Choppertunes), Local (Localised), Shaggy (Playskool) & Dan Cracker. Arts will be hosted by Lukus with special guests Lee Mason Door times are 8:30 till 5am and door tax will be £3 before 12pm, more after.

For something a little less experimental the Brewery Tap is hosting Soul Grooves to take you funky into the early hours.


Summer must be landing swiftly as it's time for Strawberry Fair again. The event is taking place in Cambridge on Midsummer Common as always, and will showcase a number of stages including the ever-quality dub reggae stage that vibrates Cambridge bus station with basslines each year. Other highlights include Opaque on the main stage at 8pm and one of the guys from Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine in the acoustic tent.


Deep Roots continue their weekly sessions of laid back grooves, beats and blips at Lisboa on Sunday evening from 6pm onwards. Entrance is free and the people are friendly.

Alternatively a new weekly acoustic night hosted by Richard Hall (Unity/Voodoo/Istari/ex-Within) is opening it's doors on Sunday night. The event will take place at the Solstice, and the line-up this first time around features a return from Istari after a short break, and a rare chance to see Point of Origin singer Shaggy in solo acoustic guise. Entrance is free and music starts at 9pm.

....and Finally

The summer is nearly on us,. festival season is arriving. Time for muddy weekends (and Muddy weekends) out under the stars in the beaming sunshine and English rain.

Until next time, peace love unity and respect.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Semi final of Band of the Year

Actually that's a little bit of the trick title, because there is no third semi final of "Band of the Year" because.. and this is strictly on the QT, Rebel Radio have pulled out.
This leaves Buckle St and Irene Rae to go through to the grand final with Kulak and Point or Origin. Which is rather cool for Irene Rae as she's sailed through her heat and the semi final without playing a note.
Anyway here's a lovely picture of the lovely Irene Rae, by way of compensation for not getting any pics of the 3rd semi final.Oh Gosh! what have we here? It's a before and after montage of James "Evil" Chadwick sent in to Unity Towers by one of his henchmen. On the left the virginal 15 year old James Chadwick before he'd even played his first proper gig. On the right James Chadwick as he is now, after having surrendered his soul to Satan in return for his awesome ability to play guitar. Can you tell the difference? Lock up your daughters .. I'll say no more....
With James in the left hand picture Joe Watkin and with him in the right Alison.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Saving the planet

This item has just been brought to my attention. Now I bring it to yours.

Dear friends who care about our planet.

Judge for yourself if you want to take action.

In the Valle de San Felix, the purest water in Chile runs from 2 rivers, fed by 2 glaciers.
Water is a most precious resource, and wars will be fought for it.

Indigenous farmers use the water, there is no unemployment, and they provide the second largest source of income for the area.

Under the glaciers has been found a huge deposit of gold, silver and other minerals. To get at these, it would be necessary to break, to destroy the glaciers - something never conceived of in the history of the world - and to make 2 huge holes, each as big as a whole mountain, one for extraction and one for the mine's rubbish tip. The project is called PASCUA LAMA. The company is called Barrick Gold.

The operation is planned by a multi-national company, one of whose members is George Bush Senior. The Chilean Government has approved the project to start this year, 2006. The only reason it hasn't started yet is because
The farmers have got a temporary stay of execution. If they destroy the glaciers, they will not just destroy the source of especially pure water, but they will permanently contaminate the 2 rivers so they will never
Again be fit for human or animal consumption because of the use of cyanide and sulphuric acid in the extraction process.

Every last gram of gold will go abroad to the multinational company and not one will be left with the people whose land it is. They will only be left with the poisoned water and the resulting illnesses. The farmers have been fighting a long time for their land, but have been forbidden to make a TV appeal by a ban from the Ministry of the Interior. Their only hope now of putting brakes on this project is to get help from international justice.
The world must know what is happening in Chile . The only place to start changing the world is from here. We ask you to circulate this message amongst your friends in the following way. Please copy this text, paste it into a new email adding your signature and send it to everyone in your address book. Please, will the 100th person to receive
and sign the petition, send it to noapascualama@yahoo.ca to be forwarded to the Chilean Government.

No to Pascua Lama Open-cast mine in the Andean Cordillera on the Chilean-Argentine frontier. We ask the Chilean Government not to authorize the Pascua Lama project to protect the whole of 3 glaciers, the purity of the water of the San Felix Valley and El Transito, the quality of the agricultural land of the region of Atacama, the quality of life of the Diaguita people and of the whole population of the region.

25th May 2006

So here we are again at Unity, it's my dear old mums birthday as well, it's OK I took round flowers, I'm a good boy, I left home!! So despite the fact Richard and Gav (AKA Chopper)are not in Band of the Year they've been rehearsing like mad for tonights gig. I really enjoyed their laid back style and the way they compliment each other. Oh my giddy Aunt! It's those Kulak boys again. With their unique blend of heavy rock and rap. They've been rehearsing for the band of the Year final. They are really going to give Point Of Origin a run for their money. It's going to be a nail biting affair. Various members of each band have all said they'd be proud to lose to the other band but I guess secretly they both think they've got a very good chance of winning. I wouldn't like to call it. We don't even know yet who the third band will be in the final. But we'll find out this Saturday at the Fidds.
Quint. Solid rock combo. Not so good if someone calls you on your mobile. How do you tell a loved one to go forth and multiply because you want to listen to a band? It's tricky. I think I got away with it. "I can't talk to you right now this great band is on stage.... sorry what's that you said?... yes they're very good..... I can't hear you very well... I gotta go."
It's the sepia paparrazzi shots. Because I can. You may notice I got bored with the sepia shots. Does anyone know how to spell papparrazzi? or is it paparrazzi or papparazzi. Jeez help me out here.
Don't forget semi final of Band Of the Year this Saturday. Irene Rae is playing that should be enough to get the crowds in.

Meanwhile I want you all to check out Heather McVey I found her just recently and she's very keen to play for us in the near future. Just click on any of her songs and sit back, shut your eyes and relax. She's incredibly good. Shaggy is currently checking the database to find out which dates we can offer her. When we know the date so will you, so make a point of putting it in your diary. Don't miss this opportunity to see her play live. You wont regret it.

Well I'm off to watch Star trek on video. Because I can.

Meanwhile here's how the gents at Bar Lisboa will look after the proposed make over.

Rock on mes enfants.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Have you seen this man!

This is Unitys good friend John. It was his birthday last Saturday. 
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What's on Update

Greetings all,

As anticipated there is an update for what's on this week:


As well as the punk night at Fidds there is an event for the benefit of Deafblind UK taking place round the corner at the Met Lounge. An impressive line-up comprising of State of Freedom, Khalo, No Going Back, Shaun and Electric Welland will be on offer for the price of £5 on the door. It's good to see local musicians and promoters supporting local charities, and would be really good to see local people support them in this.


Angry Man, a popular local act with folky roots, are playing in the Brewery Tap from 10pm onwards on Saturday. Entrance will be free before 10pm.

Meanwhile, Slademan and T-Rex are playing hip-hop at The Park as part of an event that is being broadcasted on Radio 1xtra.If hip-hop is your style don't miss this event.

...till next week....

Have a great one wherever you go.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's on This Week

Greetings jobs and blobs.

Didn't it get wet towards the end of last week!

Had a lovely weekend though - Tammy Garcia knocked the a*s out of Lisboa on Saturday night, if you weren't there you missed out! And the better news is that £403 was raised for St Theresa's. The management there told me that this is enough money to keep the soup kitchen in food for about 4 weeks! Many thanks to everybody who came and supported the event and a special thanks to the staff and management of Lisboa for making the whole thing possible.

It is a month today till the opening of the first Grassroots Festival! Much excitement and concern is flying around in the Muddy camp making final preparations for the big weekend.

So now it's time to start gathering the volunteer force for the event together. This Saturday we are travelling to the Festival site to show those who will become the core of our stewarding team around and go through some important information together. Obviously there is no volunteer force without volunteers, so if you would like to take one of the many roles in this regard at the festival please reply to this mail and I'll give you details of where/when to meet on the day ready to go to the site. Thanks as always for your understanding and positive action.

So what have we got to draw our attention this week?


The open mic session at the Comet on Garten End Road, Dogsthorpe is gatherig momentum. Entrance is free so if you have some spare time to take part by performing or just enjoying the music and atmosphere head down.


Another weekly open mic session that is always a good night out is the Music Jam nights at Xoo Bar, hosted by James Chadwick. Entrance is free and doors open at 8pm.

For something a little heavier Anti-Septic are presenting a night of live bands at Fidds, with a spectacular line-up including intense art-rockers Sidearm, punk/metal band The Escaped, MCD (DIY punk rock from London), Weapon of Choice (local punk band) and The Librairians. Doors open at 7:30pm and entrance is £4. This event is open to anyone over 16 (with ID).


Unity, swiftly settling into their new venue at Lisboa, have a fantastic line-up of rock and acoustic music this week. Quint are local rockers who keep their tongues firmly in their cheeks, while Kulak are one of the most exciting new up-and-coming bands with their fusion of rock, rap and drum & bass rhythms. Rich & Chopper, two acoustic favourites for the Unity comm-unity have been collaborating on some new material and will be performing earlier in the night. The Unity Jam, so central to the concept of the Unity event will take place from 8pm till 9pm. Entrance is free all night long.

When the live music finishes at Unity DJ Urb begins with his diverse selection of tracks to keep you moving till the early hours.


Audio Collective return to Lisboa this Friday for a night of hard dance, drum & bass and breaks. Entrance is free.

Round the corner in the Brewery Tap an event called All Funked Up brings Dj's with funky beats and grooves till close. Entrance is free before 10pm.


A rare occurence for these mailouts - other than the steward training session in the daytime I'm not aware of any events in the city on Saturday night to take your fancy. If anyone wants to tell me of anything that I'm not aware of please mail me and I'll send out a late amendment.


Sunday Skool are funking things up in Lisboa on Sunday night from 6pm taking you into the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday.

Over the road in Gem Bar the Playskool bods are thrashing out a mixture of psy-trance, deep house, hard trance and bassline breaks. Door times are 8pm till 2am and entrance is free for this one-off event. There will also be reggae downstairs in Bogarts beer garden to mellow you out.

....and Finally

Tickets for Grassroots Festival are still on sale from The Glass Onion, from the Muddy stand at Unity on Thursday, from the sound man at Anti-Septic@Fidds on Wednesday, from Sunday Skool @ Lisboa on Sunday,and from Playskool @ Gem Bar on Sunday.

Check the up-dated Muddy Promotions website muddypromotions.org.uk for more information of layour and line-ups. Grab your tickets quick, they are a mere £20 for members (membership £5 for one year) and disappearing quickly. Grab them quick!!!

Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend! That's all for now.

Peace love unity and respect.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Flying Donkeys on Acid

Saturday saw the Peterborough leg of the Flying Acid Donkey UK tour, a collective of folk musicians under the banner of Folkwit records. Talking of which here's "Palava" featuring those Folkwit emprasarios Nick Butcher, Liam Doona and John "Gaff" Gaffan (that's him with the black hat and suit)Also appearing on the first and suspiciciously last date of their world tour, all the way from Glasgow the harmonious "Blackwaterfoot" who are Gerry Hart, Stephen McLear and Garth Westland helping out on keyboards.
James Yuill accompanied by Apple Mac on drums synths keyboards and strange noises. This is the post modern face of folk music.
From London the very beautiful and haunting sound of Catherine Anne davies.
Now here's a treat and a surprise for many of us. Nominated for every Folk Music award radio 2 can think of, and winning a few along the way, Jim Moray, here with Jackie Oates performing some traditional folk ballads with great expertise. Jim wasn't even on the programme but just turned up anyway. Lucky for us I guess.
The Legend in his own lunch time, James "Evil" Chadwick. Who proved today he has sold his soul to the devil in return for his incredible skill at guitar. Meanwhile he invited on stage Naith from Circus and the lovely Alison who I suggested on this site a while back that she should be used more for her brilliance on electric violoin. I'm going to reitterate that and add for her vocal skills too.
Finally to round off the evening at the Solstice the brilliant Laughing Gravy who had all our feet a tapping. Their style is not far short of a combination of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and a little nod to Nick Cave and the bad seeds.
A great days entertainment in my opinion only spoilt by the lack of an MC to introduce the acts and let us know what was happening. I would there were a lot of people who didn't know who they were watching. But the evening was far from over, quick dash across town to the Bar Lisboa where Point of Origin were waiting for us to arrive. Well not just me personally of course, although that would be understandable being as I am now, officially, according to James Chadwick, a Leg End.
Point of Origin brilliant as ever had everyone dancing. The event was being held to raise funds for St Theresas.
And as if the days entertainment couldn't get any better, along comes Tammy garcia all the way from Portugal, who's breath taking performance blew us away. How many times can one say "Brilliant"? OK how about "Fabulous"? or how about "Fcuk me, they were good!"
...and now the bit all you lovely people have been waiting for. A chance to see your smiling little faces on t'internet. We had a lot of smiling faces tonight, hardly surprising with the standard of acts we were priveliged to see.
See you on the dark side

Rock on mes enfants

Friday, May 19, 2006

18th May 2006

We are now officially at our new home at Bar Lisboa on Lincoln Road. Whilst we loved being at The Fiddlers Elbow it was time to move on. We must thank Ian at the Fidds for being such a great host for the last Eight months. Yay! Nothing remains the same. If it does it stagnates. Always forwards and onwards, to kick off tonight, the lovely Jools and her new band AOB. Almost an ASBO but not quite. I can't get over how surprised she looked when asked to do an encore.Next up on the new stage "Fuel for the Fire" with their first ever gig. Bet you didn't realise that. You would never have known. They were so tight. Like old pros.
What can I say? "Bomb Factory" Ear splittingly good. Richard and Shaggy were well impressed. They were here to entertain and they did that in fine style. I'll never get through to a call Centre ever again without thinking of them.
So what you've been waiting for the paparrazzi pics. Well first three pics in the top row our our new hosts. Thank you for having us in your club. Then we've got a selection of people trying their hand at stick juggling. That's Lisa, Abi (scaring Gav to death), James, The professional, and Abi again after she'd knocked James' beer all over him. Then there's Mel, the guys from Fuel for the fire, and Jools again. Help! I don't know the names of the people in the last picture.
Three times tonight I was asked not to take a photo of someone because and I quote "I always look terrible in photographs". OK let me let you into a photographers secret. The people who say this are the people most likely to go into "scared rabbit mode" when they see a camera. So of course they are going to look ridiculous. So really it's a self fulfilling prophecy. Two of those three people eventually let me take their photographs and they looked fabulous in the pictures. I shant mention any names for fear of embarrassing them. But they're in the papparazzi montage.But it just goes to prove a point. You CAN look good in a photograph.

News Flash Just In- Our Unity friends "Rebel Radio" find themselves in need of a GOOD drummer. So if you're a drummer or know a drummer looking for a position as a.. er... drummer. Contact them ASAP the link is on the right.

Rock on mes enfants

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Greetings heads, arms, legs and feet.

It's been a week of shake up in the Muddy camp with Unity having to relocate at the last minute on Thursday. Big thanks to everyone who made their way to Lisboa at the last minute and big thanks to the staff at Lisboa for making us so welcome with so little notice.

There seems to be some confusion as to where people can buy there Grassroots Festival tickets - just so you all know you can buy your tickets between 10am and 8pm at the Glass Onion on Burghley Road in the town centre. The front doors to what was the pub are not being opened yet, but if you knock on the back doors or ring the door bells you will find friendly muddy folk who will be able to help you out. You can also purchase tickets from any of the crew at Unity every week.

Alternatively you can download the membership form from http://muddypromotions.org.uk and send it completed with a cheque for £25 (£5 membership/£20 tickets) made payable to Muddy Promotions to 2 Burghley Road, Peterborough, PE1 2QB.

So, what's gwanning in the area?


Things are hotting up at the open mic session at at the Comet (Garton End Road, Dogsthorpe). Entrance is free - take your instruments and voices.


Music Jam continues at Xoo Bar with Beck Goldsmith in the headline slot . The rest of the night is an open mic session hosted by James Chadwick. Entrance is free and doors open at 8pm.


Unity has moved into its new home at Lisboa, 24 Lincoln Road. The event will now be FREE all night long, and when the Unity acts have finished DJ Urb's late night session begins to take you through to the early hours. This weeks huge line-up includes local rock heroes Soretooth playing unplugged style for the first time. Cambridge punk band "Bomb Factory" are also coming along with maximum attitude and social comment. "Fuel for the Fire" are a brand new indie band who will be making their debut performance at Unity. Acoustic act for the night will be local singer/songwriter Jules Morgan, who mesmerised the crowds at the Grassroots Equinox Party with her soulful songs. Unity would like to thank the Fidds for providing a home for the last 8 months, and the staff at Lisboa for being so welcoming.


The System Abuse crew are making their way to Poland to hold an overseas System Abuse event this Friday. While most of us will unfortunately be unable to turn up in person we'd like to wish the Abuse crew a fruitful and fun filled trip. If you are tempted to get a last minute flight to join them email the boys via http://www.systemabuse.co.uk

Audio Collective continue their weekly run in Lisboa on Friday night with a mix of hard dance, drum & bass and breaks. Entrance is free and the event runs 8pm till late.


The Folkwit Records Tour comes to Solstice on Saturday, with Folkwit artists Bailey, Jinder, Andy Whittle and James Chadwick and many more playing between 3pm and 11pm. Entrance to this event is free.

Muddy Promotions and Lisboa present a one-off event called One World Vision, in aid of St Theresa's homeless shelter on Saturday night. Doors are 9pm till 5am and live music will begin around 11pm to allow all you Folkwit fans to make you way to the next party. Point of Origin will be supporting the wonderful Tammy Garcia . DJ's from Deep Roots/Sunday Skool, Playskool, & Unity will serve up a mix of global grooves and fusions. Entrance will be a mere £2 with all profits going to St Theresa's.

Daytime on Saturday is also your chance to get hands on with the arts side of the Grassroots Festival. Turn up at the Glass Onion any time after 1pm and you'll find the members of the Muddy Arts collective beavering feverishly and fretting sweatfully. All help and creative energy is appreciated.


Deep Roots are serving up chunks of funk and laid back grooves for your Sunday soul at Lisboa from 6pm till late on Sunday. Entrance is free, and for the first time Lee Wyatt will be taking to the decks with a manifesto of playing music "to commit crimes to and detect crimes to".

.....and Finally

There is a new contact email for general enquiries for the Muddy crew. You can get hold of us all on info@muddypromotions.org.uk

Please continue to send items relating to this post to this address.

Have a great weekend.

Peace love unity and respect


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Band Of The Year 2nd Semi Final

The Band of the Year second semi final featured live on stage Kulak, sleeker more refined, more precise, more confident and definitely looking like they've got a future. Rigollo. What can I say? These guys crack me up, they had the audience laughing. I think they've found a niche in the market as a comedy rock band. Brilliant.
I was beginning to feel sorry for "Fallings not Failing" when they announced they'd lost their bass guitarist and decided to play on despite that. Sorry? What was I thinking? These guys didn't need sympathy, they didn't even need their bass guitarist. They rock. Full of enthusiasm and power, delivering a massive wall of sound despite there being only three of them. Their bass guitarist might have fallen by the wayside but they themselves were not failing.
The winner was Kulak. Inside sources tell me they were rehearsing like mad for this semi final and now they're in the grand final I don't suppose they are going to let up either. This is not a time for complacency. These guys are serious. Unity favourites and the band until now hotly tipped to win "Point of Origin", had better watch their backs, because in Kulak they have some serious competition. The grand final is not going to be a walk in the park. Whoever wins this will have to be seriously good, judging by te stanbdards we are seeing here.

Band Of The Year Heat 9 was won by Irene Rae. The other two bands neglected to turn up. So the lovely Irene Rae goes on to the next semi final.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Thursday 12th May 2006

Sincere apologies to anyone who turned up at Fidds tonight and found it all in darkness and the doors locked. Apparently there were "severe technical difficulties" now you know as much as we do. At the last minute we decamped to Bar Lisboa, who very kindly agreed to let us use their facilties for the night.
Also sincere apologies to the band who came all the way from Cambridge to play for us but went home disappointed. The evening turned into an open mike night.First on stage the Leg-end that is Mike Da Hat. Then Gav, Simon, Piper and Richard. As soon as we know what's happening, we'll let you know. Meanwhile our version of the potters wheel. Actually they're Pasque Flowers. Incredibly rare in this country, but to be found right now at Hills and Holes Barnack.

Rock on mes enfants. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Archive Time Again

James from Point 7 Pistol put me up to this, he thought it would be great to have an Archive shot of Julian Stone and the lovely Jacky Harris. This shot was taken 18th June 2004 at the Wheatsheaf Eastfield Road where they were playing as "The Hostages" supporting James and his then band "The Kidnaps". It was the day after The Kidnaps won Band of the year.

If anyone else has any archive shots they want posting send them along we'll find a slot for you.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What's On This Week

Greetings Super Mario's and Sonic Hedgehogs!

Another week come around so quickly! I don't know how we all find time to go out and have fun - but since we do lets have a look at where we can go to party this time around.

First though, if you have an event or gig you would like to be included on this mailout please let us know about by the Sunday before the big day to make sure we have time to include it.

And don't forget tickets for the Grassroots Festy are on sale for £20 to Muddy members (£5 for membership) and they are selling out fast. This will be a very special event, be sure to snap up your space at it quickly to avoid disappointment. If you don't know how to go about getting your ticket reply to this mail and we'll be happy to give you all the info you need.

As always if you would like to be removed from this list please reply "unsubscribe" to this mail.


The Music Jam nights at Xoo Bar are becoming a regular fixture for many music fans in the city now. Hosted by James Chadwick, this week's special guest are Cambridge based Colonel Bastard. This Cambridge based band play a very quirky and entertaining set that raised many a smile when they played at the Grassroots Equinox Party a couple of months ago - if you missed them there be sure to catch them this time. Entrance is free and the majority of the night is an open mic session for all of talented acoustic people.


Unity @ Fidds this week is a tale of extremes! Ely based band The Darkest Tomorrow play extreme metal and hardcore , while by way of complete contrast Sympathy For Mr Vengeance, an exciting new Peterborough band, play laid back trip-hop grooves. The Unity Jam will start proceedings as normal and entrance is free before 9:15.

For the late dancers DJ Urb is continuing his weekly residency at Lisboa, starting at 11pm and running till 3am. Music on offer is a diverse range of musics to make you groove and smile.


Audio Collective continue their weekly residency at Lisboa on Friday night, with their mix of hard dance, breaks and drum & bass. Entrance is free and the event runs till 1am, when the weekly reggae session begins (runs till 5am).


System Abuse are partying at Limit on Saturday for another night of filthy drum & bass courtesy of the System Abuse regulars (including Khanage - Offkey/Ohm Resistance) with special guest Ink. Advance tickets are available for £5 from Growsystems on Lincoln Road. The Limit is open till 4am.

The people that brought the city Dizzy Funk are promoting a night of Tekno at Lisboa called Dizkotek on Saturday, with Dj's from Dizzy Funk and Hanky Panky serving up underground beats till 5am. Entrance is free.

If live music is more your bag it's time for the second semi-final of Fidds Band of the Year competition. This time the bands competing for a place alongside Point of Origin in the final are Kulak, Rigollo and Falling not Falling. Entrance is £5 and doors open at 8:30.


It's time for the next bout of righteous funk and soul at Lisboa on Sunday, courtesy of Sunday Skool. Doors open at 6pm and entrance is free.

Earlier in the day it's time for the final heat of FIdds Band of the Year competition. The winner of this heat will face Buckle St. and Rebel Radio in the third and last semi-final, sceduled for the 27th May. Entrance is £4 and doors open at 4pm.

....and Finally

There are some very strange things going on in our world at this point. The boringly titled Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, if passed, allows legal basis for the abolition of democratic law passing in the UK. If you've not heard about this worrying development in our governing system visit http://saveparliament.org.uk

Once you're clued up on the incoming legislation you may feel the need to write to your democratically elected representatives and insist that they do the job they were elected for and defend our human rights. This is very easy courtesy of http://theyworkforyou.com

All you have to do is type in your postcode and it will give you a contact form to complete that will send an email to your MP. Even better, the website will automatically contact you two weeks later to ask if you received a response, and if respond that you haven't they will hassle your MP on your behalf. After all, these people are paid out of our taxes to do a job for us - we are their employer.....and how many people do you know who do their job effectively if their boss takes no interest in whether or not they are doing their job?

It's easy to think that your efforts won't make a difference, but our apathetic non-interest in our government only justifies our rights to have a voice being removed. It only takes a few minutes to contact your MP about something that bothers you, and if you tell all your friends to do the same.......yu'd be surprised what a response 20 emails a week about an issue can have on an MP!

On a less political tip - but talking of voting, popular local band Wake have been voted through to the semi-final stage of the Band Wars competition that they are taking part in. You can vote for them by visiting http://www.everythingandnothing.org.uk/music/bandwars.php

Until next time, stay happy, stay positive. While the world turns in strange circles things are moving along the home run through transformation to...............


Peace love unity and maximum respect to all of you.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Band of the Year Heat 8

It's been an interesting heat this week, close calls, disagreements but we have a winner. First on stage were the entertaining Brassphemy who seemed to fill their set with as much as they possibly could, given that there were only four of them. Second the very talented Rebel Radio who played a high energy set.
Finally on our stage this afternoon as a last minute stand in for Yello Snow who couldn't make it Dan Flay and his merry men. Now I wasn't sure if they were actually competeing for a place in the final or shamelessly plugging their entry in the Pop world competition, be that as it may, they put on a fine show, so much so one of the judges had them down to win on points.
But it's never that easy. For all the judges learned deliberation and analysis, it was the audience that spoke loudest and who finally tipped the balance in what was a close run competition. Going onto the next semi final with "Buckle St" on Saturday 27th May is Rebel Radio.
Here's everyone who played on stage today. Including Ian carey the sound engineer front and centre for a change.
Thanks to everyone for another great show.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ians 1st Anniversary Bash

Oh joy! Oh me! Oh my! Can it be a whole year already since Ian took over the Fidds, when it only feels like 365 days?To help Ian celebrate "Wake" took to the stage
You'll be forgiven in wondering which band is which with people dipping in and out of each others bands, like swingers at a party, any way for what it's worth here's "Soretooth".
Now I don't know about you but it's about time that Jimmy had his hair cut, the long haired lout, and such a smart presentable young man he's turned out to be. His mother would be proud. Actually it's a bugger if you're the photographer, all these musicians with long hair make it really difficult to get a good shot. It's the first time I've seen Jimmies face in three years.
BB turned out in her best party clothes with her band Juzzt.
Now there's apologies due to Kulak and Point Of Origin because they didn't get their pics in today. I had to leave because some of us have work on Saturday. But fear not faint hearts because salvation is at hand. Point of Origin are appearing in a pub near you tonight Whoopeee! That'll be Bogarts then.
And those lovely Kulak guys will be here again at Fidds next Saturday night for the semi final of Band of the year so that's OK then.
Ok this is what you've all been waiting for, those embarrassing papparazzi shots that you all know and love.
Happy 1st Birthday(ish) Ian.
Rock on dude

Friday, May 05, 2006

Star wars Day at Unity

After a little sound problem, leads, batteries, PA, whatever, the impossibly tall John Litchfield started off the night. He didn't even know he was playing tonight until ..er. tonight. So well done for stepping in at short notice. Here at Unity our original mission statement was to bring to you a variety of art forms, not just music, to that end we've been bullying (in the nicest way) Charlene to read some of her poetry. Tonight she did us proud.Wine glass in hand (very cosmopolitan) she touched us with her very personal angle on life.
What is it about bands that played band of the year? I see them in the competition and think they're good then I see them again outside the competition and think they're great. Perhaps it's because the pressure is off. This is Blankit. A drummer who goes manic and a bass player who'd you'd think has far too many pedals for his own good. Well you'd think so until you heard him play. Brilliant. There was a time when four strings on a bass was enough. If you missed this band then you missed a great show.
Columbian Necktie. Another old time Unity Favourite. I wish I could have stayed to hear the whole set but I can't be doing this post at three in the morning. So much energy and passion. How do we keep on doing it? Bringing you the best in live entertainment week after week?
So here's the papparrazzi shots. Look how many pedals does a bass player need? Really all those for the bass player alone, whoopeee! Some strange alien being, being as it's Star wars day.
Abi, Stacy and Simon, Badger and Shaggy.
So much talent. We need to share this.Tell your friends. Tell your friends friends what they are missing. Get on down to The Fidds every Thursday and fill up on great music. That's me done for tonight.

Rock on mes enfants

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Xoo Bar Folk Night

I don't get to James folk night often enough. Tonight was another night when you realise just how much talent we have in this city. Clcokwise from top left we have Gav and Richard, Richard, Gav, Jamie from "Buckle St"(winners of the last heat of the Fidds Band of the Year, then Ali , Nathan and Vince, finally Adam also from "Buckle St" who believe it or not is the drummer. At last photographic evidence of the "Legendary Mike Da hat" playing live. OK I fucked it up in a few places. But I've not played live for 18 months. I'm a little rusty OK? Thanks to James Chadwick for stealing my camera. And just in case I rip off my own photograph from this website I've made sure the credit for the photo goes to where it's due. Photos from this website appear all over the place. I haven't charged for making you guys look good. So the least you can do is acknowledge where the photos come from. You know who you are. Your pictures appear regularly in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph and soon on the official BBC website. Play the game and so will I.
The camera then went to Nathan who went wild taking photos. Here's his output. Pretty good huh?
We thought we were having a great evening and then on came Mark Roberts. This guy is sublime. Laid back, intricate, often quiet, you could hear a pin drop as he played. You could sit back and listen to this guy all night, let his music drift over you as you melted into your seats.
This is what we want. This is talent in it's purest form. Choirs of angels would seem dischordant along side him. I'm only sorry my images don't do justice to his talent.

Rock on mes enfants

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What's on this week

OK I know it's late but we've had another of those Hateful bank holidays. You know those days that deprive us of quality time with our work mates. God knows weekends are a nuisance. Slobbing around all day when we could be working for the yankee dollar. Another day when we don't achieve anything but sit in the sun in some God forsaken beer garden, chillin' over a few pints of ambrosia. Dontcha just hate it when bank holiday afternoon the best film on is some Disney film from the 1960's, or "The Great Escape" for the millionth time?

Ok here's the words of wisdom from the great one, sit back, relax because the waiting is over..... read on....

Greetings summery smiley bods!

You'll be noticing by now that this mailout always arrives 2 days late whenever we have a bank holiday......I can't quite figure it out as I never go out partying on the weekends and so I'm always fresh and quite bored by Monday night when I don't have work to worry about. ;)

Anyhoo a rather late mailout has now landed to keep you informed of what's going on in the boro for the next few days.

First though, the local elections are tomorrow. Many of you probably don't use your democratic right to vote - and who can blame you when we are presented with so little real choice on the ballot paper. Please remember though that a non-show at the polling booth suggests to the powers that be that you are not interested in the way that our society (and its impact on the rest of the planet) is run and legislated.

Personally I always show up on voting day, although like many people I know I normally opt to spoil my paper rather than voting for a candidate that I don't feel will properly represent me. Spoilt papers (papers that can't be accepted as a vote as they are not completed in the normal fashion) are counted - meaning that if a large enough quantity of people spoilt their ballot papers it might make the mainstream parties and the media realise that there is a large chunk of the citizens of this country unsatisfied with the lack of options granted us at the polling booth.

If you don't plan on voting for one of the candidates in your ward tomorrow please consider this option as a way to voice your willingness to be involved in the political system if only it presented you with real alternatives.

If you don't see why we should be taking an interest in the politics of our nation visit http://saveparliament.org.uk and get scared by how close and fast we are approaching the police state dictatorship that was the stuff of fiction not too long ago - our freedom and justice is our responsibility and we can make changes if we don't get bogged down in the general lazy apathy that has infected such a chunk of our population.

Rant over for now, lets have a look at where you can go to have your fun this weekend.

As always, if you would like to be removed from this mailing list please reply "unsubscribe" to this mail.


Once you've visited the polling booth you might want to visit Unity at the Fiddlers and dance off your political frustrations to the sounds of the weird and wonderful Columbian Necktie, performing alongside Cambridge based rockers Blankit and spoken word poet Charlene. As always the Unity Jam will begin proceedings and entrance is free before 9:15.

Elsewhere the bods from Diesel City Promotions and Vortex Presents are bringing the third instalment of their Ptown Showcase nights with another impressive line-up featuring Radicus, Smokescreen, Wake and Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. The event is taking place at The Park, doors opening at 8:30 and with entrance costing £3 or £2.50 if you are lucky enough to have a flyer in your pocket.

If you are up for the late mission world-record breaking DJ Urb (System Abuse/Playskool/Muddy Promotions) will be continuing his late session at Lisboa from 12 midnight till 3am tantalising the hardcore and the unemployed with an eclectic mix of all styles to make you move, groove and grin into the wee hours.


This Friday is the first anniversary of Ian Coleman taking ownership of the Fidds and he is gathering together some of his favourite acts from his time at the club so far in celebration. Entrance will be free and a diverse and quality line-up will be on show featuring Soretooth, Wake (full band unplugged), Point of Origin, Point Seven Pistol (acoustic from Jimmy and Dan) - just to top it off DJ Urb will be mashing up eclectic stuff off the decks.

If your head requires something a little more electronic The Audio Collective are continuing their weekly residency in Lisboa on Friday night with hard dance, breaks and drum & bass on offer till 1am. Entrance is free.


Point of Origin are returning to Bogarts on Saturday night to make you shake your funky ass and skank it up all over the shop. Circus (back in the city after a very long busking holiday) will be alongside - let the Libertaion Tour continue..... Live music starts at 9 pm and entrance is free.

When you're finished there nip round the corner to Lisboa where Playskool are celebrating their first night in their new home. The party will be running right through till 5am with a diverse range of psy-trance, house, breaks, nu-nrg hardcore and drum & bass courtesy of the Playskool residents as well as guests Spaghetti (Lisboa) and Urb (System Abuse). Entrance is £3 all night and doors first open at 8pm - get ready to get sweaty party people!

If you want something a little more indie the Fidds is hosting their monthly Indigo bish-bash-bosh, a night of classic and current indie and alternative tunes.

Now if you're a wanting a little bit of folk in your lives. "The Flying Acid Donkey Tour" comes to Peterboroughs Solstice on Saturday. Now whether it's a reference to Donkeys on Acid that just happen to be flying or not. We here at Unity towers strongly object to anyone giving acid to donkeys. It's obviously another symptom of James Chadwicks descent, from all round nice guy, to utter depravity. Where will it end?


Sunday Skool return to Lisboa on Sunday night for another night of stewed soul and fried funk to make you jump with joy and happiness. Entrance is free.
Also Sunday at the Solstice Richard and Gav are playing along with Circus and a few others

.....and Finally

Until next time, peace love unity and a bucketload of respect to you all.