Saturday, May 27, 2006

Semi final of Band of the Year

Actually that's a little bit of the trick title, because there is no third semi final of "Band of the Year" because.. and this is strictly on the QT, Rebel Radio have pulled out.
This leaves Buckle St and Irene Rae to go through to the grand final with Kulak and Point or Origin. Which is rather cool for Irene Rae as she's sailed through her heat and the semi final without playing a note.
Anyway here's a lovely picture of the lovely Irene Rae, by way of compensation for not getting any pics of the 3rd semi final.Oh Gosh! what have we here? It's a before and after montage of James "Evil" Chadwick sent in to Unity Towers by one of his henchmen. On the left the virginal 15 year old James Chadwick before he'd even played his first proper gig. On the right James Chadwick as he is now, after having surrendered his soul to Satan in return for his awesome ability to play guitar. Can you tell the difference? Lock up your daughters .. I'll say no more....
With James in the left hand picture Joe Watkin and with him in the right Alison.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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