Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What's on this week

OK I know it's late but we've had another of those Hateful bank holidays. You know those days that deprive us of quality time with our work mates. God knows weekends are a nuisance. Slobbing around all day when we could be working for the yankee dollar. Another day when we don't achieve anything but sit in the sun in some God forsaken beer garden, chillin' over a few pints of ambrosia. Dontcha just hate it when bank holiday afternoon the best film on is some Disney film from the 1960's, or "The Great Escape" for the millionth time?

Ok here's the words of wisdom from the great one, sit back, relax because the waiting is over..... read on....

Greetings summery smiley bods!

You'll be noticing by now that this mailout always arrives 2 days late whenever we have a bank holiday......I can't quite figure it out as I never go out partying on the weekends and so I'm always fresh and quite bored by Monday night when I don't have work to worry about. ;)

Anyhoo a rather late mailout has now landed to keep you informed of what's going on in the boro for the next few days.

First though, the local elections are tomorrow. Many of you probably don't use your democratic right to vote - and who can blame you when we are presented with so little real choice on the ballot paper. Please remember though that a non-show at the polling booth suggests to the powers that be that you are not interested in the way that our society (and its impact on the rest of the planet) is run and legislated.

Personally I always show up on voting day, although like many people I know I normally opt to spoil my paper rather than voting for a candidate that I don't feel will properly represent me. Spoilt papers (papers that can't be accepted as a vote as they are not completed in the normal fashion) are counted - meaning that if a large enough quantity of people spoilt their ballot papers it might make the mainstream parties and the media realise that there is a large chunk of the citizens of this country unsatisfied with the lack of options granted us at the polling booth.

If you don't plan on voting for one of the candidates in your ward tomorrow please consider this option as a way to voice your willingness to be involved in the political system if only it presented you with real alternatives.

If you don't see why we should be taking an interest in the politics of our nation visit and get scared by how close and fast we are approaching the police state dictatorship that was the stuff of fiction not too long ago - our freedom and justice is our responsibility and we can make changes if we don't get bogged down in the general lazy apathy that has infected such a chunk of our population.

Rant over for now, lets have a look at where you can go to have your fun this weekend.

As always, if you would like to be removed from this mailing list please reply "unsubscribe" to this mail.


Once you've visited the polling booth you might want to visit Unity at the Fiddlers and dance off your political frustrations to the sounds of the weird and wonderful Columbian Necktie, performing alongside Cambridge based rockers Blankit and spoken word poet Charlene. As always the Unity Jam will begin proceedings and entrance is free before 9:15.

Elsewhere the bods from Diesel City Promotions and Vortex Presents are bringing the third instalment of their Ptown Showcase nights with another impressive line-up featuring Radicus, Smokescreen, Wake and Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. The event is taking place at The Park, doors opening at 8:30 and with entrance costing £3 or £2.50 if you are lucky enough to have a flyer in your pocket.

If you are up for the late mission world-record breaking DJ Urb (System Abuse/Playskool/Muddy Promotions) will be continuing his late session at Lisboa from 12 midnight till 3am tantalising the hardcore and the unemployed with an eclectic mix of all styles to make you move, groove and grin into the wee hours.


This Friday is the first anniversary of Ian Coleman taking ownership of the Fidds and he is gathering together some of his favourite acts from his time at the club so far in celebration. Entrance will be free and a diverse and quality line-up will be on show featuring Soretooth, Wake (full band unplugged), Point of Origin, Point Seven Pistol (acoustic from Jimmy and Dan) - just to top it off DJ Urb will be mashing up eclectic stuff off the decks.

If your head requires something a little more electronic The Audio Collective are continuing their weekly residency in Lisboa on Friday night with hard dance, breaks and drum & bass on offer till 1am. Entrance is free.


Point of Origin are returning to Bogarts on Saturday night to make you shake your funky ass and skank it up all over the shop. Circus (back in the city after a very long busking holiday) will be alongside - let the Libertaion Tour continue..... Live music starts at 9 pm and entrance is free.

When you're finished there nip round the corner to Lisboa where Playskool are celebrating their first night in their new home. The party will be running right through till 5am with a diverse range of psy-trance, house, breaks, nu-nrg hardcore and drum & bass courtesy of the Playskool residents as well as guests Spaghetti (Lisboa) and Urb (System Abuse). Entrance is £3 all night and doors first open at 8pm - get ready to get sweaty party people!

If you want something a little more indie the Fidds is hosting their monthly Indigo bish-bash-bosh, a night of classic and current indie and alternative tunes.

Now if you're a wanting a little bit of folk in your lives. "The Flying Acid Donkey Tour" comes to Peterboroughs Solstice on Saturday. Now whether it's a reference to Donkeys on Acid that just happen to be flying or not. We here at Unity towers strongly object to anyone giving acid to donkeys. It's obviously another symptom of James Chadwicks descent, from all round nice guy, to utter depravity. Where will it end?


Sunday Skool return to Lisboa on Sunday night for another night of stewed soul and fried funk to make you jump with joy and happiness. Entrance is free.
Also Sunday at the Solstice Richard and Gav are playing along with Circus and a few others

.....and Finally

Until next time, peace love unity and a bucketload of respect to you all.


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