Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What's On This Week

Greetings Super Mario's and Sonic Hedgehogs!

Another week come around so quickly! I don't know how we all find time to go out and have fun - but since we do lets have a look at where we can go to party this time around.

First though, if you have an event or gig you would like to be included on this mailout please let us know about by the Sunday before the big day to make sure we have time to include it.

And don't forget tickets for the Grassroots Festy are on sale for £20 to Muddy members (£5 for membership) and they are selling out fast. This will be a very special event, be sure to snap up your space at it quickly to avoid disappointment. If you don't know how to go about getting your ticket reply to this mail and we'll be happy to give you all the info you need.

As always if you would like to be removed from this list please reply "unsubscribe" to this mail.


The Music Jam nights at Xoo Bar are becoming a regular fixture for many music fans in the city now. Hosted by James Chadwick, this week's special guest are Cambridge based Colonel Bastard. This Cambridge based band play a very quirky and entertaining set that raised many a smile when they played at the Grassroots Equinox Party a couple of months ago - if you missed them there be sure to catch them this time. Entrance is free and the majority of the night is an open mic session for all of talented acoustic people.


Unity @ Fidds this week is a tale of extremes! Ely based band The Darkest Tomorrow play extreme metal and hardcore , while by way of complete contrast Sympathy For Mr Vengeance, an exciting new Peterborough band, play laid back trip-hop grooves. The Unity Jam will start proceedings as normal and entrance is free before 9:15.

For the late dancers DJ Urb is continuing his weekly residency at Lisboa, starting at 11pm and running till 3am. Music on offer is a diverse range of musics to make you groove and smile.


Audio Collective continue their weekly residency at Lisboa on Friday night, with their mix of hard dance, breaks and drum & bass. Entrance is free and the event runs till 1am, when the weekly reggae session begins (runs till 5am).


System Abuse are partying at Limit on Saturday for another night of filthy drum & bass courtesy of the System Abuse regulars (including Khanage - Offkey/Ohm Resistance) with special guest Ink. Advance tickets are available for £5 from Growsystems on Lincoln Road. The Limit is open till 4am.

The people that brought the city Dizzy Funk are promoting a night of Tekno at Lisboa called Dizkotek on Saturday, with Dj's from Dizzy Funk and Hanky Panky serving up underground beats till 5am. Entrance is free.

If live music is more your bag it's time for the second semi-final of Fidds Band of the Year competition. This time the bands competing for a place alongside Point of Origin in the final are Kulak, Rigollo and Falling not Falling. Entrance is £5 and doors open at 8:30.


It's time for the next bout of righteous funk and soul at Lisboa on Sunday, courtesy of Sunday Skool. Doors open at 6pm and entrance is free.

Earlier in the day it's time for the final heat of FIdds Band of the Year competition. The winner of this heat will face Buckle St. and Rebel Radio in the third and last semi-final, sceduled for the 27th May. Entrance is £4 and doors open at 4pm.

....and Finally

There are some very strange things going on in our world at this point. The boringly titled Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, if passed, allows legal basis for the abolition of democratic law passing in the UK. If you've not heard about this worrying development in our governing system visit http://saveparliament.org.uk

Once you're clued up on the incoming legislation you may feel the need to write to your democratically elected representatives and insist that they do the job they were elected for and defend our human rights. This is very easy courtesy of http://theyworkforyou.com

All you have to do is type in your postcode and it will give you a contact form to complete that will send an email to your MP. Even better, the website will automatically contact you two weeks later to ask if you received a response, and if respond that you haven't they will hassle your MP on your behalf. After all, these people are paid out of our taxes to do a job for us - we are their employer.....and how many people do you know who do their job effectively if their boss takes no interest in whether or not they are doing their job?

It's easy to think that your efforts won't make a difference, but our apathetic non-interest in our government only justifies our rights to have a voice being removed. It only takes a few minutes to contact your MP about something that bothers you, and if you tell all your friends to do the same.......yu'd be surprised what a response 20 emails a week about an issue can have on an MP!

On a less political tip - but talking of voting, popular local band Wake have been voted through to the semi-final stage of the Band Wars competition that they are taking part in. You can vote for them by visiting http://www.everythingandnothing.org.uk/music/bandwars.php

Until next time, stay happy, stay positive. While the world turns in strange circles things are moving along the home run through transformation to...............


Peace love unity and maximum respect to all of you.


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