Sunday, May 07, 2006

Band of the Year Heat 8

It's been an interesting heat this week, close calls, disagreements but we have a winner. First on stage were the entertaining Brassphemy who seemed to fill their set with as much as they possibly could, given that there were only four of them. Second the very talented Rebel Radio who played a high energy set.
Finally on our stage this afternoon as a last minute stand in for Yello Snow who couldn't make it Dan Flay and his merry men. Now I wasn't sure if they were actually competeing for a place in the final or shamelessly plugging their entry in the Pop world competition, be that as it may, they put on a fine show, so much so one of the judges had them down to win on points.
But it's never that easy. For all the judges learned deliberation and analysis, it was the audience that spoke loudest and who finally tipped the balance in what was a close run competition. Going onto the next semi final with "Buckle St" on Saturday 27th May is Rebel Radio.
Here's everyone who played on stage today. Including Ian carey the sound engineer front and centre for a change.
Thanks to everyone for another great show.

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