Friday, May 05, 2006

Star wars Day at Unity

After a little sound problem, leads, batteries, PA, whatever, the impossibly tall John Litchfield started off the night. He didn't even know he was playing tonight until tonight. So well done for stepping in at short notice. Here at Unity our original mission statement was to bring to you a variety of art forms, not just music, to that end we've been bullying (in the nicest way) Charlene to read some of her poetry. Tonight she did us proud.Wine glass in hand (very cosmopolitan) she touched us with her very personal angle on life.
What is it about bands that played band of the year? I see them in the competition and think they're good then I see them again outside the competition and think they're great. Perhaps it's because the pressure is off. This is Blankit. A drummer who goes manic and a bass player who'd you'd think has far too many pedals for his own good. Well you'd think so until you heard him play. Brilliant. There was a time when four strings on a bass was enough. If you missed this band then you missed a great show.
Columbian Necktie. Another old time Unity Favourite. I wish I could have stayed to hear the whole set but I can't be doing this post at three in the morning. So much energy and passion. How do we keep on doing it? Bringing you the best in live entertainment week after week?
So here's the papparrazzi shots. Look how many pedals does a bass player need? Really all those for the bass player alone, whoopeee! Some strange alien being, being as it's Star wars day.
Abi, Stacy and Simon, Badger and Shaggy.
So much talent. We need to share this.Tell your friends. Tell your friends friends what they are missing. Get on down to The Fidds every Thursday and fill up on great music. That's me done for tonight.

Rock on mes enfants

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