Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's on this week

Greetings crystalline entities!

I hope you all had a good weekend - it seemed unusually quiet for a bank holiday weekend in Peterborough.

A very wet and rainy Saturday morning saw the Muddy camp constructing the first proto-type geodesic dome in the garden at The Glass Onion. Geodesic domes are one of the greatest structures there are - they are energy efficient, extremely strong and very quick to put up! .......and they look well funky too. Just wait till we get the big dome put together!

Grassroots Festival tickets are still available and can be purchased from the Glass Onion any time between 10am and 10pm 7 days a week (ring the doorbells at the back door), or from the stall at Unity every week. They can also be purchased at the stall at Contact this Friday, the Xoo Bar acoustic session this Wednesday, the acoustic session at Solstice on Sunday and from Deep Roots at Lisboa on Sunday. There are only 500 tickets for this very special event and there are going to be disappointed people when they've all sold out - don't be one of them, snatch them up quick!

Let's have a look at this week:


Tuesday nights is time for the open mic/jam session at The Comet on Garton End Road, Dogsthorpe. Entrance is free, just bring your instruments and your ears for a lovely evening.


Music Jam at Xoo Bar is holding a Muddy Promotions special this week - featuring amongst others Opaque in acoustic guise. Doors open from 8pm and entrance is free. As well as a few booked acts this event is an open mic session so come ready to play.
Pixie Folk Club, from the organisation behind the Pixie Skin events, has taken up weekly residence every Wednesday in Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road). Traditional folk jams and open mic madness will abound. Entrance is free.


Unity is settling in nicely to their new home at Lisboa, and have a very full line-up of quality acts for your entertainment this week. Corneilius is an acoustic artist based in London and works with Small World, who run an acoustic stage in the Greenfields at Glastonbury and work closely with the Synergy Project parties in London - unity is honoured to have him on board for the week. We also have busy bees Opaque returning to the Unity stage this week, along with tongue-in-cheek metal gods The Superpenetraitors. Completing the large Unity line-up are Hibachi Dealers, a Cambridge based rock band playing unusual and eclectic music with a strong touch of weirdness. The Unity Jam will start the night at 8pm and entrance is free.

When Unity finishes in Lisboa DJ Urb takes over, mixing up a diverse mixture of beats and grooves to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Urb will play through into the early hours.


The Contact nights caused quite a stir in their short time at Fidds, pushing the boundaries with experimental electronic music and digital arts made quite an impression on the people of Peterborough and has attracted a lot of attention from experimental artists and producers from up and down the UK. This Friday Planet Contact lands in Lisboa for the first time, with a special event reuniting some of the people who used to run the Diagnostics parties in Winners some years ago. On the bill this time around are Lee Ashton (Inceptive), Kenny Small (Diagnostics), Static Noise & Odin (Drip-Dry), Peddlebreaker (Drip-Dry), Chopper (Choppertunes), Local (Localised), Shaggy (Playskool) & Dan Cracker. Arts will be hosted by Lukus with special guests Lee Mason Door times are 8:30 till 5am and door tax will be £3 before 12pm, more after.

For something a little less experimental the Brewery Tap is hosting Soul Grooves to take you funky into the early hours.


Summer must be landing swiftly as it's time for Strawberry Fair again. The event is taking place in Cambridge on Midsummer Common as always, and will showcase a number of stages including the ever-quality dub reggae stage that vibrates Cambridge bus station with basslines each year. Other highlights include Opaque on the main stage at 8pm and one of the guys from Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine in the acoustic tent.


Deep Roots continue their weekly sessions of laid back grooves, beats and blips at Lisboa on Sunday evening from 6pm onwards. Entrance is free and the people are friendly.

Alternatively a new weekly acoustic night hosted by Richard Hall (Unity/Voodoo/Istari/ex-Within) is opening it's doors on Sunday night. The event will take place at the Solstice, and the line-up this first time around features a return from Istari after a short break, and a rare chance to see Point of Origin singer Shaggy in solo acoustic guise. Entrance is free and music starts at 9pm.

....and Finally

The summer is nearly on us,. festival season is arriving. Time for muddy weekends (and Muddy weekends) out under the stars in the beaming sunshine and English rain.

Until next time, peace love unity and respect.


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