Friday, May 26, 2006

25th May 2006

So here we are again at Unity, it's my dear old mums birthday as well, it's OK I took round flowers, I'm a good boy, I left home!! So despite the fact Richard and Gav (AKA Chopper)are not in Band of the Year they've been rehearsing like mad for tonights gig. I really enjoyed their laid back style and the way they compliment each other. Oh my giddy Aunt! It's those Kulak boys again. With their unique blend of heavy rock and rap. They've been rehearsing for the band of the Year final. They are really going to give Point Of Origin a run for their money. It's going to be a nail biting affair. Various members of each band have all said they'd be proud to lose to the other band but I guess secretly they both think they've got a very good chance of winning. I wouldn't like to call it. We don't even know yet who the third band will be in the final. But we'll find out this Saturday at the Fidds.
Quint. Solid rock combo. Not so good if someone calls you on your mobile. How do you tell a loved one to go forth and multiply because you want to listen to a band? It's tricky. I think I got away with it. "I can't talk to you right now this great band is on stage.... sorry what's that you said?... yes they're very good..... I can't hear you very well... I gotta go."
It's the sepia paparrazzi shots. Because I can. You may notice I got bored with the sepia shots. Does anyone know how to spell papparrazzi? or is it paparrazzi or papparazzi. Jeez help me out here.
Don't forget semi final of Band Of the Year this Saturday. Irene Rae is playing that should be enough to get the crowds in.

Meanwhile I want you all to check out Heather McVey I found her just recently and she's very keen to play for us in the near future. Just click on any of her songs and sit back, shut your eyes and relax. She's incredibly good. Shaggy is currently checking the database to find out which dates we can offer her. When we know the date so will you, so make a point of putting it in your diary. Don't miss this opportunity to see her play live. You wont regret it.

Well I'm off to watch Star trek on video. Because I can.

Meanwhile here's how the gents at Bar Lisboa will look after the proposed make over.

Rock on mes enfants.

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