Monday, May 01, 2006

Band of the Year Heat 7

I suppose it's the luck of the draw, because everyso often you get a heat where all the bands were capable of winning. So it's rather unfortunate that all three bands were drawn against each other, well not so unfortunate for the winning band who go on to the next round, obviously.
First into the fray were "Lindas Nephew". A good solid performance.

Next "Dakota" who like "Lindas Nephew" chose to play actual tunes, melodies that you could hear, lyrics you could discern, well crafted songs. I liked this band.
Finally to round things off in this heat "Buckle St", which sounds like a childrens programme on Cee bee bees, not that I watch Cee Bee Bees you understand. But brilliant performance.
The word on the street is the Judges had a tough time calling this one. I know for a fact that one of the judges really rated "Lindas Nephew" very highly and had them to win, "Dakota" also had a load of votes and was also by the end of their set tipped to win by many people. But it was "Buckle St" who managed to tip the balance in their favour. So you'll get a chance to see them again in the next semi Final on Saturday 27th May.
Meanwhile in the picture below are all the musicians who played in this heat today.We thank them all for their great performances and a great show.
Thanks also due to Ian Carey the sound engineer, who lets face it does a great job getting the sound right for all the different bands. Here's a tip for all you budding musicians. Look after your sound engineer, don't piss him off, he's the one guy who can make or break you. It doesn't take much to make you sound aweful. So be nice. Here endeth todays lesson.

Rock on mes enfants Mike Da hat

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