Friday, April 28, 2006

Thursday 27th April 2006

I was worried when I arrived at 9:00pm we didn't have an audience. But the worry was short lived because the people turned up to watch the show. First up after the jam, Irene Rae. Tonight I've been dashing backwards and forwards between Fidds and The Solstice where John Quinn and his band were competeing in the Battle of the bands, against The Gangsters and The Revenue. Meanwhile on our stage we had "Sacred Heart" who played brilliantly accomplished rock. Eat your hearts out.
Finally one time Band of the Year Competitors "Fake Exterior" took the stage. Why weren't they this good in the competition? So much more confidence and style. They're certainly getting better.
OK here's a random picture of Simon who turned up tonight. He didn't even know about Unity until tonight. There's a lesson there for sure. He just happens to be my daughters best friend. Will someone teach him guitar so he stops pestering me to teach him?

Someone once said to me "Shut up!" I think I will now.

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