Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Band Of The Year Heat 5

Here we are at Band of the Year again. The competition is hotting up, with three new bands all vying for a place in the second semi final. The first band on stage today was "Car Crash Lullaby", great name, I'd vote for them just for the name alone, but that's not what it's about.We wanted a great sound, great riffs on the guitar, good vocals, and stage presence. We got it, the two guitarists bouncing off each other like they've been playing together for years. They had our feet tapping. Next up "Rigollo". What can I say? They're different. Light hearted but sometimes dark. I was reminded of the New Vaudeville Band, such a fun sound. Great drummer. Yes I know we sometimes forget the drummer being as he's stuck way at the back, but credit where it's due. For such a small band they produced a wall of sound a la Phil Spectre.
Oh my God! Do these guys know how to entertain. "Khalo". Full on thrash metal. Every member of the band giving it all. Top marks for stage presentation. In most bands there's always a Bill Wyman who stands at the back and just does his job, letting the others do the attitude. Everyone in this band gave it large. It's not often in a thrash metal band you get subtle harmonies, these guys managed it. Brilliant. If you like your music hard and fast you've got to check out these guys.
But there's always got to be a winner. There are never losers. Certainly not this week. We thank each and every artist for doing their best and, forgetting it was a competition, did their best to entertain.
This weeks winner was "Rigollo" who go on to the next semi final.

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