Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Moony Speaks

Dear dig dag dog and do

We have a little Opaque stuff and a lot of other stuff in this monthly ramble that I do so badly.

Opaque Gigs

Wed 26th April – Pixie Skin at Lisboa’s, Lincoln Road, P’boro.

Tarantism with support from (Opaque Acoustic)
+Abi and Stacy

Fri 5th May - Portland Arms, Cambridge. (Opaque Acoustic)

Sat 6th May – CB2, Norfolk St, Cambridge. (Opaque Acoustic)

Moony’s Muddy News

GrassRoots Festival

Preparations for the GrassRoots Festival are stepping up a gear so any of you holding back to see if this would fruition then please step forward now. If you have not bought your festival ticket or membership then do hurry as it really is going be something something very special. Visit and feel free to have your say on the forum.

Muddy Arts

Lots of artwork and sculptures have started to appear at The Glass Onion so feel free to come down and make a 6 foot mushroom? Art workshops every Saturday now from 1-5pm. Please contact Luke - for more info.

Glass Onion Music and Arts Centre

As some of you may be aware of we are turning The Glass Onion on Burghley to a music and arts centre with a fair trade cafĂ© bar. We have now started tidying up the garden so anyone with green fingers or good jokes please come along and shape it into somewhere that you’d like to come and hang out in during those summer evenings. This is a community project so please give a tiny little piece of time and ideas and biscuits always go down well. This is our chance to show Peterborough that the people of this city can make positive change for themselves and have a bloody good craic whilst doing it. You are all invited. Launch Party

Big thanks to those at Cambridge Bands and Hope Street Music for their support. The new cd which features the best selection of local music, does not feature Opaque, but I’m on the cover, which is weird complement?

Thurs 27th April – Cambridge Bands CD Launch Party, The Junction, Cambridge

Includes fellow muddian James Chadwick spinning his sparkling

web of folk. Also lots of other great bands inc Badwell Ash, Free

Love and The Good Plant, The Shivers and so many more.

Very Important Government Information (things is about to get heavy)

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.

Makes provision for Government Ministers to bypass normal Parliamentary controls, to reform, repeal any laws without consultation with parliament, and includes all offences up to a two year tarriff, and would make it almost impossible to stop government ministers from enacting any law they like.

For example, they could make it a 23 month mandatory sentence for protesting without a licence or for insulting the flag. This proposed law also applies to itself, so the ministers could alter the law to cover any or all punishment tariffs. There would be no protection to anyone convicted under such a law. It has no place in any country that claims to be a democracy.

Please take a look at this website and find out. And please voice your opinion to your local MP.

For those of you who managed to get to the end of my rant, Thank you. (and for those that didn’t I don’t blame you..

Much love and slight embarrassment for lengthy email.


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