Monday, April 24, 2006

Band Of The Year Heat 6

Here at The Fidds we had Band of the Year again. Three more bands trying for a place in the next semi final meeting "Kulak" and "Rigollo", before competing with Point Of Origin in the Grand final.
First up on stage "Feet First" who scored highly on stage presence and performance. They even had a stand in Bass player who came on at short notice and the original bass player was then promoted to lead guitar.

Following them we had "The Librarians" who had a very original opening soundtrack, but it was only their second ever gig. I liked the sound and the attitude. I could see where they were coming from, but after only one live gig under their belts before this, you had to forgive them. Lots of potential though. They did some nice covers of "The Who" and "Hendrix". Finally on stage "Blankit". These guys had the attitude, the showmanship. They were here to give it everything, and they did. A solid well rehearsed set. Much appreciated.
I saw the final results from the Judges and the Audience vote. I've got to tell you it was a very close run contest. Barely two points between the first and second place, although we don't have losers, because we appreciate everyone who has the nerve to get up on that stage and give it a go. I don't care what anyone says, each band is putting themselves on the line to be judged, and that's got to be hard. What I will say is we all had a great afternoon. We enjoyed each and every band, winners or not winners.
We had a photoshoot after the competition and before the results were announced. Everyone who played today came together for the group shot. Because just by getting up on stage to be judged everyone is a winner in their own way.
But there has to be one band that goes on to the next semi final. It was "Feet First".
Well done boys, I guess it's 24/7 rehearsals now then.

Rock on Dudes

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