Monday, April 03, 2006

Battle of the Bands - Heat 3

So here's Point Of Origins potential competition of the title of Battle of the Bands in Heat 3.
First up on stage this evening, Matter of Distance, who recently competed in the Solstice Battle of the bands competition.
Following them were Silent Ground.
Finally on stage the cryptically named "First Aid boy"
All the bands were of the heavy metal persuasion, All technically competent but it was a close thing between Matter of Distance and First Aid boy who's members all gave maximum attitude. Whereas Silent Ground, although their Guitarist and bassist were more than competant did not give themselves. In this business the name of the game is entertainment. There is no point standing like statues and expecting the audience to come round. Also if you feel the need to turn your back on the audience and the camera then you're in the wrong business. Full marks to Silent Grounds Lead vocalist, drummer and other guitarist. Matter of Distance like The Waheys in heat 1 were a fun band with lots of banter and interaction with the audience and like them, in another heat, could easily have won. But the prize this week went to First Aid Boy. Well done.

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