Friday, April 14, 2006

Thursday 13th April 2006

Here we are again at Unity and to start us off after the obligatory jam session is our good friend Tom O'Brien. I have to say he's getting better.He's obviously been practicing (a lot). Beautiful songs and guitar work impeccable, but still a little nervous. We should teach him the "Fuck it Factor". Just go for it Tom. We love you. ...and just because he's new on the scene, does that mean he gets less in the photographic stakes. NO! He gets the full Monty. Just like everyone else. Sing it like you mean it. We want to hear you. Pretend you're in the shower. Whatever. It's you on stage not anyone else. Fuck the rest of them just go for it.

That's what it's all about encouraging our new talent. But these next guys don't need any encouragement. They are supreme in their ability. Rehearsed to the nth degree, spot on in timing and attitude. I could go on but they just blew us away with a brilliant set. All the way from Cambridge, let me introduce "The Godfathers".
To finish the night of live entertainment, our good friends here at Unity, the very wonderful "John Doe". Ok a few tuning problems at first, but do they deliver? Yes they do.
That's it for now but don't forget Saturday night here it The Fidds, the semi final of Band of the year featuring our very own "Point of Origin". Ian Carey is doing the light and sound. It's going to be great. Don't miss it.

Rock on my dudes

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