Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Week Ahead

Greetings angels and demons!!

It was a very busy week in the boro last week - with a vast a diverse array of events to tickle your fancy.

The news of the moment seems to be the huge illegal party that took place in RAF Wittering's disused missile bunkers over the Easter Bank Holiday. It seems a little ironic to me that a site that was used to store weapons of mass destruction with little or no complaint can stir up the sort of sentiments being expressed in the paper by local residents when people party on it for one weekend.

The party people unfortunately left a lot of rubbish on the site, which certainly won't help the media representation of the event or indeed the land itself (I'm informed that the police would not allow the partyers to clean up before they finally evicted them). Freedom comes with a social responsibility - you can't have one without the other.

Anyhow, lets have a look at the week ahead.


The Music Jam nights in Xoo Bar reach their third week, this time being guest presented by Moony from Opaque while James Chadwick is gigging at Ely Folk Club. Entrance to Xoo Bar is free and please bring your instruments and voices. Doors open at 8 pm.


This week Unity @ FIdds boasts a line-up of two out of town bands coming to the boro for the first time. Panic Scene are a punky band based in Cambridge, and Eyelash are a rock band based in the South of the country. The acoustic act for the night will be Charlie Alexander, returning to the Unity stage after a long break. The Unity Jam will start proceedings (doors open 8:30) and entrance is free before 9:15.

Muddy favourites Point of Origin are playing in Geneva's on Thursday night, with support from the lovely Irene Rae. Entrance is free and the POO crew will be funking it up from around 9pm onwards.


The Audio Collective continue their weekly residency in Lisboa on Friday night - bringing you a mix of hard dance, breaks and drum & bass to make you bounce through the hours of 8pm till 1am (with Lisboa's weekly reggae night starting at 1pm). Entrance is free.

The Drum Extravaganza returns to the Fidds on Fridau night courtesy of Neil (of The Hinge and Dr A's Blues Consortium), Thorin (The Contrast) and special guests. The night is a rare chance to see two full drum kits battling it out with percussion and occasional bits of bass to fill out the rhythm section. If you've not yet seen the drum extravaganza don't miss out - this is something special!


Lisboa is proud to host a one-off promotion run by dreadlocked Ben on Saturday night - the first night in the boro focused on squat style hard acid techno in a long time! Other music on offer will be dub and a mixture of bassline musics to make you vibrate. Sunday is Green Man Day (the pagan celebration of the symbol for nature traditional to these isles) and this is your chance to dance the Green Man into being in celebration of the shamanic drum beat that keeps the universe moving. Entrance is free.

System Abuse return to the Fidds on Saturday as well, bringing you their New Breed night - where up and coming drum & bass DJ's and MC's are put alongside successful System Abuse, Speed of Sound and Sensoo Alliance bods. Entrance is £3 and doors are 9 pm till 2am.


As the Green Man celebrations resonate across the Isles Lisboa hosts Sunday Skool, a session of dancefloor funk and soul designed to make you move and groove and wiggle yo' bad selves. Entrance to this event is also free and doors are 6pm till 1am.

....and finally

Keep a smile injected into the spiral of life - until next time: Peace love unity and respect to all sentient beings.

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