Thursday, April 06, 2006

James Chadwick @ Xoo Bar

What a great night we had tonight. So much talent not least Mike Da Hat with his first live performance in over 18 months since he retired from live performance in favour of being a photographer. There's no photographic evidence of his awesome ability so you'll just have to accept it. But I got to play James Chadwicks guitar. I've got to tell you it's not as good as my Ovation. And he didn't head butt me after either.
So much talent in so short a time, everyone playing just two or three songs. Check out the shout box, I'm sure James will tell us who everyone was that we didn't recognise. But below you'll see Jules, Piper, James himself, and Irene Rae
Then the main man. James help me here.
Here's a few of you guys that turned up to support this great night. I had to miss Arsenal V Juventus for this. But I think it was worth it. We also had the full team from the Peterborough Evening Telegraph on the case that's Duncan Hall, Rachel Devlin (bottom right) and me.So look out on Saturday or Monday for the full coverage.
Rock on dudes

Peace love and Unity

Message from James Chadwick

Thanks Mike, and thanks to everyone for coming.
Photos left to right, top to bottom:

1st Montage:Palava, Vince, Liam Palava, Gaff Palava,
Nick Palava, Alan Pring, Vince again.

2nd Montage: myself twice, kate, piper, matt benattan reading poetry,
steven tanner, irene rae, jules morgan and finally


thanks to everyone for coming and making it amazing
- spectators you were also brilliant!
have a look at Patrick's website
J x

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