Friday, April 07, 2006

Thursday 6th April 2006

As usual we had a great time this week. To start us off after the Unity Jam was Chris Barrie, a Unity favourite.

We had a few cancellations this week, for reasons beyond our control but this was more than compensated for by the appearence on stage of "Pure". For energy and brilliance you'll have to go a long way to get better. It was the drummers birthday as well today. Happy Birthday Badger.
So to fill in for the cancelled bands Shaggy started off a set of his own but it was soon over run by all comers, including the lead guitarist of pure who played incredible imporovised lead breaks. Not forgetting Ian who sang his little heart out as did Richard and Abi and Jody (with a Y). And what night wouldn't be complete without a guest appearence of the one, the only, the incomparable, James Chadwick, just sit back and hear the roar of the crowd. He makes me sick with his talent. My niece married this guy who was so nice it was disgusting. When they got married I spent all the wedding reception grilling his friends to find any dirt on him. NO one can be THAT nice. It turned out he really was pure as the driven snow. Glowing testimonials all round. As soon as I find the dirt it will be dished, no one can be that nice. James you have been warned.
Tonights Guest Photographer was Gemma, another impossibly nice person.

Here's what she came up with. Actually she had some great shots of the band too, but we're limited to space. Her theme tonight,as is the case of each guest photographer was "paparazzi".

It seems the girls are doing better as guest photographers than the boys. So that's laying down the guantlet. So lets show them we can do better.Or as well.

Rock on dudes

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