Sunday, April 16, 2006

Band of the Year 1st Semi Final

There have been those who've entered the Band of the Year contest for the crack, for a bit of a laugh, they know they're not going to win, but Hey! Then something happens, they win a heat. Perhaps they didn't expect to. But someone somewhere took them seriously,the judges, the audience, all thought they were worth something. This seems to focus the mind and give them purpose, none less so than "First aid boy" the first act on stage today who have been practicing like mad and it shows. Much tighter more confident.
Point of Origin. With their unique blend of rap, funk, reggae, yet again blew the capacity audience away with another great performance.
Switch Theory. Another band who have been in the rehearsal room, getting it together, giving the whole night a much more professional feel. This was another band who'd improved on their first performance. Much more in the way of stage presentation and showmanship or showgirlship in the case of their guitarist, the poses the attitude and the tighter sound all working together to make a great entertainment package. Oh and they blew the PA system.

There's supposed to be winners and losers but tonight we only had winners. Each band taking the triumph of winning their heat and moving forward. We have to thank each band for giving maximum attitude and contributing to what was a great nights entertainment. The band that goes on to the final is "Point of Origin".

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