Friday, April 21, 2006

Thursday 20th April 2006

Ok we can't really criticise you guys for deserting the club and going to watch Unity Favourites "Point of Origin", but what I've got to tell you is what you missed and you've missed it big time. First up tonight was the talented Charlie Alexander, who played a sublime set, which included old favourites like "The story of my life" and "Paper girl" and a few new ones.
Next up on the Unity stage, all the way from Cambridge, billed as a "punk" band but anything but, Panic Scene. Just three of them, but playing incredibly well together. They entertained us with hard and fast then slow and gentle, brilliant.
But this is what you really missed and you are going to kick yourselves from here to next year. because you missed the incredible "Eyelash" all the way from London. Those of you who came with us to London for Opaques Album launch gig will remember "Eyelash" was one of the support acts.They were brilliant. Tonight they were even better. They produced a master class on how it should be done. Despite the small audience they gave it everything, and those of us there to witness it, will never forget the undistilled energy, the showmanship, the fun. I am convinced that this band could go on tour just to demonstrate to up and coming bands what you need to do to entertain. Great songs, great talent, great look. You can't fault them.
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Now you know me I love "Point of Origin" I know tbey are going places. But tonight, just tonight, I am certainly glad I stuck around to experience the show that is "Eyelash".
Now if you're really good. And you behave yourselves. We may just be able to persuade them to come back. But it's going to take some persuading. It will be worth it I promise you. So start grovelling now. Send begging Emails. Plead with them. WE want a return gig. And next time don't miss it.You wont get a third chance.

Rock on mes enfants.

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