Sunday, April 09, 2006

Battle of the Bands - Heat 4

Welcome to The Fidds Battle of the Bands Heat 4. First on stage today in front of a packed crowd of enthusiastic music lovers were "Original Sin". A technically very competent band, the lead guitarist in particular showing formidable talent. I think they turned the volume up to eleven though.
Next on stage were "Breakfall". We were all very impressed with Break Fall, a great act, several of us were convinced we'd heard the winners.... until...
...Kooloak came on stage and blew us all away. Brilliant. Guess who won.
Yes that will be Koolak then. Sorry guys if I've spelt the name wrong. There's a shout box on the right if you want to put me right. It's easy to use.
But today was not just about winning or losing, today was about the music and the participation. The bands getting just as much support from the other bands as they were from the audience. This is what it's all about. To show all their solidarity every person who played on stage today, posed for a group picture (below). You may even spot one of the "Waheys" in the middle there.
Don't forget this Saturday the first semi final of the competition featuring our very own Point of Origin. Ian carey is promising us the full works with the light and sound system, so it should be excellent.

Rock on dudes

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