Friday, May 19, 2006

18th May 2006

We are now officially at our new home at Bar Lisboa on Lincoln Road. Whilst we loved being at The Fiddlers Elbow it was time to move on. We must thank Ian at the Fidds for being such a great host for the last Eight months. Yay! Nothing remains the same. If it does it stagnates. Always forwards and onwards, to kick off tonight, the lovely Jools and her new band AOB. Almost an ASBO but not quite. I can't get over how surprised she looked when asked to do an encore.Next up on the new stage "Fuel for the Fire" with their first ever gig. Bet you didn't realise that. You would never have known. They were so tight. Like old pros.
What can I say? "Bomb Factory" Ear splittingly good. Richard and Shaggy were well impressed. They were here to entertain and they did that in fine style. I'll never get through to a call Centre ever again without thinking of them.
So what you've been waiting for the paparrazzi pics. Well first three pics in the top row our our new hosts. Thank you for having us in your club. Then we've got a selection of people trying their hand at stick juggling. That's Lisa, Abi (scaring Gav to death), James, The professional, and Abi again after she'd knocked James' beer all over him. Then there's Mel, the guys from Fuel for the fire, and Jools again. Help! I don't know the names of the people in the last picture.
Three times tonight I was asked not to take a photo of someone because and I quote "I always look terrible in photographs". OK let me let you into a photographers secret. The people who say this are the people most likely to go into "scared rabbit mode" when they see a camera. So of course they are going to look ridiculous. So really it's a self fulfilling prophecy. Two of those three people eventually let me take their photographs and they looked fabulous in the pictures. I shant mention any names for fear of embarrassing them. But they're in the papparazzi montage.But it just goes to prove a point. You CAN look good in a photograph.

News Flash Just In- Our Unity friends "Rebel Radio" find themselves in need of a GOOD drummer. So if you're a drummer or know a drummer looking for a position as a.. er... drummer. Contact them ASAP the link is on the right.

Rock on mes enfants

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