Sunday, May 21, 2006

Flying Donkeys on Acid

Saturday saw the Peterborough leg of the Flying Acid Donkey UK tour, a collective of folk musicians under the banner of Folkwit records. Talking of which here's "Palava" featuring those Folkwit emprasarios Nick Butcher, Liam Doona and John "Gaff" Gaffan (that's him with the black hat and suit)Also appearing on the first and suspiciciously last date of their world tour, all the way from Glasgow the harmonious "Blackwaterfoot" who are Gerry Hart, Stephen McLear and Garth Westland helping out on keyboards.
James Yuill accompanied by Apple Mac on drums synths keyboards and strange noises. This is the post modern face of folk music.
From London the very beautiful and haunting sound of Catherine Anne davies.
Now here's a treat and a surprise for many of us. Nominated for every Folk Music award radio 2 can think of, and winning a few along the way, Jim Moray, here with Jackie Oates performing some traditional folk ballads with great expertise. Jim wasn't even on the programme but just turned up anyway. Lucky for us I guess.
The Legend in his own lunch time, James "Evil" Chadwick. Who proved today he has sold his soul to the devil in return for his incredible skill at guitar. Meanwhile he invited on stage Naith from Circus and the lovely Alison who I suggested on this site a while back that she should be used more for her brilliance on electric violoin. I'm going to reitterate that and add for her vocal skills too.
Finally to round off the evening at the Solstice the brilliant Laughing Gravy who had all our feet a tapping. Their style is not far short of a combination of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and a little nod to Nick Cave and the bad seeds.
A great days entertainment in my opinion only spoilt by the lack of an MC to introduce the acts and let us know what was happening. I would there were a lot of people who didn't know who they were watching. But the evening was far from over, quick dash across town to the Bar Lisboa where Point of Origin were waiting for us to arrive. Well not just me personally of course, although that would be understandable being as I am now, officially, according to James Chadwick, a Leg End.
Point of Origin brilliant as ever had everyone dancing. The event was being held to raise funds for St Theresas.
And as if the days entertainment couldn't get any better, along comes Tammy garcia all the way from Portugal, who's breath taking performance blew us away. How many times can one say "Brilliant"? OK how about "Fabulous"? or how about "Fcuk me, they were good!"
...and now the bit all you lovely people have been waiting for. A chance to see your smiling little faces on t'internet. We had a lot of smiling faces tonight, hardly surprising with the standard of acts we were priveliged to see.
See you on the dark side

Rock on mes enfants

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