Thursday, May 04, 2006

Xoo Bar Folk Night

I don't get to James folk night often enough. Tonight was another night when you realise just how much talent we have in this city. Clcokwise from top left we have Gav and Richard, Richard, Gav, Jamie from "Buckle St"(winners of the last heat of the Fidds Band of the Year, then Ali , Nathan and Vince, finally Adam also from "Buckle St" who believe it or not is the drummer. At last photographic evidence of the "Legendary Mike Da hat" playing live. OK I fucked it up in a few places. But I've not played live for 18 months. I'm a little rusty OK? Thanks to James Chadwick for stealing my camera. And just in case I rip off my own photograph from this website I've made sure the credit for the photo goes to where it's due. Photos from this website appear all over the place. I haven't charged for making you guys look good. So the least you can do is acknowledge where the photos come from. You know who you are. Your pictures appear regularly in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph and soon on the official BBC website. Play the game and so will I.
The camera then went to Nathan who went wild taking photos. Here's his output. Pretty good huh?
We thought we were having a great evening and then on came Mark Roberts. This guy is sublime. Laid back, intricate, often quiet, you could hear a pin drop as he played. You could sit back and listen to this guy all night, let his music drift over you as you melted into your seats.
This is what we want. This is talent in it's purest form. Choirs of angels would seem dischordant along side him. I'm only sorry my images don't do justice to his talent.

Rock on mes enfants

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